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Everything But The Move – Philip Shaw Home Set-Up

For many people unpacking and setting up their home after a move or relocation is a daunting task.
A new home or a newly redone home with different storage solutions can intimidate even the most organized people. So when you’re moving, renovating, or are ready for a face lift for you home, you need an expert to set-up, organize, and stage your home beautifully.
And Philip Shaw’s Everything But The Move is the way to take your home and living spaces to the next level.
Before and After Images of a NYC Townhouse
For 15 years, Divine Moving & Storage and Philip Shaw’s Everything But The Move have been working together to make your living spaces feel like the home you’re proud of and want to show off. Whether you need to turn the spare office into a nursery for your new baby or want a better space to entertain guests, Philip Shaw has the magic touch when it comes to upgrading your home or office to impress. With Everything But The Move, Philip has been the go-to for organizing, staging, and decorating homes in New York and all around NYC and beyond–from Palm Beach to Greenwich, Connecticut and Philadelphia, he’s so popular he even gets brought down to Puerto Rico for clients who just can’t do without his finishing touches. He knows just where to place items so rooms look done and not cluttered. Everything But The Move even tackles less glamorous and neglected spaces by giving attics, garages, basements, and outdoor spaces beautiful makeovers.


With an immaculate eye for design and with full service offerings, Everything But the Move takes care of everything before and after your move–and Divine will take care of everything in between.

redoing the floor
Wood Floors Swap


Whether you need help packing and unpacking, reorganizing, redecorating, picking out and shopping for furniture, color coding your closet, staging for your realtor (and removing all personal items so that strangers aren’t going through your personal possessions), Everything But The Move takes care of it all. Clients are always amazed with how amazingly a room can look updated, complete, and refreshed with the right art and furniture placement. Organizing and staging is a skill and Everything But The Move are the best in the industry! And he’ll even arrange for your laundry and dry cleaning to be done, stock your fridge with healthy and gourmet snacks (or fine wine!), water your plants, and take care of your home even after you move (or when you go on vacation). Everything But The Move is like the in-home private concierge you never knew you always needed! They’re here night and day to assist you and take care of anything you may need.


Need to baby-proof the living room, stairs, and kitchen?

Philip can take care of that!

living room staging
Before and After Living Room Pictures


Philip’s hands-on approach allows you to be as involved or uninvolved as you want. If you have ideas or a vision for your space, he’ll work with you to design the perfect space for you, your family, or your business. Or if you just want everything taken care of for you, Everything But The Move is there to do all the legwork so you don’t have to. Even after you’re moved in and unpacked, Everything But The Move can perform regular maintenance on your house or you’re a cash for home buyer. And if you’re going on a vacation–whether for a weekend or a month–they’ll even water the plants, feed the cats, and stock your fridge so that when you return you can get right back to your life without having to worry about tedious errands.


Like a house manager or on demand concierge, Philip Shaw is the guy who takes care of it all.

living room move
Reorganizing, Staging and Decluttering Services


With Everything But The Move he anticipates your needs before you can even think of them, and customizes your space to your needs and taste. And his favorite form of gratitude? When clients simply say “Thank You” with the glint of divine pleasure in gleaming from their eyes. Philip is only happy when you are, and he won’t stop until you’re ecstatic and completely at home in your house. So when you’re ready to give your home or office an overhaul, reorganization, or a little sprucing up, Everything But The Move’s Philip Shaw is the man to call! Make sure you tell him Divine Moving & Storage sent you so you can get an exclusive discount.
full packing service
Full White Glove Packing and Unpacking Services


You can reach Philip at Philip@everythingbutthemove.com 

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