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BBB A+ moving review “I have some weirdly shaped things that didn’t fit into the conventional boxes and so I required Divine moving & storage to be really creative with their packing. The movers arrived right on time and got to work. They really were super creative while packing my valuables. Even my furniture received a coat of shrinking tape. While many would argue that they use too much packing materials, I think it made sure that my valuables travel safely from Astoria, NY to Manhattan. They arrived on time and as I expected all my valuables were unharmed. I have never seen movers this professional.”

perfect time for a nyc move
Moving is an unfortunate hassle that many of us have to go through. The countless cardboard boxes, the planning and renting of the moving trucks are just enough to make your head spin. The most comfortable and optimal time for moving is usually right before or during Fall. This is the time kids usually start their new school year, and Fall for many is usually the unofficial start of the new year. During the fall many people plan to what they want to accomplish during the New Year and up-coming seasons. The fall is the perfect time for a change and to make a move. Fall is the ultimate signaling of a new season taking place. The beautiful and vibrant colors of the leaves changing and the crisp scent and breeze of the air make fall one of the most enjoyed and beautiful months of the year! Fall is the perfect time to move for plenty of reasons! First off, trying to move during the brutal extremes of the summer and winter seasons can be a nightmare. The summer is a problem for moving not only because of the hot and humid weather, but also because of the high demand of moving trucks, moving supplies and movers during the summer months. The summer is the moving boom and it can be difficult to reserve yourself a truck or movers for your specific move date unless booked for months in advance. The problem with the winter weather is self-explanatory. Try moving into NYC or Manhattan during a winter storm and you are just asking for trouble! The slippery and icy conditions of the ground can be a problem, as can transporting the goods in the extreme cold. Trying to maneuver a moving truck in a busy city during the winter can really stink when you are trying to weave in and out of traffic from the cars and salt trucks. You are going to feel like Frogger the frog carrying your boxes to your new location trying to dodge dangerous and on-coming traffic! The nice and cool weather of the Fall is the best climate to move. You have a nice breeze and beautiful scenery. After moving in a couple boxes you won’t have to worry about being exhausted and sweating like a dog in a desert. When you are moving make sure you get accumulated to the neighbors and also have your kids become comfortable with the change of schools. We don’t know the temperature around you, but moving into NYC during the Fall is a little cooler so you’d need to make sure you and your kids are bundled in a nice and light hoodie! Now that we explained moving in the Fall we hope this article helped clear up a couple of questions or even re-affirmed things for you! If you are ever moving into Manhattan or NYC and need New York movers and/or storage then we are the perfect moving company for you!

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New York City is no easy place to get accommodated with if you’ve never traveled there before. However, it really is a one of a kind place and there’s a reason so many tourists from around the world flock there each year. Moving into the city is a big commitment, especially in the more popular burrows like Queens, the Bronx, and even Manhattan. With that being said, regardless of the burrow you live in, living in New York City is a unique experience unlike any other which is why with the right level of dedication, one should really give it a shot. So, if you’re ready to take that bold next step and move to Manhattan, keep reading to see some of our tips for living in the Big Apple, because at Divine Moving, no one knows Manhattan like we do.

 5 Tips for Living in Manhattan

  1. Get used to public transportation. Unless you live on Long Island, you’re going to want to get really comfortable with public transportation if you want to get anywhere in the city. Regardless of your burrow, the subways and trains will become your best friend. If you’re worried about getting around, there are plenty of great applications out there for your smartphone that are like the Google Maps of the subway system. Download them.
  2. Reevaluate your money management. Living in Manhattan is expensive. Let’s put it this way, a family of four living in their cozy suburban home that spends $48,000 annually on living will be spending $94,000 to enjoy that same type of lifestyle in New York City. With that being said, you may have to reevaluate your expenses and budget accordingly.
  3. Grocery shopping is different. Rather than being able to fill a cart then your trunk with groceries, in New York City, you won’t have a trunk to put that food in. Instead, you’ll have to carry it back to your home and depending on the nearest supermarket near you; it could be quite the hike. New York City is a walker’s paradise, so on the plus side, you’ll be in fantastic shape.
  4. Prepare yourself for downsizing. In Manhattan, square footage is at a premium. In April of 2014, those looking to rent a home were seeing prices of roughly $1,350 per square foot. The easiest way to save yourself some money on these apartments is to downsize your belongings. If you have items you’re not willing to give away, but can’t keep at your home, look into affordable storage units. At Divine Moving, we have custom built storage facilities that are not only accommodating to our customers, but also to the city itself.
  5. Consider the investment. Moving to Manhattan will most likely force you to cut back significantly on your spending and adjust the way you live your life. Luxuries like elevators and dishwashers are something that New Yorker’s are used to not having, so keep that in mind.

Moving to Manhattan

If you’re moving to Manhattan from another neighboring burrow, contact us at Divine Moving. We specialize in moving throughout New York City and as we mentioned before, no one knows the city like we do. In the event that you need to keep some of your things in a storage unit for the time being, that’s a service that we also offer. So give us a call today, or visit us online for a free quote on your upcoming move. Moving to Manhattan ? Call today 866-668-7666
When your moving day is approaching and you begin to go through your belongings, you suddenly realize how many things you have to pack and it can cause a lot of anxiety. However, packing is all about the method you use, and that method can either be the easy way or the hard way. When moving, organization is everything, but putting together your own checklist can be difficult and you may miss some things that slipped your mind. However, that’s why we’re here. Although at Divine Moving we primarily function throughout New York, moving is all relative and we’re more than willing to share some of our moving advice with you.

 Tips for Packing and Moving with No Frills

  1. It’s all about the boxes. When you’re moving, there’s really no such thing as having too many boxes, but if you don’t want to go overboard, start with eight, and then if you need more, go from there. If you don’t purchase your boxes, but rather you go with recycled ones, make sure they’re sturdy enough because the last thing you want is to see your movers carrying the box and it breaks from under them.
  2. Make separate piles. While you’re packing your clothing into boxes, set aside a separate pile to give away to Goodwill. Moving is all about downsizing to the things you actually need and getting rid of the clothing you no longer wear or don’t fit in.
  3. Gather the proper supplies. So, you have the boxes, but there are some other essential packing supplies you’ll need for your move. These packing supplies include packing tape, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, and a dolly. You’ll use the bubble wrap for the more delicate items, and the plastic wrap is great for holding things together or wrapping around the tops of containers that have been opened.
  4. Don’t over pack. You want to make sure that when the box is full, you can still close and properly seal it. If you have any stray socks or scarves, don’t worry about piling them on top of the full box, but tuck them into the sizes so you’re not adding anymore height to the top.
  5. Make an inventory list. This is to make sure that you get everything off the truck that you had put onto the moving truck. All you want to do is make a list of what is in each box and you can number the boxes according to your list. However, if you have any valuables and important documents, keep those on your person rather than giving those to the movers. Now, that’s not saying the movers aren’t reliable, but with all the other stuff being loaded onto the truck, finding small important things can be difficult when unloading.
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