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Moving in with your significant other is a big step in your life. This is why it needs to be well thought out. You need to find the city and the best neighborhood for the two of you. If your city of choice is New York, then it is time to pick a borough. Do you want to live in the bustling Manhattan or the warm but vibrant Queens? Or maybe you are an island person. If you are, then Long Island is the place for you! But before you check up to see which are the best moving companies Long Island, make sure to read this article, for we will cover the best Long Island neighborhoods for couples! So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

A word about Long Island

Long Island is an island which is densely populated and located on the east of New York City Downtown. It is comprised of many neighborhoods and boroughs. Some of them are Queens, Brooklyn, Hempstead, Brentwood, and so on. It is a county in the State of New York, and it was part of the 13 Colonies. Long Island is a huge place with a surface of 1.401 square miles, and a population of 7,869,820, which is more than many countries in Europe! Its western point is the closest one to Manhattan, and that is Brooklyn, and the farthest one in the east. Now, with all that said, let us talk about the best Long Island neighborhoods for couples, and find the right one for you!

Get to manhattan by train from one of the best Long Island neighborhoods for couples
Get to Manhattan by using the train station!


Greenport is a harbor town located on the Northeastern part of Long Island. It started off as a small whale fishing village and a shipyard in 1682 but has grown a lot since then. It is now a big harbor town with hundreds of boats and yachts stationed there. Greenport is one of the safest towns in Long Island, and its suburban feel really gives it charm. It feels like a Mediterranean fishing village which is bustling with fishermen. And a fishing village has, of course, a lot of restaurants. In addition, it offers a lot of boutiques and other retail stores. Its suburban vibe really makes it a great place for young families and couples. Combine that with a lot of professional opportunities, and you have yourself a bargain. The average rent price in Greenport is $1,432 according to RentCafe, and it makes it perfect for young professionals who do not yet want to buy a house. If you do, the average house price is $647.000, and will probably rise even more throughout the year, so get it while you still can.


Now, Smithstown is something else. This neighborhood is worth getting cheap moving boxes Manhattan for your upcoming move! It is located in the middle of Long Island, and it also has a suburban feel attached to it. You will realize that it is one of the best Long Island neighborhood for couples when you take a romantic walk on the streets lined with trees. It also has a lot of parks with Caleb Smith State Park being the largest. It covers over 543 acres and it also features some historic sites for you to enjoy. The Nissequogue River is also an important part of the neighborhood, especially when combined with the Blydenburgh County Park. A heaven for nature lovers!

yacht on a river
Greenport is a lovely port town

It is rare to see a suburban town in the middle of a bustling metropolis like New York City. Another value point for Smithstown is that it is located in the middle of the island, which means that you can get to any point of NYC in a heartbeat! It is great news for your upcoming local move from Manhattan. It also offers a lot of professional opportunities and the average annual salary is $110,000. Certainly one of the best Long Island neighborhoods for couples!


Roslyn is one of the most well-developed neighborhoods for families with children. It has some of the best schools in New York City and beyond! They have the best S.A.T. scores in NYC and the acceptance rate for higher education facilities is high. The Roslyn public school system is home to over 3000 students and a dream for every young family with kids. However, the median home price is $966,000 which is a bit high for anyone who is not already well established financially. It is pretty close to Manhattan which is great if you want to work in the city. An approximate 40-minute drive from our home to your workplace is great. In addition to that, you can get a train and travel to Penn station under an hours time, and during peak time the train ticket costs only $13. It is a suburban area for people looking for a high-end job that wish to start a family. One of the best Long Island neighborhoods for couples, indeed!

Brooklyn bridge
Get to Manhattan by using the Brooklyn bridge!


Bellmore is a beautiful hamlet located on the South Shore. Its waterfront and suburban vibe makes a cross-city move worthwhile for young couples and families with children. Another great reason to move here with kids is the schools. The John F Kennedy school is one of the best in New York City with a plethora of different class types and majors to choose from. Admission to top-rated universities across the country is high for students of this school. In addition to that, one of the most famous parks in Long Island called the Jones Beach Park is located in Bellmore which is just five miles away from the best beach in Long Island. The park also features concerts and many events that are great for adults and children alike. The median house price is $519,000 which is quite affordable considering the proximity of the town to Manhattan. A 45-minute train ride is enough to get you to your workplace in Manhattan. If this isn’t one of the best Long Island neighborhoods for couples, we do not know what is!


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