Moving in New York City in the spring is an exciting time for anyone. Even the most seasoned movers will have their hands full trying to get their stuff from one home or apartment to the next. One of the most important things to remember is that there are a host of things that could go wrong on a moving job. That’s why it’s so important to find the right mover for the job.

moving trucks of Divine Moving in New York isn’t like moving in most of the towns of America. New York is one of the busiest cities in the world, and has an array of difficulties to deal with when moving that movers in some cities would never have to deal with. The traffic can be terrible. There is also a unique transportation system in the city, and those who’ve never navigated it may find it quite difficult. Find the right mover:

Choosing Moving Companies in Brooklyn

Spring is about Growth

Springtime means new growth. That means growth on the trees in Central Park, and it means growth of the population of the city due to an influx of those who are excited to get a taste of what living in New York is all about; so get a hold of the moving company you want ahead of time!

Find the Right Mover

The moving process is made easier when the right mover is found. This entails more than just finding the company with the catchiest name or slogan. A quality mover will have had quality relationships with their past customers, and will have a proven track record of putting the customer first.

Plan Accordingly

New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world, and that means it’s going to have some of the greatest resources available for those who are moving there. Movers to New York or those who are moving from one NYC spot to another can do their research and plan for all the ins and outs of their move that are particular to them. No move is the same and the better that one prepares for everything they will need, the smoother the entire process is going to go for them.

Divine Moving has been moving New Yorkers since 2000. There are more than enough potential problems to deal with when it comes to moving in this great city. Divine Moving makes it our business to help those in New York move safely and smoothly. To schedule a move or to get a quote, get in contact with Divine Moving today at 866-668-7666!

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All furniture Services is a professional furniture service company that offers  estimates, inspections, reports, repairs, disassembling and assembling, parts installation, antique restoration, cleaning, dust mites removal, etc.

Each of their experienced technicians carries everything necessary to provide immediate on-site, in-home, and in store furniture repairs on wood, leather, vinyl, fabric, upholstery, metal, steel, glass, ceramic, porcelain, stone, and mechanisms. They use the latest technologies and products to service your furniture needs. their methods and products are chosen to make repairs permanent, invisible and to return your furniture to its original or even better condition. We at Divine Moving and Storage recommend them highly and use them exclusively for pre-move and post-move disassembly and assembly including large furniture (Sofas, wall units..) take apart. If you need your sofa disassembled or any other furniture related issue please let us know when you reserve your move at 866-668-7666 or call them directly at 1-888-575-6757 to schedule an appointment. Their website
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Moving can be a stressful experience, but it doesn't have to be. Packing up your belongings and up-ending your entire life is no easy feat. Fortunately, Divine Moving services are here to provide New Yorkers with a comprehensive list of moving services to make things much easier for you!

NYC Moving Services

Specializing in packing, storage and moving services, Divine Moving takes care of all the pesky details while you set back and relax. Isn’t that the way it ought to be when you move? With so much to take care of, from enrolling the kids in a new school to changing the utilities over to your new residence, you shouldn’t have to worry about packing and moving your belongings.


Of course, with so many moving companies available in NYC why should you choose Divine Moving? For starters, our incredible track record speaks for itself. With thousands of happy customers, Divine Moving has proven they are both reliable and professional no matter what your moving needs are.

Multiple Services

Additionally, Divine Moving provides a variety of services to choose from. Whether you need us to come in and pack your items or simply need a place to store them for a while, Divine Moving has you covered.


Not only are Divine Moving NYC offices and warehouses in the perfect location, but we also are fully outfitted with the latest 24-hour fire and security alarm systems available. In other words, you can be confident that your belongings are guaranteed to be safe while in our care.

Customer Service

If you are looking for a stress free, customer orientated, and superior moving experience then contact us at Divine Moving. Our business is built on client satisfaction, and we have proven time and again that our services not only meet but also exceed our client’s expectations. Reach out to our NYC based Divine Moving and Storage today to learn more about how we can assist you with your NYC move.
When moving in New York City there may be unexpected hurdles that need to be crossed and unforeseen challenges that make the task a little difficult. The secret to a smooth move is being aware of what to do and what not to do. Obviously, many other moves have taken place in the past. The best thing to do as a new mover is listen to the advice of those that have gone before.

Moving in New York City

The Don’ts of Moving in New York City-

Get in a Rush
When moving in a rush things are going to get broken, packed poorly, or just go wrong. Packing and moving are both processes, and especially here in New York City. It is important to take time and plan out each process, with ample amount of time so that no item is left forgotten.
Use a Mover that Communicates Poorly
Communication is key during a move, especially in a city as busy as New York. The location, route, and specifications of each move are different and vary from mover to mover. It is essential that the mover chosen is willing to listen to the exact needs of the customer and lay out their expectations and abilities as well, so that everyone is on the same page.

The Do’s of Moving in New York City-

Stay Organized
This may seem obvious, but when moving or packing or doing anything else that requires a lot of attention, time can get away from you, and it is easy to become frazzled and let organization slip away. Allowing yourself enough time to get in contact with a mover and have an appointment set up, have everything packed, and allow the move to take place as well.
Plan Ahead
The most surefire way to ensure that a move goes smooth is to plan ahead. The more planning that goes into moving across New York City the more bases get covered effectively and the less gets overseen. Planning ahead with the moving company also allows them to plan appropriately for the needs of the mover and have an idea of what the people moving need and are able to communicate what they expect, as far as things that should be packed ahead of time, etc.

The next NYC move can be exciting and hassle-free. Make that the case by signing up a professional mover that puts customer service first. For a New York City move, get in touch with Divine Moving at 866-668-7666!


Is it just us, or is this summer exceptionally brutal in terms of the heat? In New York City, this summer really is no joke, especially when you’re a reputable New York moving company. People move every day, especially in NYC because it’s one of the most populated areas in the nation. At Divine Moving, we are no stranger to helping NYC apartment owners move from one place to another when the sun is truly unforgiving. In fact, we often see those we are assisting struggle with the temperature more than we do.

Moving during the summer is all about preparation, and that’s from the actual packing to making sure you have enough cold water in the refrigerator. So, if the summer is such an excruciating time to move, why do so many people do it? Well, that’s because it’s all one big equation that’s relatively simple. Allow us to explain… When you moved into your first apartment after college, you most likely signed the lease for the beginning of May (if you went home for a few months during the summer, you signed during June or July). So, as the years went on, each yearly lease you signed was up during those months. Hence forth, you’re stuck moving during the summer as long as you keep signing for a 12 month lease. So, if you’re stuck moving during the summer, allow us to give you some helpful tips that may help you out a bit.

Why Move During the Summer?

  • The kids are out of school, so the school year isn’t interrupted provided they switch school districts.
  • The US Military more often than not moves their personnel between May and August.
  • With more homes being offered for sale during the spring, the real estate market sticks to their “warm weather cycle.”
  • It’s not freezing cold outside.

7 Tips for Moving During the Summer

  1. Plan ahead. Since the summer is the most popular time to move, you can expect that moving companies fill their schedule relatively fast, so you want to make sure to quote at least three moving companies well in advance. Two months ahead of the move is usually recommended because if you wait until you’re four weeks out, there’s a good chance the moving company you want won’t be able to fit you in.
  2. Pack early. New York moving companies will offer to help you pack your things, but they may charge you extra. Consider whether or not you’ll be able to pack all your belongings by yourself or if you’ll need assistance. If you do enlist in the help of a New York moving company, that will also tack onto the time they’ll need to assist you which could in turn affect their booking you.
  3. Keep it cool. The summer is hot (obviously), so you want to make sure that the electric is on at your new apartment and that you keep it on at your old one as well. Even if your new apartment is initially cool, without AC the cool air will go right out of the propped open doors that the movers are using to bring in your belongings. You’ll also want to make sure that you have plenty of water for yourself, whichever friends are assisting you, and the movers.
  4. Dress appropriately. The last thing you want is to be wearing your casual pair of slacks or sweatpants when it’s over 90 degrees outside. Make sure that when it’s the day of your move, you keep out a set of clothes that are lightweight and not baggy. You’ll also want to wear closed toe shoes (even if it is sweltering out).
  5. Keep the candles cool. Everyone loves to have candles in their home. However, if you like your candles, you’ll want to take them with you in your vehicle rather than let them sit in the back of a hot moving truck. You’ll also want to carry CD’s and DVDs with you because the heat will warp them. This applies to all of your items that may be sensitive to heat.
  6. Consider your pets. You know how when people take their pets to the grocery store and they’ll leave them in the car, but they’ll crack the window? Well, this point is kind of like that in the sense that you want to take your pets into consideration while moving during the summer. Keep your pets in mind at all times when moving, whether you’re leaving them in the car or keeping them in the apartment. The movers will most likely prop open a door in order to make moving large objects into the home easier, so with that in mind, you’ll want to figure out when the right time is to move the animals. In NYC, there are plenty of vet clinics that will board them for one day, so you can focus on your move without having to worry about your furry little kids.
moving to manhattan
New York City is no easy place to get accommodated with if you’ve never traveled there before. However, it really is a one of a kind place and there’s a reason so many tourists from around the world flock there each year. Moving into the city is a big commitment, especially in the more popular burrows like Queens, the Bronx, and even Manhattan. With that being said, regardless of the burrow you live in, living in New York City is a unique experience unlike any other which is why with the right level of dedication, one should really give it a shot. So, if you’re ready to take that bold next step and move to Manhattan, keep reading to see some of our tips for living in the Big Apple, because at Divine Moving, no one knows Manhattan like we do.

 5 Tips for Living in Manhattan

  1. Get used to public transportation. Unless you live on Long Island, you’re going to want to get really comfortable with public transportation if you want to get anywhere in the city. Regardless of your burrow, the subways and trains will become your best friend. If you’re worried about getting around, there are plenty of great applications out there for your smartphone that are like the Google Maps of the subway system. Download them.
  2. Reevaluate your money management. Living in Manhattan is expensive. Let’s put it this way, a family of four living in their cozy suburban home that spends $48,000 annually on living will be spending $94,000 to enjoy that same type of lifestyle in New York City. With that being said, you may have to reevaluate your expenses and budget accordingly.
  3. Grocery shopping is different. Rather than being able to fill a cart then your trunk with groceries, in New York City, you won’t have a trunk to put that food in. Instead, you’ll have to carry it back to your home and depending on the nearest supermarket near you; it could be quite the hike. New York City is a walker’s paradise, so on the plus side, you’ll be in fantastic shape.
  4. Prepare yourself for downsizing. In Manhattan, square footage is at a premium. In April of 2014, those looking to rent a home were seeing prices of roughly $1,350 per square foot. The easiest way to save yourself some money on these apartments is to downsize your belongings. If you have items you’re not willing to give away, but can’t keep at your home, look into affordable storage units. At Divine Moving, we have custom built storage facilities that are not only accommodating to our customers, but also to the city itself.
  5. Consider the investment. Moving to Manhattan will most likely force you to cut back significantly on your spending and adjust the way you live your life. Luxuries like elevators and dishwashers are something that New Yorker’s are used to not having, so keep that in mind.

Moving to Manhattan

If you’re moving to Manhattan from another neighboring burrow, contact us at Divine Moving. We specialize in moving throughout New York City and as we mentioned before, no one knows the city like we do. In the event that you need to keep some of your things in a storage unit for the time being, that’s a service that we also offer. So give us a call today, or visit us online for a free quote on your upcoming move. Moving to Manhattan ? Call today 866-668-7666
When your moving day is approaching and you begin to go through your belongings, you suddenly realize how many things you have to pack and it can cause a lot of anxiety. However, packing is all about the method you use, and that method can either be the easy way or the hard way. When moving, organization is everything, but putting together your own checklist can be difficult and you may miss some things that slipped your mind. However, that’s why we’re here. Although at Divine Moving we primarily function throughout New York, moving is all relative and we’re more than willing to share some of our moving advice with you.

 Tips for Packing and Moving with No Frills

  1. It’s all about the boxes. When you’re moving, there’s really no such thing as having too many boxes, but if you don’t want to go overboard, start with eight, and then if you need more, go from there. If you don’t purchase your boxes, but rather you go with recycled ones, make sure they’re sturdy enough because the last thing you want is to see your movers carrying the box and it breaks from under them.
  2. Make separate piles. While you’re packing your clothing into boxes, set aside a separate pile to give away to Goodwill. Moving is all about downsizing to the things you actually need and getting rid of the clothing you no longer wear or don’t fit in.
  3. Gather the proper supplies. So, you have the boxes, but there are some other essential packing supplies you’ll need for your move. These packing supplies include packing tape, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, and a dolly. You’ll use the bubble wrap for the more delicate items, and the plastic wrap is great for holding things together or wrapping around the tops of containers that have been opened.
  4. Don’t over pack. You want to make sure that when the box is full, you can still close and properly seal it. If you have any stray socks or scarves, don’t worry about piling them on top of the full box, but tuck them into the sizes so you’re not adding anymore height to the top.
  5. Make an inventory list. This is to make sure that you get everything off the truck that you had put onto the moving truck. All you want to do is make a list of what is in each box and you can number the boxes according to your list. However, if you have any valuables and important documents, keep those on your person rather than giving those to the movers. Now, that’s not saying the movers aren’t reliable, but with all the other stuff being loaded onto the truck, finding small important things can be difficult when unloading.
If you need packing and moving in NYC call 212-244-4011
High End Movers | Divine Moving & Storage

If you have a number of valuables or you are moving into a luxury home you simply can't afford to take risks with your move. When it comes to high-end real estate and moving valuable antiques and furniture it's always best to trust the professionals.

Our NYC moving team at Diving Moving comes prepared to work on any high end move. We have specialty crews that are ready to take on even the most valuable of moves. Each of our moves is fully covered under health and safety and bonded insurance meeting that you are covered in the event of any accidents. When you move on your own and with the help of friends there simply isn't this insurance premium to help you in the event of a loss or damage to your items. Our crew also comes fully equipped with today's best moving equipment to ensure that even the most complex of moving tasks can be done. Our climate controlled storage is also an excellent way that you can store your valuables during the course of the move. Our fully secured and climate controlled environment is perfect for High End offices and luxury estates because we can fully secure and store even the most valuable items in your home. advert Don't take risks when it comes to the process of moving. Let our experts help you through every aspect of your move from the packing, loading and unloading to ensure that zero damage occurs with your most prized possessions. We are available for high-end moves even on short notice and serve New York and the greater New York area.

Contact us today for a free quote and we can detail just the right size truck and services that you might require for any High End Move.