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Reviews can mean a lot to the success of a moving company. This is because the moving industry is now a very large. It has swollen in size in the past 50 years as more and more Americans start moving on a regular base. This they do in pursuit of business opportunity and happiness. Today, millions of Americans do exactly that, and you need moving companies to make sure that this is possible. However, there is a lot of variation in the quality of service provided, and it is hard for a customer to get to a good mover. That is why you need people to be reviewing a moving company online for everyone to see. 

They are useful for everybody

When you are trying to decide what Brooklyn movers (for example) you will choose, how do you do it? Well, first of you might go to their website and check if they are a licensed company. That is the bare minimum you should make sure your company fulfills. But what else? Does the visual representation of the home page and website layout help? Well, yes, it is quite important to see all the services they offer clearly. This also goes for their contact number.

 reviewing a moving company online for quality
Ask yourself – what qualities are worth reviewing?

If you are happy with the services they will offer, what do you do next? If you are like most people, you go for the reviews. This is because reviews are a shortcut to a recommendation. In the days before the internet people would get a recommendation for various services, including moving, from other people. This meant that the company would have to work very hard to promote itself to people who didn’t know about it. Not today. When somebody is reviewing a moving company online, it is available for anyone. Therefore, it is available to you too.

Sometimes moving companies will even host a page with reviews, though you should always check out the Yelp or Facebook one as well. The review is a good way for previous clients to talk up (or criticize) a company and legitimize its work.

You owe it to good movers to reviewing a moving company online

Yelp, Facebook, Google and other platforms offer many different ways in which you can grade and review your experience with the company. However, all of them requre you to put out some time for reviewing a moving company online. This is usaly where people simply postpone it indefinatly. Nobody really wants to be wasting time reviewing a company after the move is done. After all, there is a lot job to be done, and also rest to be taken after a move.

However, you should still do it. You owe it to the good moving companies. Those who have shown:

  • Punctuality. Be sure that you are writing about their punctuality when you are reviewing a moving company online.
  • Courtesy. A very important aspect indeed
  • Special remarks. Be sure to write down whatever you found most interesting.

Something bad happened? Warn everyone.

However, reviews are not an advertisement. If your office movers made significant mistakes, you also owe it to post it. Not to them, but to future clients who might repeat your mistake of choosing those unreliable movers!

4 stars
Not a five-star review? Don’t be afraid to post it…

Reviewing a moving company online is not about making sure someone uses the company. It can also be making sure that nobody does. Some movers simply don’t deserve the attention…

Be honest

Continuing on the topic, be sure that you are truthfully and honestly. Don’t miss out on any details, however minor. It is okay to mention a few bad things with the good ones. For example, you can always say that you are rating Divine Moving and Storage NYC 5 stars overall, but with some small remarks at the and. Those little things will be pointers for those movers to be even better in the future!

Not every one of the reviews is actual real

From reviews of restaurants to hotels, to movers to even things like packing services NYC, you will find fake reviews. Now, normally, we know that you will not be reviewing a moving company online just so you can write a fake review, but that does not mean that everyone is of such goodwill. This is why we feel like it is our obligation to also inform you of the fake reviews you can encounter online.

There are many types. You may encounter, for example, troll reviews. This is very easy to spot. They are often very offensive, while other times they are a little bit more humorous. However, they are all completely ridiculous in their claims and often self-evidently untrue. However, they are problematic since their star review impacts the overall score. One star review can significantly lower the score, impacting the business it is reviewing. This malicious behavior can, therefore, be directly harmful to the company.

Trust and mistrust
Always be honest so your reviews can be trusted!

However, a company with an all 5-star perfect score, but with hundreds of reviews, is even very, very good or someone is reviewing a moving company online on the behest of the company. Since reviews are influential as they are, there are people that are ready to pay for their company to be on the good word. be vigilant for those sort of “it was all dandy” reviews. Too short ones are often the main culprits.

So, let’s sum it up

So, what it all comes down to? If you are to take anything from this blog post it is that reviewing a moving company online is important. It is something you owe, in away. You owe it to the future customers and to the company (and yourself) to write down the experience you had and testify online about it. Be sure to be honest and include all aspects of the move. Do this, and you will do great favor both for the moving company (if they deserved it) and to future clients (whatever you write).

About Author

John has been with Divine Moving and Storage in New York for nearly two decades. Starting as a young helper and climbing up the ranks to be a staple in our organization. John has the knowledge and experience to assist our clients with any move or storage related needs. You can reach John or any of our associates in NYC at 212-244-4011