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What supplies do you need for a successful NYC move?

Supplies for a move
Moving Boxes

According to the US Census Bureau, the average American moves to a new home more than 11 times throughout their life…that’s a lot of wear and tear for your belongings to go through! During every move, most people experience some sort of damage to their furniture, such as a scrape or dent, the loss of screws and other hardware needed to re-assemble furniture pieces, something fragile breaking inside a box, or some other unfortunate accident. The best way to avoid these common mishaps is to collect some basic moving supplies before you get started with your packing and moving process.

moving supplies boxes
Standard Size Storage Boxes

Proper boxes and packing materials

With the exception of your furniture and maybe some larger, awkwardly shaped items, most of your belongings will be packed into boxes before your move. Boxes are handy because they can serve as sturdy surfaces for stacking more boxes on top. However, not all boxes are created equal!

When you select supplies for a move, it’s best to avoid rounding up free, used boxes from liquor marts, grocery stores, and big box stores. For one thing, all of these boxes will have different shapes and sizes, so they won’t stack as efficiently in the back of the truck. When spaces appear between stacked boxes, these allow items to shift during the drive, and that’s when your items inside are most likely to break. More importantly, however, boxes that have been used previously for shipping merchandise (and especially food items) have already been through a lot of movement during transport, and often contain moisture from shifting climates or contents inside. These factors cause the cardboard to be weakened, which can lead to boxes tearing open at the seams during your move or being crushed by the weight of other belongings stacked on top of them. These merchandise boxes can also contain bugs or other pests, especially if they carried fresh produce to a grocery story. We recommend purchasing your boxes in a few standard sizes from your moving and storage company.

packing and moving
Last minute moving and packing

When packing up your cookware and dishes, we recommend using dish packs (sometimes called dish barrels) because these boxes are double-walled to keep fragile items cushioned. Dish packs also contain adjustable inserts that fit snuggly around your plates, bowls, glasses, pitchers, and other serving dishes.

You can also ask your moving and storage company for supplies for a move or if they offer mirror or art boxes to keep your fragile wall hangings safe. These boxes come broken apart in four separate pieces so you can adjust them to fit snugly around the glass or art you own.

Divine Moving and Storage even offers TV boxes to keep your big-screen television sets safe. These boxes are great alternatives to the box your television originally came in, with cardboard corners that fit around your TV similarly to the foam inserts from the original box. These special corners hold the TV steady inside its box and serve as shock absorbers in case your moving truck has to drive over a bumpy road or come to a sudden stop on the way to your new home.

In addition to purchasing new boxes, you should also be sure to have plenty of packing paper on hand. It’s best to use standard packing paper as opposed to newspaper because the print may come off in places where you don’t want to read the headlines, such as on your white dishes or fabric items. If you have small knick knacks to wrap up that could become lost or accidentally thrown away during the unpacking process, consider using brightly colored tissue paper (like you would use in gift bags).

Finally, be sure to invest in some colored Sharpies for labeling and lots of moving tape. Assign a separate color for each room in your new home so your movers can not only see the name of the room, but associate it quickly with a color to expedite things on Moving Day. When it comes to tape, we suggest buying more than you think you’ll need. One of the most frustrating realizations that can come up on Moving Day is that you’ve run out of tape for the last few boxes.

Packing ahead of time
Packing tips for your upcoming move.

Supplies for a move

Most of of your moving day supplies should be provided by your Divine Moving and Storage professionals! Every truck we own is fully stocked with dollies, floor protection, fore-arm forklifts, straps, and moving blankets to ensure we keep your belongings and home as safe as possible on Moving Day. However, there are some other supplies for a move you’ll want for your own convenience when the big day arrives.

First, be sure you have some Ziplock bags and extra tape handy. When it comes time to disassemble your bed frame or dining table, you can store the screws and other hardware inside a plastic bag and tape it to the main piece of furniture so it won’t get lost.

We also suggest purchasing some clear plastic bins that you can use to store everything you’ll need as soon as you get to your new home, such as your charging cords, medications, and toiletry items. This way, you can tell the movers to only move the cardboard boxes so you can keep the plastic bins within easy reach in your personal vehicle. The clear plastic will also be useful when you arrive at the new place, because you can easily see what’s inside the box without having to read every single label on the outside of your cardboard boxes to find what you need.

You may want to set aside some cleaning supplies that you pack into the car last so you can do some last-minute cleaning in your old home before you leave, especially if you’re moving out of an apartment where you want to avoid cleaning fees before the next tenant moves in. In this “don’t pack until last” pile, consider including any paperwork you need for the day for the moving team or your new residence, your wallet, and your keys.

Moving boxes and packing services for NYC relocation
Packing, moving, storage and relocation services

Do you have any other questions about what you’ll need for your big move? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 212-244-4011

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