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Leading a successful business with aspirations of further advancements and growth is a cause worth admiring. As time goes by, however, the necessity for bigger office space usually becomes inevitable. With experienced and reliable commercial movers Manhattan by your side, there ought to be little to no hindrances. Still, there are things you need to be mindful of, regardless of the assistance you have, especially when moving a file room. The text that follows will guide you through the necessary steps that will ensure the best outcome of this whole process.

The reason why this part of a commercial move needs to be highlighted is that every mistake can cost you a lot. Whether it is money or time you are going to lose, you probably do not like splurging with either, and we will try to help you avoid such a situation. Let us start with the paramount steps.

When moving a file room, organization is key

Assemble your employes for a meeting, so as to see where you stand. If there are any redundant files, make sure to get rid of them. Having lesser items to move will make the relocation that much easier, and efficient. And, before moving a file room, make sure that all of your files are neatly sorted. Files get misplaced or lost as it is. You don’t need relocation to boost the probability of such situations. It will be much easier to unpack in your new office and continue with the work without the delays, than if you had to sort it all after the relocation.

Files neatly sorted and labeled
When it comes to moving a file room, one must be thorough and organized.

So, with the input of your team, you ought to make an inventory. That will be the best teller of your current situation and further necessary actions. Gather people who are organized, fast and efficient. That will speed up the whole process.

A point in your meeting

Another subject that you ought to address at your meeting with the employees is the effect this will have on their work, and possibly life. Namely, if you intend on, along with moving a file room, to move your whole office, your staff should know about this as soon as possible. Changing the location of your company can have a big effect on their commute, and other daily schedules. It would only be fair to allow them to properly prepare for such a change.

If you plan on moving just the file room, there is no reason to regard this change as so big. Still, it is an altercation worth holding a meeting for. Since it can have an effect on their efficiency of work, you ought to give them due notice, as well as ample time to adjust.

Two ways of moving a file room

Not saying that there are no other ways, it’s just that we deem these two the most simple and efficient ones. Let us start with:

1. Moving the whole cabinets

In order for this approach to work successfully, you are, first and foremost, going to need ducktape. A lot of it. And try to get the quality one. As a matter of fact, try to get the one that the best movers in Manhattan use since it will guarantee there are no accidents. Another thing you will need that is tightly connected to the outcome of this process is a dolly. A wheeled pallet is also a nice alternative. Whatever you choose, they are there to serve the same purpose.

Ducktape and labeling materials on a blue desk
Get ducktape, get labeling materials and get to work.

Considering that you have sorted your cabinets, make sure that you label them accordingly. You would then lock each drawer, or tape them shut. And you tape like there’s no tomorrow. Risking that one of the drawers opens during transport is not worth the miserable amount of money you might save on duck tape. You would then proceed with tilting your tower of cabinets and getting the dolly under it. This will make moving the cabinets tremendously easier.

When it comes to dealing with stairs, make sure that you have someone on the other end, holding the cabinets. Take as much time as you need, without rushing anything. You don’t want to risk getting anyone injured. Your movers should take over when it comes to loading the cabinets into the moving truck. A ramp will make this job simple and easy.

2. Moving just the files

There are certain moving companies that prefer using their own shelves and cabinets when moving a file room. This way they can ensure greater security and safety of your important documents. See if the movers of your choice like to utilize this technique. If you want to leave your old cabinets behind, you have made the right call with your moving company.

A pile of files
If you plan on moving your files without the cabinets, find a moving company that specializes in such endeavors.

In this situation, making an inventory and purging your files is a non-negotiable step. What’s more, it is paramount for the success of moving a file room. By doing so, you will have no issue with organizing the files on the shelves provided by the moving company, as well as no trouble with the reorganizing in your new office space. After you’ve stored the files on the shelves, make sure to plastic wrap them thoroughly. You do not want to risk any spiling and mixing of the contents. When that is done, tilt the shelf, put a dolly under it, and proceed as you would with the first option. Repeat with every file cabinet you have, and you’re done.


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