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In every city in the world, crime exists. New York is not an exceptionHowever, this should not scare you. New York City is currently in a good period with low crime rates and prosperity. But it’s always good to take action to ensure your safety. Crime can happen everywhere. Usually in dark streets or packed subways, but also in your building entrance or even in an apartment. For this reason, if you recently moved to New York City, you should know about security issues in Manhattan buildings. In order to have a safe relocation, you should hire Manhattan movers. From this point on, you, your landlord, and tenants should take steps to ensure good security for the building. Here a few steps you could take to avoid common security issues. 

To avoid common security issues in Manhattan buildings always check doors and windows 

Maybe it sounds simple but locking your door and windows is very important. It is the best advice for security but statistics show that many people forget to lock properly. For this reason, windows and doors are easy targets. In addition to this, you can also protect yourself by choosing a safe neighborhood. New York City has a large number of neighborhoods, so move to Upper West Side or similar parts. 

On the other hand, some apartments are more dangerous than others. You need to lock your windows and doors when living on the first floor. A good landlord would already install bars on the windows even if the law does not require it. If this is not the case in your building, you can ask your landlord about this problem. All of these also apply to apartments with windows overlooking the fire escape. Therefore, you can install additional locks for apartments, peephole, and chains as well. This is a good way to avoid security issues in Manhattan buildings.

buildings in Manhattan
Check the crime rate in your neighborhood

Securing the common space and entrance of the building 

It is a landlord and resident’s obligation to keep common space and entrance secure. First, the entrance of the building should be properly lit. There is a lower chance of crime happening in a well light place. Shrubbery, especially around entrances, should always be properly trimmed so as not to become a hiding space for criminals. Manhattan moving includes paying attention to your surroundings. 

In addition to this, lock the door, install alarms, intercoms, and security cameras should be in perfect condition. If your building doesn’t have a camera, the landlord needs to install one. The outdoor camera should be pointed to the street and entrance. In common space, keeping lighting in halls and elevator is extremely important. Do not keep your bicycle in the common room or the hallway as this is security one of the issues in Manhattan buildings. To avoid being stolen, you can keep it at Manhattan storage. 

security issues in Manhattan buildings are fire escape stairs on them
Fire escapes represent one of the possible security risks

Security issues in Manhattan buildings – Being safe is everyone’s goal 

Keeping safety in your building is not a one-person job. To avoid common security issues in Manhattan buildingsevery resident should be included. Half of the population in Manhattan is leasing the apartments. So it’s no wonder that residents change frequently, and you cannot know all your neighbors. Avoid letting strangers into the building by doing the following.

  • Check the identity of the visitor 
  • Check their purpose of visit 
  • See who they are vising 

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