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When your moving day is approaching and you begin to go through your belongings, you suddenly realize how many things you have to pack and it can cause a lot of anxiety. However, packing is all about the method you use, and that method can either be the easy way or the hard way. When moving, organization is everything, but putting together your own checklist can be difficult and you may miss some things that slipped your mind.

However, that’s why we’re here. Although at Divine Moving we primarily function throughout New York, moving is all relative and we’re more than willing to share some of our moving advice with you.

 Tips for Packing and Moving with No Frills

  1. It’s all about the boxes. When you’re moving, there’s really no such thing as having too many boxes, but if you don’t want to go overboard, start with eight, and then if you need more, go from there. If you don’t purchase your boxes, but rather you go with recycled ones, make sure they’re sturdy enough because the last thing you want is to see your movers carrying the box and it breaks from under them.
  2. Make separate piles. While you’re packing your clothing into boxes, set aside a separate pile to give away to Goodwill. Moving is all about downsizing to the things you actually need and getting rid of the clothing you no longer wear or don’t fit in.
  3. Gather the proper supplies. So, you have the boxes, but there are some other essential packing supplies you’ll need for your move. These packing supplies include packing tape, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, and a dolly. You’ll use the bubble wrap for the more delicate items, and the plastic wrap is great for holding things together or wrapping around the tops of containers that have been opened.
  4. Don’t over pack. You want to make sure that when the box is full, you can still close and properly seal it. If you have any stray socks or scarves, don’t worry about piling them on top of the full box, but tuck them into the sizes so you’re not adding anymore height to the top.
  5. Make an inventory list. This is to make sure that you get everything off the truck that you had put onto the moving truck. All you want to do is make a list of what is in each box and you can number the boxes according to your list. However, if you have any valuables and important documents, keep those on your person rather than giving those to the movers. Now, that’s not saying the movers aren’t reliable, but with all the other stuff being loaded onto the truck, finding small important things can be difficult when unloading.

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