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New York City is a place of a thousand faces. It’s a hub of culture, a fertile ground for businesses, a haven for thrill-seekers and nightlife enthusiasts, and much more, all in one divine package. But there’s also a more quiet, kid-friendlier side to this city. Read on to learn about the best parts of NYC to start a family.

Best parts of NYC to start a family: Carroll Gardens

Anyone who loves neighborhoods with a rustic, historic charm will simply adore this Brooklyn gem. While there’s clearly an old-timey feel to the place, the apartments are mostly pretty modern. They’re pretty roomy, too, but in case you still have an excess of furniture after moving, set yourself up with furniture storage NYC has to offer.

The Williamsburg Bridge
The iconic Williamsburg Bridge can inspire your little ones in so many ways

There’s plenty for NYC families to get up to in Carroll Gardens, both in a modern and old-school setting. For the latter, you can get a taste of history at the Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain. The egg creams and delicious sundaes you can get here will more than satisfy your young ones’ yearning sweet tooth.

Parents that start an NYC family have something to look forward to in Carroll Gardens, too. More specifically, the parents of newborns who move here will be well-supplied. The local Sprout is an awesome baby shop that has pretty much everything you could need as a newly-fledged parent, from clothes to toys. It’s little wonder that people call this one of the best parts of NYC to start a family in.

Best parts of NYC to start a family: Williamsburg

Williamsburg is known for being a delightful hodge-podge in a cultural sense. It may very well be the best area to stay in New York with family members with an artistic flair. It may come as a surprise to some, though, that it also has its fair share of family-friendly neighborhoods and activities. For one, McCarren Park offers a lovely place to take your little ones for a refreshing day out in nature. And if you and your tykes are up for some awesome playtime, there’s Twinkle Playspace. This place guarantees a fun time for kids, with slides, swings, and treehouses galore.

Brooklyn Bowl is a great example of a place where both you and your children can have a whale of a time. It’s a great example of why Williamsburg is one of the best places to live in New York for families in that respect. The venue has a kind of “family hour” where whole families can take a stride along the aisles and take down some pins together. If you’re looking for a neighborhood perfect for both you and your kids, hire Brooklyn movers and get to moving!


Do you love Queens, but can’t get yourself to leave Manhattan or relish in the thought of living there as well? If so, Sunnyside is one of the best NYC neighborhoods for families in that sense. It has a bit of both neighborhood, and you can even get an apartment looking over a garden. It’s a marvelously peaceful little place, with gorgeous vistas and views to spare.

Best parts of NYC to start a family: a kids' playground
NYC playgrounds are the stuff of dreams for children

Central Park is pretty close, and you probably know how many fun things to do are there. And if you prefer a little smaller slice of nature, there’s the more reserved, but just as breathtaking Bryant Park. The neighborhood hosts a bunch of kid-related activities and schools, from yoga to music and tennis classes. If any of this appeals to you, then with the help of awesome Queens movers, you can call Sunnyside home yourself!

Upper West Side

Manhattan’s Upper West Side is a hub for NYC families, as you’ll soon see when passing by countless strollers. It’s an elegant-looking neighborhood that’s also connected to so many great institutions. You can reach these establishments, among others,  with just a brisk ten-minute stroll:

  • American Museum of Natural History,
  • Symphony Space,
  • Lincoln Center

The Upper West Side hosts a line of excellent schools, so the little ones will be well-taken care of in terms of education. But there’s also plenty of fun to be had for a starting NYC family, from theatres to shops. If one or more of your kids are fans of reading, then make sure to take them to the Books of Wonder store, filled with a wide assortment of books. They can also enjoy all sorts of playgrounds, some located in Central Park.

A neighborhood with a touch of high culture, Upper West Side is a must-consider for you.  As long as you have the right Manhattan movers at your side, your relocation will be as dreamlike as your life there.

Best parts of NYC to start a family: Park Slope

The Park Slope nabe has a long-standing reputation as one among the best parts of NYC to start a family. And for good reason, too – it has so much to offer. It has a wonderfully robust school system, and the streets are lined with mom-and-pop businesses. This Brooklyn slice of family-friendly heaven has very much earned the image built over the years. And you can make it your home with the aid of local movers NYC provides for you.

A fire escape
Most buildings here look beautiful.

Park Slope is an ideal spot for kids that are still looking to discover their hobbies and interests. That’s thanks to an array of lovely locales that can help them do exactly that. You can take them to PuppetWorks, Taro’s Origami Studio, and the Superhero Supply Company, among others. But there’s also plenty there for you, the parents. Moms and dads can kick back and entertain the kids at the same time at the Good Day Play Café, which has a seating area especially for them. But of all the best parts of NYC to start a family, this one might suit you the most if you’re interested in a quite, quaint neighborhood.

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