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Moving a hot tub might not be as easy as it seems. Their odd shape and size make their move very difficult. Not to mention the time it will take you to move it. Hot tubs are very expensive as well, so you should be additionally careful. Sometimes, the best option is to hire professional help. But, if you want to move a hot tub on your own, we have prepared a short guide for you.

How to move a hot tub?

However, before proceeding with the guide, you should be aware that moving a hot tub is a tiresome process, especially if you are moving long distance. It might take days or even weeks for you to be ready to move it. Thus, you should be prepared to start planning and preparing a few days/weeks in advance. Also, if you are moving it on your own, you should check when your friends are available to help you. Trust us, it is impossible for one person to move an entire hot tub on their own. This is not something we do on a daily basis. Calling professionals to help you might be your best option. After all, they are people who move tubs for a living. You can trust them. However, if you decided to do it on your own, here is a short guide about how to do it.

move a hot tub fast!
Moving a hot tub can be challenging!

Step 1 – Preparation

Preparation is the key to everything. You would want to make sure that your hot tub arrives safely at the new destination. Thus, preparation for the move is in order. You need to measure the dimensions of the tub at first. By knowing the dimensions you can find a way how to easily fit it through doors. Moreover, it will allow you to easily put it into a moving vehicle since you will know the dimensions of it. Weighing the tub is also recommended. That way you will know how many people would be needed to move it from your bathroom to wherever it is needed. Also, make sure that enough people are helping you. For a hot tub of average size, about 3 people will be enough.

Step 2 – Planning

Planning is also very important for moving a hot tub. You need to make sure that everything goes good after the preparation. If you live in a tall building, this step is crucial for your hot tub move. You need to find a way to transport it all the way down. If you happen to live in New York, for example, you can ask local movers Manhattan for help or any other professionals. They will plan everything for you, so don’t hesitate to call if you need it. However, if you decide to do it on your own, you need to talk with the people helping you and create a plan together. Work is much easier when everyone is on the same page. Plan together with the people involved. Also, make sure to know everything about the location of the move. It will get handy later.

tub - to move a a hot tub
You need to be prepared to move a hot tub!

Step 3 – Disassemble the hot tub

Disassembling the hot tub is the best method to do. You need to separate the hot tub components. The common hot tub components are the heater, blower, pumps, plumbing units and electric parts. You should carefully disassemble the parts and dry them out from any water that is still there. Also, pack them separately for easier transport during your local move. Be careful with the parts – if something goes wrong your hot tub will be ruined. Once you have completed this step, it is time for the final few steps of the process.

Step 4 – Moving the hot tub

Moving the hot tub sounds simple enough, but it is everything but simple. If you have completed the previous steps carefully, you should find it a bit easier. So, the first thing to do is to load the components into the appropriate vehicle. Make sure that there is enough room for the parts. Also, make sure that the parts don’t get damaged during transport. Moreover, if you are not certain about being able to move the hot tub on your own, you can hire professionals. Some of the moving companies Upper West Side have moved more hot tubs than you ever had baths in your life, they know how to do it.

hot tub
Make sure to enjoy a bath after you finish the move!

Step 5 – Transporting the hot tub

Transporting the hot tub from one place to the other is actually the key part of the entire process. If you lose or forget a part, your hot tub will not function at all. Moreover, if you break a component, the result will be the same. We would advise careful transportation of the hot tub for that reason alone. Use packing sheets and boxes for the best results. Also, make sure that the tub and its parts are fastened good to avoid damage during transport. If you are not sure how to do this part, we would advise contacting the professionals.

Step 6 – Reverse process

Once you arrive at your destination, you need to do the same process, only in reverse. First of all, you need to carefully unload the hot tub components. Make sure to avoid any damage while doing so. Then you would need the same amount of people to transport the components where they should be reassembled. After that, assemble the hot tub at the desired location. Remember the planning part? If you learned all about the new location, you will have a much easier time assembling the hot tub again. But, once again, if you are not certain, please hire professional help.

Step 7 – Enjoy!

Congratulations! You have managed to move the hot tub from one place to another and it is time to take a break. You can have a good glass of wine in your old hot tub which is now moved to another location. Whether you did it all by yourself or not, this process is tiresome and most surely deserves a toast. After all, you do not move hot tubs from one place to another every day.

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