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Moving down the street is stressful enough, let alone moving out of state or to a new city that's far enough to be in a new state, but have no fear because we have some advice for you. The average person moved 11 times throughout their life - that's a lot, and you'd think that with all that moving experience it'd get easier, but it just doesn't. Packing your life into cardboard boxes can be depressing and if it's your first big move, it can be scary, especially if you're moving into a big city like New York.

If you're moving to a new place, take a look at some of the tips we've put together. At Divine Moving, we've dealt with all different types of people moving in and out of new York City, and we've seen people handle moving several different ways, some more successful than others, and we're going to share the more successful ones with you.

4 Tips for Moving Out of State

  1. Put together a master plan

    If this is your first time moving out on your own, sit down with family members who can help you prioritize and let you know what you'll need to consider since they've most likely done it before. This list should include everything from your packing strategy (when you should start), contacting professional moving services, and setting up your new place.

  2. Don't wait till the last minute

    This is the worst thing you can do. Start packing early so you can better determine what you need to take and what you can either give away or leave at home. Moving is a long and lengthy process that takes preparation so the bigger jump you get on it, the better.

  3. Choose your method

    You can either do it yourself, or hire professional movers. We highly suggest hiring movers because you don't want to risk damaging any of your belongings. Of course, you'll take some things in your vehicle, but you don't want to have to move an entire bedroom set down a flight of stairs then pack it into a rental truck, let the movers do that for you. We guarantee we have more experience with that type of lifting and handling. Plus, movers will have a better idea of the area and where to park to begin unloading your things at your new place.

  4. Move important items by yourself

    If you do hire professional movers, you want to keep any important possessions in your possession. Move the items that cost more money or are invaluable by yourself into your new apartment, that way if they get lost, it's no one's fault but your own, but hopefully you don't lose them.

Moving Around New York City?

Moving from one burrow to another in NYC can be a daunting task, but that time comes for everyone. With the busiest moving season coming up in May, contact us at Divine Moving to schedule an appointment. No one knows New York City like we do, and we offer storage for any of customers who may need to keep some of their belongings stored away in a temperature controlled environment.


Moving to New York City can be an exciting but daunting experience, due in part to its sprawling size and competitive reputation. If youre looking to move to New York City, heres what you need to know about relocation.

Are You Looking to Move to New York City? Heres What You Need to Know!

Choosing to move to a new city is never a decision to take lightly, and if youre looking to move to New York City there are some things you should know before taking the plunge. From culture to cost of living, heres a guide to help you make an educated decision about relocating to theBig Apple.   When it comes to exploration and entertainment, few cities can match the opportunities that living in New York City can provide. From delicious cuisine to world-class museums, the Big Apple has something for everyone. Individuals who appreciate art, theater, and music will find themselves right at home, while food-lovers will revel in the countless restaurants the city has to offer. Moving to a new city has its own set of challenges, and to help you make the transition, lets take a look at the best ways you can prepare.   If youre moving to New York City, first and foremost you need to come to terms with the cost of living. The city is notoriously expensive and steeply priced real estate and rental markets mean that living in NYC can be a bit of a financial shock. To prepare, make sure you have a budget and plan for your living expenses that you can sustain long-term.

When's the Best Time of Year to Move?

According to RentHop, the best time to apartment hunt and move is anytime except the summer. During the summer, a majority of leases are ending, and all the college graduates are moving into the city to start their new jobs, therefore everyone is either renewing their old lease, or they're looking to move so the entire market just becomes one cluttered cluster. Not to mention that because everyone is apartment hunting, the rental rates drastically increase and you could find yourself paying an extra $100.00 a month. Another essential aspect of relocating is choosing where to live. As one of the largest cities in the world, you have plenty of options, ranging from apartments, single-family homes, and co-op buildings. Consider what your lifestyle will be like and decide what kind of atmosphere you want to live in. From lively neighborhoods to more relaxed communities, theres something to fit every budget.

When's a Good Time to Contact Movers?

As soon as possible. As soon as you've found that apartment, you want to find a moving company and get that booked. If you're unsure as to where you're moving, don't wait past 90 days, especially during the summer months since those are the busiest. Remember when you're hiring movers in New York City (or anywhere for that matter), make sure that they have a registration number that was given to them by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Also, if your new apartment doesn't have easy access, there are some moving companies that will charge an extra fee, and although that's not uncommon, it's still something you want to look into when comparing quotes.

Moving Around in NYC's Five Boroughs?

New York City is an amazing place to live and offers an unrivaled combination of culture, art, and excitement. Before you make the big move, however, take the time to understand what living in the city entails and make sure youre prepared for the new experiences youll have as an NYC resident. If you're looking to move in New York City area then contact us here at Divine Moving, and we'll make sure that your belongings are transported safely to your new home or apartment. (3rd party storage link)

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Packaging and Moving has become a well-established business the world over. With most apartments and professional businesses shifting locations at least once during their life expectancy, moving organizations play a crucial part during the whole procedure. With more and more companies coming into this industry the whole procedure has been made very methodical with the finest equipment being used. Divine Moving and Storage employees are well qualified in various sections before they are permitted to deal with our clients.

New York City has a variety of such solutions for a client to choose from. You will locate a NYC movers in different areas of the city. Most of the moving organizations in New York City can be found in the listings/directory or on a simple google search and most are just a short trip away. For one to make the whole moving procedure seamless, an associate will pay a visit to the consumer well before the transport process to analyze the equipment and human resources that will be required. We visit both the source and location place for this very purpose in some cases. Moving organizations in NYC are very professional in this respect and they need to improve their procedures. As the demand for such solutions is high in New York City, Divine Moving have to optimize our procedures, guaranteeing highest possible utilization of resources resulting in an inexpensive move for you. Every moving service has a certain variety of offers that we can offer to our customers. This differs according to the specifications of the client such as family moving, office moving, short or long term storage and so. There is a lot of focus on pre planning and the employee who visits the site makes sure that he gets the measurements and weight of each product/item to be transferred. This will help us decide on the number of employees and the size of the moving van that will be required. In case of packing being an aspect of the move, this helps us come to summary about the quantity of packing material and boxes that will be required. Safety of one's belongings is a big issue for many and all NYC movers give you an option to insure your products before moving them to different places. They have tie ups with various insurance providers for the same. To help make the procedure clear, there is some documentation that needs to be done as well. Foreign transfers include a little bit more documentations for clear reasons. After these initial requirements have been taken care of, it helps a seamless moving process. To know more about NYC movers and moving in a stress free and easy way, please visit some of our other webpages above.
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Preparing to move into the hustle and bustle of New York City can be daunting and intimidating. But with the right preparation and organization, you can make the transition from small-town life to the big city with ease. Here are some tips for getting ready to move to NYC:

Preparing to move into NYC needs patience, patience, and shrewdness. To move effectively in NYC means you need to do some level of research to ensure balance, efficiency, and price control. According to NYC Professional issues to the Better Business Bureau about movers is not uncommon.

"Hoping to Move to New York City? Check Out These 5 Essential Tips for Preparing Ahead of Time!"

What you need to do is get in touch with a number of movers recommended by people you know. Next be sure to ask for reviews and example contracts. Always make sure you analyze out their credentials with the resources they provide and with the DOT, State Department of Transportation. Never decide on a mover because his budget is the lowest. Always decide on a mover because he is qualified, is expert in all aspects, places the cards on the table, has no unseen circumstances in the contract, provide answers to all your concerns satisfactorily, and has been in the business for quite a while.

"So You're Thinking of Moving to NYC? Here's What You Need To Know Before You Take The Plunge"

1. Plan ahead: Make sure you know what your budget is and book movers, housing, and all necessary materials ahead of time. Its also a good idea to research neighborhoods so you have an idea of where you want to live. Look into the best schools, transport options, and leisure activities that the area has to offer. 2. Familiarize yourself with the city: Researching the city and familiarizing yourself with it ahead of time will help you get an understanding of the area. Read up on attractions, events, restaurants, bars, and other forms of entertainment in the city. This can give you a better idea of what you want to do and where to go. 3. Gather important documents: Youll need to bring your drivers license, Social Security card, birth certificate, a passport, and other important documents with you when you move. Make sure you have copies of all these documents and that they are securely stored for safekeeping. 4. Organize your belongs: Make sure you have an inventory of all the items youre bringing with you and pack them securely. Label the boxes accordingly so you can easily find and unpack everything when you arrive. Moving can be stressful, so make sure youre keeping organized when it comes to keeping your possessions safe. 5. Connect with others in the city: Connecting with people who are already in the city can make the transition to New York much easier. Reach out to friends, family members, coworkers, or other people you may know already in the city so you can get advice on schools, food options, job opportunities, and more.

"5 Insider Secrets Every NYC Newcomer Should Know Before Making the Move - Preparing to Take On the Big Apple"

Preparing to move into New York City can be exciting and overwhelming. With some planning and research, however, it's possible to ease the transition into the Big Apple and ensure that your living experience is a happy one. Familiarizing yourself with local real estate, neighborhoods, and the culture of New York City can go a long way to making the transition smoother. Armed with information about the cost of living, transportation, and more, you can hit the ground running when it's time to move. Whether you're a New Yorker born and bred or moving from elsewhere, making the effort to prepare for a move to NYC can ease the process and set you on the path to living the NYC dream. Moving to New York City can be overwhelming. But with the right steps and preparation, you can make the transition smoother and easier. From planning ahead to organizing your belongings to connecting with friends already living in the city, you can make the process of getting ready to move to New York City as stress-free as possible.


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