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When looking for the best NYC neighborhoods for retirees, you have to look for several things that will suit seniors’ needs. The first thing you need to find are the best movers in Manhattan that will make their relocation less stressful. Besides that, there are other things you need to look for in boroughs… So let’s see which are the best places for seniors!

What are the best NYC neighborhoods for retirees

There are almost 20% of New Yorkers who are older than 60 years old. And New York City is a great place to live in – but what are the best NYC neighborhoods for retirees? That is, what makes one neighborhood suitable for senior citizens? What are the standards and what are the criteria? How to choose what is best for you or your loved ones?

seniors - best NYC neighborhoods for retirees
When looking for the best NYC neighborhoods for retirees, you have to look for several things that will suit seniors’ needs.

Let’s see what makes a borough great for seniors

Each neighborhood in NYC is different and each one has it’s better and less good standards when it comes to living for seniors. So before we even start to name which neighborhoods are great for living, let’s look at what makes them that great. There are several points that make one part of the city “the best”, so let’s see what they are.

There are several standards that make neighborhood retiree friendly:

  • Accessible interior and exterior spaces
  • Lots of parks and greenery
  • Accessible public (and private) transportation
  • Possibilities for educational and voluntary engagement
  • Programs for leisure and socialization
  • Social support
  • Appropriate health services
  • Good food and air quality
  • Affordable properties
  • Hazard-free buildings
  • Safe roads
  • Services for household chores and maintenance
  • Accessible stores and banks

So the question arises: are the neighborhoods with the highest number of seniors actually age-friendly? While some do meet most of these quality levels, others still have significant work left to do. This is our pick of some we think they meet the standards pretty good. It’s not a perfect list but it can be a great start.

Are the neighborhoods with the highest number of seniors actually age-friendly?

West Brighton, Brooklyn

This neighborhood has more than 30% of residents that are over 65 (to compare, Williamsburg has less than 8%). But before you start looking for reliable packing services NYC to move you here, let’s see if West Brighton in Brooklyn really as retiree friendly as it looks. At the first glance, it sure meets a lot of standards that can be great for seniors. It has a beach, boardwalk, and overall kind of vacation vibe. It also has a great accessible stop on Coney Island-Stillwater and properties with a walk score above 90. Also, there are one-room apartments and condos that are relatively cheap. The only downside is the lack of medical services that do tend to be solved in the next 3 years with a new hospital. So, what are you waiting for?

Murray Hill, Manhattan

Murray Hill is close to many renowned health centers and is really crime-free, so it’s worth considering as a neighborhood to spend your retirement in. It’s filled with charming townhouses but also modern apartment buildings giving you the down-to-earth feeling. Besides other things, it also offers a variety of budget-friendly places to dine and have coffee at. The only downside is the pricier real-estate market.

Spring Creek Towers (former Starrett City), Brooklyn

Starrett City, now known as Spring Creek Towers, is an east Brooklyn housing development and has one of the highest percentages of the older population in NY. It’s an affordable, nice, and really safe place to live that is secured with not just city police department, but also private security contractors. And we know you want to contact Divine Moving and Storage NYC to relocate right away. Still, keep in mind that there are no subway lines here, so you do need a car to get around the place.

Upper East Side-Carnegie Hill, Manhattan

If you want something a bit classier (or certainly pricier), you can opt to move to one of the most expensive neighborhoods in NYC. And it has all that your heart desires: the transportation, hospitals, health centers with perfect access to Central Park and various cultural events (we’ll just drop The Met and the Guggenheim names here). The lowest crime rates in NY make it even more appealing so we don’t really know what is the downside of this neighborhood.

You need to know what is most important for you and your needs.

Ft. Totten-Bay Terrace-Clearview, Queens

Once you step into the area known as Bayside, you might not get you the real NYC vibe as it was a military base for many years. Later, it was turned into a park with many greenery and we may say that besides the trees, it’s its affordability that gets seniors drawn to this place. Far from the city crowd, Ft. Totten-Bay Terrace-Clearview offers peace and tranquility. However, the accessibility and its walking score aren’t perfect and it can be tough for people who use wheelchairs.

Glen Oaks-Floral Park-New Hyde Park, Queens

The one thing that you will surely like here is this place affordability. It’s also ideal if you want to get away from the city, as it has a village vibe. The one downside we have to mention is that it really has no good roads for walking, so the accessibility to health centers and local services can be challenging compared to other NYC neighborhoods.

To sum up

Once you start looking for the best NYC neighborhoods for retirees, you need to know what is most important for you and your needs. Is it the health centers, the parks, or transportation? Based on this, you will easily find what you’re looking for. Good luck!

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