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Need a Move? Don’t Waste Time! Get the Best Moving and Storage Quotes in NYC Now!


Want No Hourly Pricing–Just One Fee? (additional services as packing or unpacking as well as storage will be added by our customer service staff)

Divine Moving & Storage has eliminated hourly pricing to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll never pay a dollar more than you were originally quoted on-site. Our all-encompassing one-time flat rate payment for moving your home, office, dorm, warehouse, or even single item around New York City already factors in time, labor, fuel, insurance, licensing, equipment, and supplies–all of which are included at no additional fee to you.

Move Stress-Free With No Hidden Fees & No Additional Costs

Like one-stop shopping for moving, Divine Moving & Storage takes care of moving and protecting your lamps, fine art, pictures, clothing, electronics, and fine china with disassembly and reassembly of your furniture and beds at no additional cost to you. From pick-up to delivery, there’s moving the hard way, and then there’s moving the easy way with Divine.

Customized All-Inclusive Flat Rate Moving – ?? Need a superhero for your move, but your budget screams mere mortal? Divine Moving & Storage to the rescue! We’ll save your day, your belongings, and your pennies, faster than you can say “flat-rate fantastic”! #SuperMovingAtSuperPrices

Our customized all-inclusive moving packages are tailored to your needs by your personal Moving Consultant when they come to your home for your moving estimate. This Relocation Specialist will go through your home or business with you to create a detailed moving plan so your relocation is expertly handled, efficiently executed, and goes off without a hitch. This detailed moving plan–like a travel itinerary–is a comprehensive, detailed, and all-inclusive Moving Guide that also doubles as your total services flat fee invoice.

Packing & Unpacking Flat Price Moving Packages – ?️‍♂️? When it comes to moving, we’ve got all the muscle without the heavyweight prices! We’re like a budget gym membership for your belongings, minus the protein shakes! #BudgeFriendlyWorkout

Whether you need a single item moved, or an entire home packed, moved, and unpacked, Divine Moving & Storage’s Moving Specialists diagnose your needs with our flat rate pricing structure. We work with you to tailor a relocation package that includes as much–or as little–as you, your family, or your business need. Like a doctor’s diagnosis, your estimate will be like a moving prescription, reflecting exactly what you need to pack and move efficiently and safely.

Hands-Free & Stress-Free Flat Fee Moving

While some clients like to pack and sort through their possessions and valuables themselves, many clients prefer to be hands-free during the process, leaving the packing and unpacking to Divine’s experienced moving professionals to protect their valuables. These services–as with any other services you request–will be included on your moving estimate at no additional price. So if you want to sit back and relax, and have the easiest move of your life and all for only one flat rate price call us today to schedule a consultation and learn how simple moving can be when you’re in Divine’s hands.

Moving Made Easy

Moving can be scary enough, you don’t need any surprises with mysterious pricing or hidden fees. So call Divine Moving & Storage to speak with one of our expert Relocation Consultants today. You’ll rest easy knowing that your move is being handled by New York City’s most trusted and professional moving and storage company. With unbeatable customer service, first-in-class professionally trained movers, and premium moving supplies, Divine Moving & Storage is New York’s go-to for an affordable, guaranteed, and safe & easy move!



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