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Moving is usually never a fun thing to have to do. It can be quite stressful and agitating at times. We get all hot and sweaty from moving boxes for hours, our children get antsy and want to just be entertained. New places, new people, new schools, relocating can be really difficult! As a New York moving company, we completely understand that, which is why we have provided 5 really fun ways to get the family involved together and have some fun to make this experience less tense.

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  •  Turn your new home into an indoor campground:  Kids and adults alike just love camping, and what a better time to use our imaginations than when all of our belongings are still stuffed in bags and boxes. Turn your living room into a camping adventure, set up tents and lanterns, throw blankets on the floor, and no electronics, so we can all just focus on laughing and telling campfire stories. Sleeping in the same space as one another will also reduce stress levels during this move.


  • Have a family movie marathon night: Watching one of your family’s favorite movies can make your new house feel familiar. Order pizza and have root beer floats! Forget about the day’s stresses and enjoy each other’s company, along with a meal that is easy to clean up. There isn’t a kid in this world that doesn’t appreciate a pizza, one of their favorites films, and getting away with not having to do any dishes.


  •  New family favs: Most families have a favorite restaurant, park, or place to hang out. Search out your new favorites in your new neighborhood. You may not be able to have the exact same hamburger or shake, but maybe you’ll find something that fits your family even better! Don’t forget to ask your New York moving company for local hot spots!


  • Exploration: Your new neighborhood has so much to offer! The best way to experience it is on foot. Take a walk with the whole family. This also gets your kids acquainted with where they are and where your house is in case they are out by themselves and get lost.


  • Maintaining a Positive attitude: Children react well to positive attitudes and environments, and when children are reacting well, parents are reacting well. Being as upbeat as possible about the move and the new and exciting changes that are coming about will put your children more-so at ease. “Have you seen the playground they have at the park, the equipment looks like so much fun!” “The neighbors are so nice!” Your attitude has a big effect on your kids’ state of mind.


New York moving can be a really hard thing to go through as a family, but with these 5 tips we are all well on our way to having the most fun in life, no matter the circumstance.

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