Moving within the same city can be daunting and long distance moving can be enough to send most people into a panic. Not only do you have to worry about packing, moving, and unpacking but the simplest aspects of your routine will also need to be researched and reconfigured.

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That’s why when you need long distance moving you need a moving company who can take care of everything so that you can worry about more important things–like where the closest grocery store, dry cleaners, and best lunch spots are. Fully licensed and insured, Divine Moving & Storage is New York City’s most respected long distance moving company and with 20 years of experience with New York City long distance relocations across East Coast, you know you’ll be in Divine hands.


Why move the hard way when you can move the Divine way?


At Divine Moving & Storage, we take care of everything for you–from packing to furniture disassembly & reassembly, logistics, coordinating insurance with your building, unpacking and other specialty services. New York City has relied on Divine to make their long distance moving transition a smooth and efficient one. You’ll rest easy knowing that you put your trust in Divine hands. After all, we’ve moved everyday for the last 20 years and are experts on long distance moving in NYC. Long distance moving necessitates extensive planning, research, paperwork, and coordination (not to mention patience!) which can be daunting for anyone who hasn’t ever planned one. Divine takes the headache–not to mention the guess work–out of long distance moving by taking care of every detail for you. So the only time you’ll be lifting a finger during your relocation will be to point. That’s long distance moving made easy.


Divine goes the distance to make sure your New York long distance move goes off without a hitch by offering express interstate moving. Divine’s express long distance service always moves your personal belongings and furniture in an exclusive truck to ensure that we get to your destination quickly and efficiently. With an exclusive truck rather than a shared truck like other companies, we can not only guarantee when your possessions will arrive at their destination, but your belongings will never be contaminated by anyone else’s as well. Guaranteed long distance delivery dates and times vary widely when your belongings are on a truck with other people’s. The problem with multiple points of delivery is that yours won’t be the only stop your movers will make. And delays getting your furniture and personal belongings back means delays moving in which can be costly and burdensome.

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So when you choose Divine, you’ll not only get our award winning services but your dedicated truck for your long distance move ensures you’ll get your belonging on time and on budget so you can get back to the business of living life.


In addition, the same movers who packed your home will be the same movers driving your belongings to you, and the same movers will also unpack your home. This ensures that they know not only exactly which location in your home that everything came from (and thus should go) but it also means that they’ll already know how to set everything up. Importantly, since the movers who packed your home will also be the movers to break down large furniture items they’ll know exactly how to reassemble them on the other side of your long distance move. Among the services Divine Moving & Storage offers for interstate relocations is white glove long distance moving.


White glove long distance moving provides clients with homes containing delicate art, antiques, fine furniture, and other luxury items that require more delicate care with an extra level of care. During long distance moves, our white glove services ensure all your precious possessions are given the care and attention to detail they need so that they come back to you exactly as they left you–intact and unharmed. Divine takes the time, care, and attention to detail that your put transforming your house into a home. Our trained professional white glove long distance movers have years of experience and are trained to perform this specialty service with the same care that you yourself would take with your beautiful belongings. There’s no one better at handling delicate items than Divine.

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Divine’s makes sure that our clients are getting the most affordable move without compromising on quality by providing guaranteed flat rate long distance moving prices. We constantly hear clients complain that during their last move there were a bunch of ‘surprise’ fees and charges tacked on when it came time to pay the final bill. For this reason, many people are wary of moving. Like our local moving services, Divine’s professional long distance moving fee are all inclusive flat rates and we won’t charge you until your move is completed. Our word is our bond, and with our binding flat rate moving contracts you can trust us to keep it. While many long distance moving companies try to save themselves money, Divine’s exclusive express long distance moving structure not only saves you time but money as well.


No one has the time–nor the patience–to wait for their belongings to be delivered because they are on a shared truck with other people’s belongings. Or worse yet, wait to get all of your possessions back because of a careless mix up due to there being multiple clients on the same shared truck. For this reason, Divine will never put your items with anyone else’s therefore ensuring that you get everything back not only without the contamination that can result in having multiple people’s home goods on one truck but you also get yours back in the shortest time possible. Why wait for your things to arrive on a shared truck when you can get them back immediately with Divine’s exclusive & express moving trucks?

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We know you don’t put your trust in us lightly and we take that responsibility seriously and demonstrate that with our honest business practices.


Your trust is important to us and we won’t disappoint you. When we say we won’t charge you a dime more than your initial estimate we mean it. For the best New York City long distance moving experience New Yorkers have been relying on Divine Moving & Storage to take them home for two decades. Furthermore, not only do we want you to use us again the next time you move and refer us to your friends, family, and colleagues. That means, we need to fulfill our promise to make your long distance relocation the best and easiest one you’ve ever had. So we go out of way to make sure your long distance move is hassle and stress free.


Divine always goes the extra mile to make sure your relocation and transition are painless, easy, and quick.

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All of Divine’s sterilized moving trucks come fully stocked with everything you’ll need for your long distance relocation and most importantly the packing and moving materials to protect your belongings during their long journey to your new home. For more information and prices on moving boxes and packing materials be sure to check out our Supplies page. While some clients prefer to have their moving supplies delivered ahead of time and order them ala carte, most clients request that their moving materials be included in their all inclusive flat rate. Let your relocation specialist know when you call to book your move.


We even custom tailor Moving Box & Packing Supplies Kits specifically for your long distance move for clients who want to pack themselves. For those clients who want everything taken care of for them from packing to unpacking–and even trash disposal of your used packing materials–our trucks will have everything onboard to protect your home and valuables from damage that can occur during transport to your new home. We always recommend that you have our professional movers pack your belongings but for a tutorial on the best way to pack and protect your belongings you can watch our Packing Tutorial Video.


Divine Moving & Storage has experience with long distance custom moving for the following states directly from New York City:

  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • North Carolina
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Pennsylvania
  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts


For years we have been assisting our clients with their long distance moves from New York City to Boston, MA; Washington, D.C. Philadelphia, PA; and Greenwich. You don’t want a long distance mover who has no experience with the city you’re moving to. Familiarity and experience moving within your destination city is paramount to a successful move. Fortunately, with our two decades of experience, Divine Moving & Storage has had clients in every state on the East Coast and most cities as well. For a long distance relocation to be successful, you need a moving company with the experience to get it done right.


As the Divine Intervention for long distance moving, we take pride in interstate moving done right. Call today to speak to one of our Relocation Specialists so you can get moving!



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