COVID-19 and Moving in NYC

Divine Moving is taking and moving selected customers in the NYC metro area only during the current outbreak.
We are keeping our health and YOURS by limiting the number of moves we do and the areas we service them.

We offer contact free moves in NYC, mail us the key to your apartment …

Moving is stressful for most individuals, and with good reason. Even in the greatest of circumstances, relocating yourself, your family, and all of your possessions is an intellectually, physically, and even emotionally taxing experience. Furthermore, there's the simple but true reality that moving day will almost certainly be more hectic than you expect. But, before moving day, a little planning out things like how to dispose of some of your furniture when moving to Long Island. Divine Moving and Storage are here to offer some tips.

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Relocating your office on short notice can be challenging, especially if you have a large office with many employees. Preparing for an office move requires time to organize business, current clients, employees, etc. However, sometimes unexpected things happen and your moving preparation must be cut short. For example, you found an ideal office space, but you have only a very short time to prepare for your move. Well, if something like this happens, you shouldn’t worry right away. You can hire commercial movers Manhattan for help and then you will be able to relocate your office on short notice. Also, you can't do it alone. Your colleagues should also help you to prepare your office move. You will be able to move your office in a short time if you prepare well and have good help.  

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Whether you are moving as a single or with your family, the moving process could be challenging. Chelsey is one of the best Manhattan neighborhoods to live in. Once you decide to move to Chelsey, you can enjoy so many amenities this neighborhood offers. However, before you start meeting all perks of living in this area, you will need to get through the moving process. While you are sorting and packing your items, you may wonder is there any simple way to conduct your move. Luckily, our experts from Chelsea moving company will share with you tips for relocating to Chelsey. Not only we can provide you with top-quality, cost-effective services, but also, we can remind you of the important steps to take once the time for moving to Chelsey comes. With our help, you will conduct your upcoming move on short notice and stress-free.

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Getting moving supplies can be hard if you don’t get them from reliable sources. However, moving supplies are a crucial part of relocation and you can't move without them. Additionally, if you want to get quality moving supplies, you should contact Divine Moving and Storage. High-quality moving supplies are kinda pricy. But, the price of quality moving supplies will pay off as your belongings will be well protected during relocation. After your move is over and all your belongings are safe in your new home, you now have a considerable size of moving supplies on your hands. The real question is what to do with them. You can't just throw them away as you spend a lot of money already. The best solution would be to recycle your used moving supplies. For this reason, here are the ways to recycle your packing supplies.  

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Living in NYC is a luxury in itself. But it often means that your living space is limited. A tiny apartment might save you money on rent and other expenses, but moving into one can be a difficult process. Because you'll have less room, you won't be able to accommodate all of your present possessions. To make the most of a tiny flat, it may be frustrating trying to sort through the clutter and figure out what to retain and what to throw out. But with a little forethought, everything is possible! We at Divine Moving and Storage NYC have gathered some helpful tips for making the transition into a smaller flat as easy as possible. If you're gonna be moving to a small apartment in Long Island soon, these tips and tricks will help you adapt faster.

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Do you have many things at home and you are not sure what to do with them? Well, it is a good idea to get a storage unit if you still don’t have one. It is definitely the most convenient way of storing your items especially when moving or traveling. In this little guide, Divine Moving & Storage NYC will provide some useful winter storage tips for storage units. Let’s get started!

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Winter is coming soon. Soon, it will be time to put away your beach gear, your ATV, and your patio furniture and instead pull out your seasonal holiday decorations from your storage unit, which you keep in your house. This is a great time to make sure your storage unit is ready for the cold weather that is coming. In case you didn't know, each season has a different way to store things. People have to deal with heat and humidity all summer long. Winter? The cold and water are your main enemies. In this guide, our storage experts at Divine Moving & Storage share their tips for properly preparing your storage for cold weather. Make sure your things stay in good shape this holiday season with this guide.

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Coming to New York City as a student or employee? Regardless of the reason, once you decide to become a New Yorker, there will be so many tasks you do. Although you were so excited about the move, now when you know how many jobs you need to finish, moving becomes overwhelming. However, even if it is not easy to move, this might be a crucial step in your life. NYC is one of the most popular cities in the world and it will give you a lot of opportunities. While you are looking for a reliable Manhattan moving company to help you, you have no idea how to handle post-move paperwork after coming to NYC. Luckily, besides excellent moving and storage services, we will help you handle all paperwork you need to obtain. So, let's start!

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