Summer is winding down, football season is just around the corner and it is almost that time. What time? Back-to-school time. This is the time to begin getting your dorm move-in checklist together, and to contact your local moving company, especially if you will be more than a car-ride away from home. Whether this is your first experience with dorm move-in day or you are a seasoned pro, read our helpful tips to ensure your move goes as smooth as possible.

Tips for Your Move

Mind your work (paperwork)

Prior to your dorm move-in, your university will send out a lot of paperwork. Some of it will be promotional in nature, but much more of it will detail the things you need to be aware of during move-in day. Things like move-in dates and times separated by everything from status (freshmen-senior) to last name are meticulously listed in this paperwork. Are you supposed to unload in a certain area? Is there are designated place for parking during move-in day? Will there be university sponsored move-in teams to help your child get settled or will they need to arrange their own local moving company? These questions and more are detailed in the pre move-in paperwork.

Get Organized

If you have made this move once or twice before, then you might be tempted to just sling everything into the back of your car, get on the road and worry about unpacking later. However, unless you are packing light, that is a bad idea. Making multiple trips to your car to retrieve loose items can get time consuming and tedious. Instead, organize your things with storage bins and labeled boxes to make your NYC dorm move-in a breeze.

Bring what you need

Surely, you will show up to university fully equipped with the necessities. Money for books, pens, paper, folders, a laptop (If you have one. If not, there are computer labs), etc. But, do not forget the stuff that makes you, you. For incoming freshman, the year will bring about a lot of changes. This is especially true if your dorm move will be your first time away from home or first big move. It is an exciting time and naturally you may think of leaving the “childish” stuff home. But, bringing things like childhood teddy bears, blankets or other sentimental trinkets can ease the transition and provide comfort during the times you are homesick. If you do not want to leave your childhood items out in the open, you can always use your storage bins to keep them out of sight.

Get crafty with tools

Some dorms are like swanky hotels that are so luxurious that you will be positively inspired to decorate. Just kidding. They are usually little more than bare bones canvases waiting for your personal touch. Since it will be your home away from home, don’t be afraid to get crafty. Hang a few pictures or posters of inspiring quotes. Put up a cork board or whiteboard. Grab a toolbox and get going to make your dorm room a your own personal retreat.

Don’t forget to inspect your room to make sure everything is in working order when you move in. If you find anything broken or missing, be sure to inform your RA or front desk staff immediately. And finally…have fun! Remembering these small tips will make a big difference for your New York moving experience.


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