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I had to move a studio worth of apartment from the Upper East Side to the Theater district. I called about 6 places, Divine came in the cheapest at $430, which was about $30 cheaper than 2nd place. I believe Divine operates only in metro NYC, which is why they get to be a little cheaper. Of course, I picked a heavy traffic time of day, and also a day where 1 one of 3 elevators of my building was down, so they couldn’t “lock” it for the moving team, and I was moving to a 5th floor walk up… but despite all the inconveniences, I was impressed with the speed that they moved at, and they kept their cool about it the whole time. A few bonus points I’d like to point out.

Bonus #2: Divine charges by the hour, and we went 10 or 15 minutes into the next ‘hour’, but the foreman generously said not to worry about spilling over, and stuck to the 3-hour price mark that it was originally quoted at. Pure win.

Bonus #3: When packing my furniture, they wrapped it all in soft blankets. (Their blankets probably cost more than my $20 night stand from ikea, but whatever.) They also disassembled and reassembled my bed frame with ease. I asked about how they knew how my bed worked, and they said they’ve seen pretty much every bed frame out there. Kudos to being good at your job.

Bonus #4: They gave me a ride to my new apartment, while some of the guys rode in the back of the truck with my furniture, and we made some chit chat along the way. They’re really nice and honest guys all around. Highly recommended! If these things don’t warrant 5-stars, I don’t know what does. Thank you Divine for a great moving experience. Side note: Book an off-peak day if you can, it’ll save you around $50 (peak days are +/- 7 days or so of the top of each month, and off peak days are the others.)

– Sincerely

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