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Moving to a new place always requires some preparation and planning. Whether you’re relocating your household to a new neighborhood or a new country, you should get familiar with your new home before moving. This means you should take the time to learn some key facts about the place you are moving to. When it comes to moving to Manhattan from the suburbs, it’s obvious that you can expect a different kind of lifestyle than you might be used to. Don’t worry though, when it comes to Manhattan moving, Divine Moving and Storage NYC is one of the best companies you can rely on. So, we’re here to give you some tips and tell you what you can expect after moving to the island of Manhattan.

Expect a faster pace of life when moving to Manhattan from the suburbs

When they say this is a city that never sleeps, they’re not joking. If you’ve been living in the NYC suburbs for a while, you’re probably used to a slower pace of life and your peace and quiet. Well, if you’re set on Manhattan moving, we hope you’re ready to say goodbye to that lifestyle.

A crowded street
Manhattan comes with busy streets and countless opportunities, so if that fast paced life is what you’re looking for, this is the place for you.

Manhattan is a place where new adventures are always just around the corner. And while the number of opportunities and options is amazing, it is something you might need some time to adjust to. Especially if you’re moving to Manhattan from the suburbs, the difference in the lifestyle could come as a bit of a shock. So, this is something to keep in mind before biting the bullet and uprooting your life to Manhattan. If a faster pace of life and countless opportunities is something you’re craving, then you surely won’t regret moving to this island. 

You might have to downsize when moving to Manhattan

It’s a pretty well-known fact that homes in Manhattan tend to be quite small. People who are moving here from the suburbs can experience some difficulties because of the change in their home size. So, if you’re relocating from the suburbs to Manhattan, you should be prepared to downsize your home. Before the big move, it’s best to devote some time to decluttering and getting rid of the things you don’t need. Keep this in mind before making your final decision. This fact is one of the downsides of renting in Manhattan, especially considering that the prices are skyrocketing. So, make sure your Manhattan home can provide you with all the space that you need.

Using public transport on a daily basis

Car owners, bad news – you probably won’t use your car as much after you move to Manhattan from the suburbs. While people who live outside of the heart of the city tend to travel by car practically everywhere, Manhattan residents rely on public transport to take them from A to B. Don’t worry, it’s not all bad. Otherwise, people wouldn’t opt for this means of transportation.

NYC subway station
Taking the subway will become an everyday occurrence when you’re living in Manhattan.

First of all, by taking the subway you’re not getting stuck in the infamous New York traffic. You’re avoiding the common traffic jams and the stress that comes with them. Also, all the places in the city are just one train ride away. You can also take public transport if you’re trying to get out of the city. And yet another great thing about taking public transport after moving to the island of Manhattan is saving some cash! That’s right, you won’t have to spend money on parking, insurance or car maintenance. So, if you’re moving from the suburbs to Manhattan soon, we suggest starting to get familiar with the subway system.

Endless opportunities

Something that goes hand in hand with the fast-paced lifestyle is the endless number of opportunities in Manhattan. Whatever you’re looking for in this part of New York, you can most likely find it. Whether you’re looking for a fun night out, a day of sightseeing or a good museum to visit, you have plenty of options! And another great thing that comes with your move from the suburbs to Manhattan is the numerous job opportunities! Because Manhattan is constantly evolving and new businesses are coming to life every day, there are plenty of jobs you can apply for here.

Prepare for a higher cost of living after relocating to Manhattan from the suburbs

When you’re relocating, one of the key factors is your budget. Namely, you have to define a moving budget before your relocation. It’s crucial to know how much money you have at your disposal for your relocation to Manhattan. And while you can get free moving quotes from moving companies to help you define the moving budget, that’s not all you need to think about. You should also consider the cost of living in your new home.

Woman counting money
If the cost of living after the move is something that concerns you, you should know that the prices in Manhattan are pretty steep.

Even though moving from the suburbs to Manhattan comes with plenty of things to look forward to, the prices aren’t something you’ll be excited about. When it comes to the cost of living in Manhattan, unfortunately, it is pretty steep. So, when you’re moving from the suburbs, you can probably expect to be paying a bit more for your new lifestyle. For instance, homes tend to be very expensive while being pretty small at the same time. This is something you should think about uprooting your life and decide if it’s a deal-breaker.

Is Manhattan the place for you?

So, now that you know all the key basics about Manhattan, you’re ready to make your final decision. Is this borough the one for you or is moving to Manhattan from the suburbs a mistake? Take your time to consider all the facts and make an informed decision. Do some more research, visit Manhattan to gauge how you fit in. We wish you luck!

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