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Moving within the same city can be daunting, and long-distance moving can be enough to send most people into a panic. Not only do you have to worry about packing, moving, and unpacking, but the simplest aspects of your routine will also need to be researched and reconfigured.

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That’s why when you look for long-distance moving companies in NYC, you need one that can take care of everything so you can worry about more important things, like where the closest grocery store, dry cleaners, and best lunch spots are.
Fully licensed and insured, Divine Moving & Storage is one of the most respected long-distance moving companies in NYC. With over twenty years of experience with NYC long-distance moving and relocations across the East Coast, you know you’ll be in divine hands.


“Moving long distances can be as stressful as trying to fold a map while riding a unicycle! But fear not, Divine Moving and Storage is here to make long-distance moves as smooth as a salsa dance! Affordable rates and premium service? Oh, it’s gonna be a moving party! ??? #DivineMovesLongDistanceLaughs”


At Divine Moving & Storage, we take care of everything for you. From furniture packing, disassembly, reassembly, logistics, unpacking, and other specialty services, including coordinating insurance with your new building, New York City has relied on Divine to make its long-distance moving transition smooth and efficient.

You’ll rest easy knowing that you put your trust in Divine hands. After all, we’ve been long-distance movers in NYC for the last 20 years and pride ourselves on honesty, integrity, and efficiency.

Other long-distance moving companies in NYC struggle to provide the extensive planning, research, paperwork, and coordination we do. Divine takes the headache and guesswork out of NYC long-distance moving by taking care of every detail for you. So the only time you’ll lift a finger during your relocation will be to point. That’s our commitment as long-distance movers in NYC.

Ready to Move? Learn How to Make Long Distance Moving Easier and StressFree!

Divine goes the distance to ensure your NYC long-distance moving goes off without a hitch by offering express interstate moving. We always move your belongings and furniture in an exclusive truck to ensure we get to your destination quickly and efficiently, with minimal chance of loss.

Other long-distance moving companies in NYC can make you wait as they complete multiple stops, or change trucks, which can be costly and burdensome. An exclusive truck guarantees that all your belongings will be present and will only make two stops: at your former and future residences.

“Moving long distances feels like binge-watching an entire season of your favorite show in one night – it’s a daunting task! But Divine Moving and Storage is here to make your move as exciting and enjoyable as a Netflix marathon! Affordable rates and premium service come included!  #DivineMovesLongDistanceLaughs”

When you choose Divine, you’ll get our award-winning services and a dedicated truck for your move to ensure you’ll get your belongings on time and on a budget to return to the business of living life.

In addition, the same movers who pack and unpack your home will be the same movers driving your belongings to you. They will reassemble, set up, and quality-check each item. It ensures that they know not only precisely which location in your home everything came from (and thus should go), but it also means that they’ll already know how to set everything up.

Finally, we provide white-glove service for moving out of NYC. It ensures your fragile art, antiques, and other luxury items are handled delicately and given extra care to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. There’s no one better at handling delicate items than Divine. Our professional white-glove long-distance movers have years of experience and training to perform this exceptional service.

Use movers to move the most efficient

White Gloves, Angelic Care – Let Us Handle Your Valuables

You might have heard the term white-glove service before, but with Divine, we take it to another level. We treat your antiques and valuables as if they were holy relics. We painstakingly ensure no fingerprint, blemish, or scratch is present on your belongings when they arrive at your destination.

If something is valuable to you, it is valuable to us. We will take every precaution possible to ensure your valuables are walking on divinely ordained carpet and sequestered in their exclusive spot in the truck to ensure the minimal possibility of damage.

What Items are Considered Eligible for White-Glove Service?

While we say your valuables are our valuables, you should only consider certain items for white-glove service if necessary. Here are some examples of things that will need white-glove services.

Fine Art

If you have an art piece that will require white-glove service. Art is in the eye of the beholder, but you should take certain precautions when you begin your long-distance journey. Firstly, if the piece is a portrait or trapped in a glass frame, that will be less likely to be harmed during transport and may not need white-glove service.

However, if your art piece is tapestry or some other material in a frame with no front protection, that will require white-glove service. Art pieces with these materials as the base are often very fragile and could be damaged during transport by any other company or vehicle. Fingerprints, scratches, and other blemishes can damage the frame and painting, so white gloves are essential in protecting and securing it.

If you are unsure about a painting (a gift or left by a former roommate), taking a quick look will help determine if you need to perform white-glove services. A good rule of thumb is that if it is not protected by glass, it requires white-glove services.


Similarly to art, antiques are broad but generally are items over a century old and made from materials or processes that are no longer relevant. A hand-carved wooden table is an antique, like a vase made centuries ago. These delicate items need white-glove services to preserve their integrity and security during transportation.

Inspecting parts of it is an excellent way to determine if something is antique. Our white-glove specialists can do that for you, but if you want to save time and confirm, you can check for specific markings on the material. A hand-carved wooden table, for instance, will have blemishes and inconsistencies in the designs. It was made by hand and thus imperfect due to the creator’s inability to replicate the same thing twice accurately.

Exotic Upholstery

Suppose you have a rug, drapery, or any form of upholstery that is “exotic” (made from animal fur, specialized materials, etc.). In that case, you will need white-glove service to ensure it suffers no damage during transport.

Thankfully, with Divine, we are experts at determining any white-glove pieces. We take great care to ensure everything we deliver from your former residence is as exact as the way you left it.


We Know You Don’t Put Your Trust in Us Lightly, and We Take That Responsibility Seriously and Demonstrate that with Our Honest Business Practices

Your trust is important to us, and we won’t disappoint you. We mean it when we say we won’t charge you a dime more than your initial estimate. We have served New York and beyond with honesty, efficiency, and transparency regarding our business practices. 

“Moving long distances can be as challenging as trying to catch a taxi in Times Square during rush hour! But with Divine Moving and Storage, our affordable rates and premium service will make your journey smoother than a subway ride with no delays! ???”

If you are a business owner, we take the stress out of moving the important devices and will fulfill our promise to make your long-distance relocation the best and easiest one you’ve ever had. We understand that every business owner wants to ensure their long-distance move goes smoothly, especially since they will need as much capital as possible to reestablish their brand in a new location.

Every desk, cubicle, chair, fryer, or other equipment you need to keep your business running smoothly will be disassembled, reassembled, and handled with extreme care by our experienced movers. With our exclusive trucks, you will not have to worry about losing essential tools and materials in the transition. When we load your belongings into one of our trucks, that is the truck you will see at your new location.

Divine Always Goes the Extra Mile To Ensure Your Relocation and Transition are Painless, Easy, and Quick

Divine’s sterilized moving trucks come fully stocked with everything you’ll need for your long-distance relocation and, most importantly, the packing and moving materials to protect your belongings during their long journey to your new home.

While some clients prefer to have their moving supplies delivered ahead of time and order them a la carte, we ensure to include moving materials in our all-inclusive flat rate. We even custom-tailor Moving Boxes & Packing Supplies Kits for your long-distance move. Just let your relocation specialist know when you call to book your relocation so we can get you the necessary supplies

Packing and You!

For clients who want everything taken care of, from packing, unpacking, trash disposal, and more, we always recommend that you have our professional movers pack your belongings. It ensures that when we deliver your items, we have the knowledge and professionalism to reassemble them after we take them apart. You already had a long and exhausting time during your long-distance move, so let us handle the rest.

If you prefer to pack your belongings by hand, here is a helpful Packing Tutorial Video. Ensure you effectively label your boxes so our Divine movers can ensure each box ends up in the right room and is confirmed to have delicate content.

“Moving long distances can feel like you’re on an international space mission, but trust us, you don’t need a spacesuit! Divine Moving and Storage offers affordable rates and premium service that will have you feeling like an astronaut floating in the zero-gravity of stress-free relocation!  “

We have assisted our clients with long-distance moves from New York City to Boston, MA; Washington, D.C. Philadelphia, PA; as well as Connecticut for years. You don’t want a long-distance mover without experience within the city you are relocating to. Familiarity with your destination city is paramount to a successful move.

Fortunately, with our two decades of experience, Divine Moving & Storage has had clients in every state on the East Coast and every city within. For a long-distance relocation to be successful, you need a moving company with the experience to get it done right the first time.

Experience Stress-Free Storage in NYC

For over two decades, Divine Moving has been a pioneer in NYC’s storage industry. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has made us a household name when it comes to secure and reliable storage solutions.

Why Choose Divine Moving for NYC Storage?

  • ✓ Over 20 Years of Proven Industry Expertise
  • ✓ Cutting-Edge Packing and Unpacking Services
  • ✓ Dedicated to Providing the Best Customer Service
  • ✓ Locally Owned and Operated

Premium Packing and Unpacking Services

Don’t let the stress of packing and unpacking overwhelm you. Our experienced professionals are here to meticulously handle your belongings, ensuring they’re protected and organized throughout the process.

Our Packing and Unpacking Services Include:

  • ✓ Expert Packing Techniques for Fragile Items
  • ✓ Efficient Unpacking to Get You Settled Quickly
  • ✓ Customized Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Unparalleled Customer Service

At Divine Moving, customer satisfaction is at the core of everything we do. Our friendly and responsive team is always ready to assist you, answering your questions and addressing your concerns promptly.

What Sets Our Customer Service Apart:

  • ✓ Transparent Communication Every Step of the Way
  • ✓ Personalized Attention to Your Unique Requirements
  • ✓ 24/7 Support for Your Convenience

Contact Us for NYC Storage Solutions

Ready to experience stress-free storage in the heart of NYC? Contact us today to discuss your storage needs, get a personalized quote, and embark on a journey towards a clutter-free space.


“Long-distance moves have all the twists and turns of a mystery novel, but don’t worry, Divine Moving and Storage is the Sherlock Holmes of relocations! We’ll solve the moving puzzle for you, all while keeping your budget intact! Affordable rates and premium service – elementary, my dear Watson!  #DivineMovesLongDistanceLaughs”


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