Moving in New York, whether into an apartment or into a new office space, is no easy task to handle. The streets of New York City are always bustling with consumers and business people alike. Factors such as constant traffic and pedestrian congestion make it difficult to transport your personal belongings from an old home to a new one.  It is important to know what to look for when you’re trying to hire a New York moving company.

Factors to Consider When Researching Potential Movers

Often we find that people are usually in a rush to move and will hire a moving company on a whim. Results of a quick-hire may include broken items, extra stress and higher invoice fees. In order to receive desirable outcomes with your moving company you should spend some time to research the following topics on them:


  • How long has the company been in business?

Although some say that this factor doesn’t matter, it in fact does. You are going to want to hire movers that have been in the business for years and have valuable experience in professional moving.


  • Protection offered against loss or damages

You typically would want to go with the company that offers full replacement value or limited liability. This ensures that if any of your personal items get broken in the process then you will be fully or partially reimbursed.



  • Pickup and delivery process 


Make sure there are clear guidelines on how the pickup and delivery of your belongings will go. Reliable New York moving companies will have a set strategy to pickup and drop-off everything in a timely manner. A smooth pickup and delivery process eases the operation as a whole.



  • Check company ratings and reviews 


Anything above 3.5 stars is a good sign. Of course everyone has their own opinion and perspective on how the moving process should work which is why reading past customer reviews is important. This also shows that this company is being used frequently and is dependable.

Watch for Red Flags

Completing intensive research will help you in avoiding any potential scams. We have compiled a list of actions that should wave a giant red flag in your face! Beware of the following:


  1. The mover low-balls the estimate
  1. Large cash deposits being demanded before the move takes place
  1. Company’s website fails to provide contact or location information
  1. Rental trucks arriving on move-out day rather than a company-owned truck
  1. The mover doesn’t offer an on-site inspection before the move
  1. Company office or warehouse are in poor condition.

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