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I never thought I could say that about a moving day or a moving company, however they where outstanding. They made my life so much easier on my moving day’s. This is my 3rd move with them, so I wanted to take a few minutes to share my experience in case any one is about to do a move and doesn’t have a great mover.

They were right on time (actually 10 min’s early). – They were super careful with everything, yet in such an efficient way (it would have driven me crazy if they were slack). Not one thing got damaged despite a lot of furniture and valuable artwork being moved from my 4 bedroom apt to their storage facility then back to my new apt.

The foreman’s attitude was this great “can do ” attitude, eg I made the mistake of forgetting to tell them when I got the quote that I had a storage room down stairs and bikes in the bike room as well to move….anyway I remembered on moving day just after the truck was packed and left…I rang the company….the truck comes straight back loads up the items from downstairs, couldn’t been nicer about it and on top of it stuck to there original quote. – Which by the way was also the most reasonable out of the 3 companies I got to quote

– Moishes& Ozzie

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