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Planning on moving? But don’t know where to move. That’s one of the big questions that you ask yourself at leave once in your life. Where to move? Which part of the city, or state for that matter will offer you a better quality of life? When talking about Brooklyn vs Long Island, there are many differences. But also some similarities. But, if you are single and looking for a place to settle for the foreseeable future, which of the two is better? We will try to answer that question in this article. 

Before we start talking about Brooklyn vs Long Island we need to set some parameters

Before we dive into the Brooklyn vs Long Island comparison we need to set some rules. Mainly to define what Long Island is. Technically, Brooklyn is located on Long Island. But, most people wouldn’t count it as such. 

Long Island consists of four counties: Queens and Kings (meaning boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens). As well as Nassau County. The biggest part of Long Island, two-thirds to be a little more exact, is occupied by Suffolk County. 

From this, we can surmise that Brooklyn is a part of Long Island. But, speaking to anyone from NYC, Long Island will mean something entirely different. When someone says “Long Island” or just “the Island” they usually refer to Nassau and Suffolk parts. So, when you call Divine Moving and Storage NYC, make sure you specify where in the Long Island you plan on moving to.

For the sake of this article, we will count everything east of Queens as Long Island. Meaning Nassau County and Suffolk County.

woman thinking about Brooklyn vs Long Island
There are a lot of reasons to consider both Brooklyn and Long Island

Why would you even consider Brooklyn vs Long Island? 

Seeing that Brooklyn technically is a part of Long Island, they share some similarities. They are both located on the same island. But, they do have some differences. Differences that can easily change your opinion. So, before you call Long Island movers, make sure you do your research. As the two neighborhoods might be similar. But they offer a vastly different way of life. 

This choice is usually the result of people leaving the crowded Manhattan. And if you are looking for a place to settle for a longer period of time, then Brooklyn has a lot to offer. But, just east of Brooklyn is Long Island. And it offers a much calmer life. 

The difference in home prices

Many people are moving away from Manhattan to the surrounding areas. The Jersey side is very popular. And so is Brooklyn. But, in order to choose the right neighborhood, you need to look at many different factors. From what it has to offer to how far away is it from your current job. But, for most people, the home price is a very important factor. It will determine how large your home is and what percentage of your paycheck will go for that expense. 

It doesn’t matter if you are renting or buying, home prices will impact you equally. So read on about Brooklyn vs Long Island, regardless of whether you are looking for a place to rent or a home to buy. 

Brooklyn vs Manhattan home prices represented by toy house
Home prices are one of the determining factors when deciding

Brooklyn is a bit more expensive than Long Island

Long Island as a whole is usually considered a very expensive place to live. And that’s due to very high home prices. If you were looking to move to Nassau County, you’ll be looking at around $550,000 median home prices according to Zillow. The situation is a little bit better in Suffolk County with median prices around $540,000. If that sounds high, you are right. It is. But, Brooklyn tops both of them. The average listing price is around $660,000. 

All of that presents you with a challenge. Go for the suburban life in Long Island for a lower price? Or stick with everything that Brooklyn has to offer for a higher price?

Brooklyn vs Long Island in terms of amenities

But, it’s not just the price that dictates where you should move to. Quality of life is something that is probably even more important. So, which neighborhood has more to offer? If that’s important to you, then you should start looking for moving companies Brooklyn. As it has a lot more to offer. Better restaurants, culture, art, and nightlife. It’s simply better in this regard. Especially if you are single. 

But don’t disregard Long Island just yet

Even though Brooklyn is a more well-known neighborhood. And has truly a lot to offer. Long Island is not lagging too much behind. There are a lot of things to do in Long Island. From outdoor activities to some really fine restaurants. You will be further away from the city. But you’ll still have your fun.

Brooklyn vs Long Island commute

Commuting to work has become the norm. And you need to take it into account when choosing a place to live. A lot of people are moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn to avoid the crowds. But still have a fairly short commute to work. But, if you choose Long Island, you will be looking at a lot of traffic. Especially on the Long Island Expressway. So, if you have a job in Manhattan, avoid moving that far out. 

houses representing suburban living in Long Island
Long Island offers suburban living close to the city

Long Island offers a suburban living close to the city

While we just said that Long Island is further away from the city than Brooklyn it doesn’t mean that it’s too far away. In fact, if you are looking for a suburban lifestyle fairly close to the city (Manhattan), moving to Long Island is your best bet. Yes, the home prices are high. But you’ll have an amazing view. And you’ll still be able to get where you need to go while living comfortably in your big house. 

Brooklyn vs Long Island comes down to personal preferences

In the end, it all depends on you. Do you still want an urban lifestyle? Or are you ready to move to quieter suburbs? Weigh your pros and cons carefully before you call movers. But, no matter which area you choose, you won’t make a mistake. They both have a lot to offer. And you’ll get used to living there in no time. 

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