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Moving can be a stressful experience, but it doesn't have to be. Packing up your belongings and up-ending your entire life is no easy feat. Fortunately, Divine Moving services are here to provide New Yorkers with a comprehensive list of moving services to make things much easier for you!

NYC Moving Services

Specializing in packing, storage and moving services, Divine Moving takes care of all the pesky details while you set back and relax. Isn’t that the way it ought to be when you move? With so much to take care of, from enrolling the kids in a new school to changing the utilities over to your new residence, you shouldn’t have to worry about packing and moving your belongings.


Of course, with so many moving companies available in NYC why should you choose Divine Moving? For starters, our incredible track record speaks for itself. With thousands of happy customers, Divine Moving has proven they are both reliable and professional no matter what your moving needs are.

Multiple Services

Additionally, Divine Moving provides a variety of services to choose from. Whether you need us to come in and pack your items or simply need a place to store them for a while, Divine Moving has you covered.


Not only are Divine Moving NYC offices and warehouses in the perfect location, but we also are fully outfitted with the latest 24-hour fire and security alarm systems available. In other words, you can be confident that your belongings are guaranteed to be safe while in our care.

Customer Service

If you are looking for a stress free, customer orientated, and superior moving experience then contact us at Divine Moving. Our business is built on client satisfaction, and we have proven time and again that our services not only meet but also exceed our client’s expectations. Reach out to our NYC based Divine Moving and Storage today to learn more about how we can assist you with your NYC move.
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"Comment on my Facebook page, If you’re going to move and store anything, this is the place to call. And be sure to ask for Daniel, because he’s the strategic commander-in-chief. He says, they do. A true leader. Everything done in under an hour--real pros, and the fasted wrappers on the planet. Santa could use a few of these guys up at the North Pole (before it melts away with the Polar Ice Cap). And keep your hands off Daniel. He’s got a fiancee."  

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BBB A+ moving review “I have some weirdly shaped things that didn’t fit into the conventional boxes and so I required Divine moving & storage to be really creative with their packing. The movers arrived right on time and got to work. They really were super creative while packing my valuables. Even my furniture received a coat of shrinking tape. While many would argue that they use too much packing materials, I think it made sure that my valuables travel safely from Astoria, NY to Manhattan. They arrived on time and as I expected all my valuables were unharmed. I have never seen movers this professional.”

Thank you so much for all you did to extract my daughter Claire from Brooklyn and deliver her once again to Manhattan.  I'm sorry I didn't write earlier but I came home in what seemed like a hurricane and with my continuing ailment.  But today is a much better day and I wanted you to know how truly grateful we are for your amazing work and service.  The four men who handled the move were great in every respect.  And you, David, were the essence of customer service because with all the changes of date/time,  you never said "no" or were negative in any way.   Dana also provided valuable information and coaching, and together you made the Divine way the best way possible for a move.

Thanks to everyone on your team who helped us during a time of extreme stress and anxiety (plus illness).  If you ever need a reference from me, I'll be glad to help you. All the best for your continuing success, Sincerely, Elaine Frost (Uploaded to the site by David Cohen)

A recent review we found on about us posted by user Garrett on September 28th 2014

"Divine moving & storage made me delighted all through their every step. They were able to finish the move except fault. Out of many movers I contacted with, they communicated on time and explicated us the details about the procedure. I received similar rate from many moving company but their professional behavior helped me to decide for who should be hired. I used to live in a two rooms’ apartment. Divine moving & storage sent one more worker than they told. But the cost had not been increased. I had some costly furniture and a treadmill along with other items. My all items were handed over without a single scratch. So far I could remember, this was the best move we had ever. Though there was insurance from the company but I didn’t have to claim for any coverage." movingdog