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The Advantages of a Storage Facility Space in New York City

Living here in New York has so many perks and advantages, and it really is a city with so much personality. There’s great food all around, amazing shows every weekend, and let’s not forget the perks of living in a tourist destination. New York is arguably the greatest city in the world.

However, like all great things New York definitely has a few disadvantages as well. The least of which is not the amount of space available in apartments and townhomes around the city. Sometimes here in New York things can seem a little tight.

Storage spaces new york city
Storage Rooms at Divine Moving and Storage Facility

Reasons to Use Storage in NYC

Save Space in a Home or Apartment

This is the most obvious reason, but it’s also one of the best. The most popular reason for using storage space and storing items away for a time is that it clears up a significant amount of space. In apartments without attics it can be critical to the comfort of a home that unnecessary boxes, clothes, and decorations are put into storage to make room for more activities and living space.

Stow Away Holiday Decorations

Once a year, all sorts of holiday decorations go up around New York City and all over the world. From decorative nutcrackers and Santas to menorahs, the holiday season is a time of year when lots of decorations appear that you just don’t see January through November. This is why being able to store away holiday items, lights, and figurines is one of the best advantages to using storage here in New York City.

Safety and Security

These days one can never be too safe with their valuables and belongings. The good news of storage with Divine is that 24-hour video surveillance, theft alarms, and motion detectors ensure that the property stored in the storage facility is kept safe and out of harm’s way. This is absolutely vital to the customer’s sense of peace, knowing that the things they have placed in storage are going to be there when they need them again. And that’s a great advantage to using Divine Storage for storing needs in NYC.

Divine Packs and Brings Your Belongings

The other perks of using Divine for storage needs is that they are able to not only store the belongings. Divine has the option of being able to go and pick up belongings, even pack them, and bring them to the storage facility. This means that the customer does not need to take off of work or waste a vacation day just to spend time packing their stuff and bring their belongings to storage. This really is a great convenience.

The Divine storage facility also features climate and temperature control, as well as blankets that protect all of the furniture.  Having the option to store belongings away in storage, for a few days or even for several years, is a convenience that more New Yorkers ought to be taking advantage of. For moving and storage needs in NYC contact Divine Moving at 866-688-7666!

About Author

Sam is a NYC born customer service professional from the Bronx, who enjoys helping people move, pack, and store their apartments and businesses in NYC. With a degree in business management from New York University, Sam has extensive experience in customer service and logistics. His friendly demeanor and organized approach has made him a favorite amongst customers. Sam has been in the business of helping customers move and store their belongings in NYC for the past five years. He takes great pride in making sure each customer’s needs are met and exceeded. His attention to detail, friendly attitude, and knowledge of the city have allowed him to make each customer's moving experience a pleasant one. He also provides storage solutions that meet the customer's individual needs. In his spare time, Sam loves to explore the city and find new places to eat and explore. He also loves to spend time with friends and family. Sam is dedicated to his customers and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that their moving experience is the best it can be.

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