When moving in New York City, there are a wide range of questions that a person should be asking prior to making their decision. Let’s take a closer look at the important inquiries that you should be making before making your move within NYC.

  1. How Busy Is The Neighborhood?

    Believe it or not, there are quiet neighborhoods for NYC residents to live in. Before making the move to a different area, it is important to consider the traffic of the neighborhood you are moving to. If you are moving to a more crowded place, will you be able to sleep through all of the honking horns? Take the time to consider your personal preference before taking the leap.

  2. Am I Getting The Best Bang For My Buck?

    Depending on where you decide to live, you may end up paying a lot more for a lot less. The fancier the neighborhood, the smaller the place you’ll be able to afford. If you’re someone who is not home on a frequent basis, then paying $2,000 for a shoe box may not be a huge blow to your finances. For homebodies, they may be more comfortable in a less prestigious neighborhood that offers more square feet for their hard earned dollar.

  3. Are Stores Close By?

    Before selecting a new place in a different NYC neighborhood, it is best to fully investigate the area first. Are you going to be able to get all of your shopping done within walking distance or will you have to ride the train every time you need a gallon of milk? Certain neighborhoods are cheaper to live in because of their lack of proximity to needed amenities, so don’t move unless you are familiar with the area.

  4. What Will This Cost Me?

    It’s no major secret that everything in NYC is ridiculously expensive. This includes the costs associated with moving. When you are in the market for a new place in NYC, take the time to calculate how much it will cost you. Between the costs of hiring a qualified moving company, the security deposit, plus first and last month’s rent, you could potentially be biting off more than you can possibly chew.

  5. Will I Have Enough Room?

    If you are moving to a smaller place, you may need to jettison some items in order to make everything fit properly. Downsizing can be necessary for those who are moving to a different neighborhood for career purposes. On the flip side, those who are moving to a larger place in a more quiet neighborhood may not have enough stuff to fill their new home. Both factors must be considered by those who are moving within NYC.

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