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How to Make Your NYC Move the Most Efficient


Moving Day in New York City is a highly anticipated, and sometimes highly overwhelming, experience. After months of researching, viewing, and negotiating homes, you’ve finally found the one for you. Here’s the next most important step: proper preparation for a smooth move. If you want your move to be as efficient as possible, take some of the follow tips into consideration:

Use movers to move the most efficient


Create a folder or file of all papers, documents and contacts that are relevant to your move.

This folder should, most importantly, include a master list that lays out step-by-step what needs to be done before, during, and after you move into your new home. This can include: what can be packed first, shutting off utilities, and scheduling appointments for your home.

Also in this folder, you should include any important business cards, your lists of reminds, numbers or packing notes, and any other relevant documents to move the most efficient.


Plan the best route from your old home to your new one.

Take into consideration things such as traffic, road conditions, what the easiest streets will be for the moving trucks, and of course, which route will take the least amount of time.

The further you’re moving, the more factors you need to consider. Any necessary stops, major detours or construction should be accounted for in your travel budget.


A packing plan is a huge key.

No matter who you are, throwing all of your belongings randomly into a bunch of boxes the day before the moving trucks arrive is not a practical way to go about things.

What will help your packing process be painless is packing early and packing smart. Weeks before your big day, you can start with the first things on that master to-do list: knick-knacks, out-of-season clothes, decorations, and things that you do not use often.

By taking 20-30 minutes each day to pack up your belongings, with a considerable period of time before your move, helps you reduce the time and energy that the process can otherwise take away from you. Packing that is relaxed and not rush will allow you to make smarter decisions on what to keep and what to throw away, and to be mindful when packing delicate or sensitive belongings.


Let’s not forget about what you’re packing your belongings into:

Boxes. Here’s something you shouldn’t waste your time or money on. It’s always smart to flatten or fold up appliance and large electronics boxes once you have them set up, so if you have any lying around, be sure to make use of them. If they’ve carried a large, heavy item before, you can count on those same boxes to be reliable transportation again.

If you don’t have any sufficient boxes from old purchases, you don’t need to spend money to buy moving boxes.  Many local stores that receive large shipments receive hundreds of cardboard boxes per week, and they all usually end up being recycled. Try and find out when shipments come in to your local office supply, liquor or grocery stores. Show up on the right days, and they’ll most likely be happy to have them put to good use.


Number your moving boxes.

When you’re planning out the layout of your new home and what will go where, number each room. As you pack up the corresponding items in your current home, number each box with its new room number in your new place. Make sure to write the number on multiple sides of the box, and communicate with the movers what number goes in which room. It’s handy to have a layout of your house with numbers available on it- something that can conveniently be put in the aforementioned moving folder!


Finish off what is already in your house.

The less unnecessary items you pack up, the better. Do your best to not buy new toiletries, cleaning products, and non-perishable food items. Instead, it might be time for you to dig up those ones hiding in the back of your cabinets and pantries and use them up.

Although some of these items might not be your “first choice,” or your “go-to” brand, it will help your budget to avoid buying new things in the midst of getting ready to move, as well as reduce the number of things to haul with you.

Anything that you cannot finish off, or cannot bring yourself to make use of, you can either give away to a friend or arrange to have these items picked up by or dropped off as a donation.  Whatever you choose, do your best to not be wasteful.


Make the actual day of your move as efficient and painless as possible.

Label a box or two that will be last to go on the truck, and the first to be taken off of the truck. This box will contain medications, toiletries, basic tools, cleaning supplies, bedding and anything that you will need easiest access to during your move-in process.

When your moving company arrives at your new home, along with any other help you have recruited, take charge by delegating tasks and directing them to the correct rooms. It’s your home, you’re the boss, and you’ll want all hands on deck to get the process done fast.

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