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You probably know that office moves are more than a little chaotic. They take up so much time, and so many things can go wrong, that it’s often difficult to maintain some level of productivity in your business, relocating all the while. That lack of productivity can be a drain on your funds, so you should do whatever’s in your power to avoid disruption when moving offices. So what do you do? Here are a few pointers.

Hire professionals to avoid disruption when moving offices

The most time-efficient piece of advice for you would be to hire professional office movers. They have both the tools and knowhow to make your move run as smoothly as possible. The experience they have guarantees that any typical problem that would stop you dead in your tracks doesn’t represent an issue.

PM briefing colleagues on how to avoid disruption when moving offices
Put someone responsible and knowledgeable in charge of the move.

Luckily, there are plenty of moving companies that can render this kind of service for you. You will need to conduct a fair bit of research, however. Have a look around and read up on reviews to zero in on the best moving companies NYC has to offer.

Appoint someone to be Project Manager

Planning is integral to effectively executing an office move. It’s hardly a breeze to plan this kind of move, though, and one of the worst office relocation mistakes is choosing to improvise. You’ll need someone who can plan it out to its finest details, down to the moving supplies NYC has to offer.

To that end, you ought to appoint someone in your business to act as Project Manager. This person should be someone who has a deep understanding of how your company operates, even the tiny technicalities. That way, they will be able to account for every crucial detail. You, your staff, and your Upper East Side movers (if that’s where your business is) will be able to rely on them for anything.

Not only will this person plan out the particulars of your office move, but they will also serve as the go-to for any questions that your employees, local movers NYC, or clients might have. It’s the easiest way to avoid disruption during an office move.

Everyone should be involved in the decisions

One of the best tips for moving your office with minimal disruption is to have all of the staff involved in decision-making. Your company is only as good as the team running it, after all. If you choose to ignore their wishes and qualms about, let’s say, the new office space, then that can lead to some nasty outcomes. At best, spirits will be low (a serious issue indeed); at worst, you may see people leaving the company.

Keep stakeholders in the loop to avoid disruption when moving offices

Depending on the nature of your business, your move could affect some of your stakeholders. It’s a given that you don’t want to upset them by not alerting them of your commercial relocation. For that reason, it would be a great idea to let them know as soon as you’re certain when and where you’re relocating.

Pile of question marks, two glowing orange and blue
There should be as little confusion among your stakeholders as possible.

Secure the infrastructure first

Once you start unpacking in your new space, you should have a certain order in which you set up your business again. And the first thing that needs to be up and running well is IT and communication operations. You need to be absolutely sure that your services are working and ready for you and your employees once you’re settled. That way, there will be far less downtime than you need to endure and you’ll avoid disruption when moving offices.

Avoid disruption when moving offices by keeping everybody updated

Keeping the staff in the loop about the big move is vital. It will guarantee that the commercial relocation goes by as smoothly as can be. In fact, this might be one of the most effective tips to plan an office move with minimal disruption

For one, letting them know about the new location right off the bat will give them enough time to adapt to the move. Secondly, immediate updates about the seating arrangements will solve a lot of confusion before it can even happen. Thirdly, the simple act of knowing what’s going on will boost morale for your employees. Overall, the entire process will prove to be more productive if everyone knows the plan.

Hold important meetings outside the office

Your business won’t stop when you start moving, despite what you might think. And when you begin the office relocation, that space will be a hotspot of noise and activity. This kind of environment is hardly appropriate for meetings. To minimize disruption in an office move, you’ll need a more quiet place for vital meetings.

Luckily, the solution for this is relatively simple – on paper, at least. You just need to find another space for your important meetings to avoid disruption when moving offices. The kind of place you’ll be using depends on your particular circumstances, so find one that suits them best.

Let everyone know your address

You would be surprised how many folks forget this point of our office relocation checklist. When you move, you’ll obviously be changing your address and that information matters to a lot of people. from the customers to the post office. That’s why you should notify everyone that should know about your relocation.

digital mind map of an infrastructure
A solid, working infrastructure will ensure you bounce right back into business after the move

You can choose the way you let everyone know about your move. Mass emails and social media are great options for you. However, there are a few other details to take care of. Here are a few places where you should update your address:

  • Google listing
  • Billing addresses
  • Email signatures and footers
  • Your website

Minimize downtime

To remain as productive as possible, you want to reduce downtime to a bare minimum. This is harder to pull off than you’d think, given that an office move is brimming with things waiting to go wrong without so much as a warning. That said, there are a few ways to achieve minimal downtime.

Firstly, try to organize the move itself to take place during a weekend so that you can take your time. Secondly, you should have everyone involved in the move (or at least as many people as you can). The more people are around to help, the faster everything should go. Finally, you can do most of the preparation after closing time, allowing your business to avoid disruption when moving offices.

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