When it’s time to move, the stress is already there. It’s been looming. You just paid a down payment on your new NYC apartment, you still have to contact movers, pack all your things up, and you have no idea where to start. At Divine Moving, we understand how much moving in the city can suck the life out of you mentally and physically, but we provide our clients with moving advice, because no one knows moving in NYC better than we do.

By the time you start packing up your things and looking into moving companies, you’re probably already aware of your moving budget, and doing anything on a budget can be difficult, but that’s only if you don’t choose the right company to assist you.

Tips for When You Start Your Move

  • If you can take it yourself, take it. You don’t need to let the movers take everything you have in their truck. Moving companies base their pricing on the items you’re shipping, so leave the heavy stuff to them like bed frames, large pieces of furniture, and mattresses to them and then do your best to pack what you can in your car. Also, think about setting aside a pile of the things you don’t really need, because that will be less you have to worry about, and you can donate.
  • Try not to move during the peak of the season. In NYC, the peak of moving season is the summer – that’s when all the recent graduates start migrating into the city and it becomes a nightmare for moving and finding movers that aren’t already booked. If you don’t have a choice and your lease is up during that peak time, make sure you call movers ahead of time, but you really want to do your best to avoid scheduling during those few months.
  • Do your best to use your own packing supplies. Packing supplies are expensive regardless of where you go to get them. So, you want to dig up any boxes you still have from when you moved in, and ask friends or any stores if they have boxes they’re willing to give you. This will save you so much.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the moving company questions. If you have questions about extra moving costs, if there is a storage option, or if movers insurance is available, ask.
  • If you’re relocating, save the receipts. There’s a good chance you’ll get a tax break if you’re moving into the city from significantly far away for your job. So, make sure you save all those moving receipts from the movers to the packing until tax season.

If you’re moving in New York City

Contact us at Divine Moving. We’re a full service moving and storage company that have highly accessible warehouses that are designed for New York City storage. Plus, our warehouse has 24 hour security, motion detectors, smoke alarms, and video surveillance.


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