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Undeniable Proof That You Need Manhattan Movers

Manhattan Movers are top residential movers in Manhattan, and as part of Divine Moving and Storage, they hold a reputation of excellence since 2000. It takes a special touch to move precious possessions in Manhattan, but our staff is dedicated to making your move stress-free and as economical as possible.


Manhattan Movers will complete your move in a timely fashion. Quality services, such as hand-packing all of your belongings is just one of the special touches that our staff will assist you with. We will also personally look for cost-cutting services to lower the final cost. Manhattan Movers will assist in every way to make this your smoothest move ever.

Your packing supplies matter.

If your belongings are going to be stuck in the same container in one location for several months or years, that container needs to be sturdy and protective. We suggest purchasing brand new cardboard boxes for most of your common items, such as books, clothing, and dishes. Even though you can usually find free, used boxes at grocery stores and liquor shops, the boxes have already been shipped an indeterminable number of times and been exposed to moisture, bugs, and weight from other shipped items. The integrity of the cardboard may not hold up well over time, and you don’t want remaining moisture or pests to harm your belongings.

Additionally, Divine Moving and Storage can provide you with boxes that are made specifically for the items you have, like wardrobe boxes, dish packs, and mirror boxes. These specialty boxes are produced to allow your clothes to hang to prevent wrinkling, provide extra cushioning for your dishes, and adjust to fit the unique sizes of your wall hangings.

If you have an item that won’t fit into a standard cardboard box, such as furniture pieces or musical instruments, we suggest researching the best ways to wrap and store each item properly. You can find many tips on storing fragile items like grandfather clocks, pool tables, and antiques on our blog!


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