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Williamsburg, New York City is a thriving community with a unique blend of big-city and old-timey atmospheres. If you’re new to the place, though, you’ll likely need some pointers.  It has a very distinct feel to it after all, so you may need some advice to help you find your bearings. Fear not – we at Divine Moving and Storage NYC will provide you with excellent tips for relocating to Williamsburg!

Budget for living is affordable

Living in Brooklyn, in general, is noticeably cheaper than in most of NYC. Granted, it isn’t the cheapest ever in terms of living accommodations, but you’ll certainly get by easier than in areas like SoHo or downtown Manhattan. With the right moving and packing services NYC, as well as smart spending, you’ll move to and live in Williamsburg with cash to spare.

Relocating to Williamsburg - street
Living in Brooklyn, in general, is noticeably cheaper than in most of NYC.

Finding a studio apartment at a tolerable price is relatively easy, which is a major plus for young families that might not have the means to live somewhere more upscale. But it’s not only the apartments that are affordable. Williamsburg also has a pretty self-sustaining economy (such as small businesses and shops). That means that prices for basic amenities can get pretty cheap compared to other parts of New York City. Makes you want to hire Long Island movers and move here, doesn’t it?

The community is very accepting to newcomers

Relocating to Williamsburg lands you in a community with a wonderfully diverse array of people. You’ll get to know and make friends with folks from all walks of life, from nine-to-fivers to budding business entrepreneurs. The community, though quite large, still feels closely knit. Once you’re settled, you will quickly become familiar with your local retailers and service providers.

The general mentality of the people here is amazingly accepting – one of the best reasons to move to Williamsburg NYC. For the most part, everyone is more than happy to just be themselves and let you do things your way. Williamsburg used to be a hub for artists, after all, so that eccentric, openminded spirit is still alive and well.

You needn’t own a car when living in Williamsburg

Moving to Brooklyn means having every service reachable with a short stroll. And Williamsburg is very much the same in that sense. This makes owning a car far less of a necessity than elsewhere. That said, the moving process is easier if you own a car (unless you hire, let’s say, Upper East Side movers).

A pint of beer
Williamsburg is home to some top-notch brews

But this isn’t the only factor that makes owning a car in Williamsburg less needed. For one, parking is fairly expensive, which only turns your car into a financial hassle. Residents in this district tend to use the subway system or the ferry, anyway, so it’s developed enough to satisfy your traveling needs.

Be ready for crowds when relocating to Wiliamsburg

As we said, Williamsburg is a bustling neighborhood. This means that its streets are usually pretty packed. Transportation can get fairly crowded, though many try to avoid this by riding on the ferry. A few places draw in droves of people in particular, like the Smorgasburg market. You’ll want to get to these places early to avoid headaches.

Relocating to Williamsburg isn’t all noise, though. Despite this crowdedness, however, nighttime is relatively serene. This is particularly true in the East and North points of the district. Quiet backstreets are a dime a dozen, where the hustle and bustle can’t reach. Odds are you’ll have an easy time going to sleep even when the city stays up.

Exquisite and diverse cuisine to satisfy anyone’s tastes

If you’re thinking about why you should move to Williamsburg NYC, the cuisine alone will likely convince you. Willamsburg is near-legendary for its great selection of food and drink. Not only does nearly every restaurant serve splendid dishes, but the variety of food will satisfy even the most stubborn of selective eaters. Japanese, Mexican, classic American – all of this and much more awaits your taste buds.

But fans of alcoholic beverages will enjoy Williamsburg just as much. You’ll see beer gardens, pubs, and craft beers practically coming out of the woodwork. Paired with a booming music and art scene, and you have an unforgettable nightlife!

Entrepreneurs are relocating to Williamsburg in droves

As of late, Williamsburg has been becoming more and more of a hotspot for entrepreneurs of various stripes. More and more professionals have been seeing the potential in this budding, yet affordable neighborhood.  In addition, Williamsburg has a rich history of culture and artistic boldness.

That’s why artists and business-savvy professionals are striving to make a name for themselves in this district. As a result, startups pop up all over the place here. This means that opportunities for professional growth are plentiful.

Unique culture is just around the corner

We already mentioned that Willliamsburg has a strong artistic presence. It drew in tons of eccentric souls over the years, which resulted in coating the neighborhood in a unique stylistic flavor. Nowadays, you can enjoy the consequences of that in the form of Williamsburg’s eclectic mix of artistic opportunities.

Band playing on stage
Williansburg’s music scene is very diverse

After moving to Williamsburg, everyone can come upon something here that suits their fancy. Urban art is as commonplace as jazz and blues locales, and they have no trouble coexisting in the same place. Here are a few venues that might pique your artistic interests.

  • The Music Hall of Williamsburg
  • 285 Kent
  • Skinny Dennis
  • Bar Velo
  • St. Mazie Bar & Supper Club
  • Baby’s All Right

Relocating to Williamsburg: wrapup

Williamsburg, NYC is a splendid place to live, and you’re bound to fit in with one way or another. The locals are diverse and accepting of fresh personalities. This colorful palette of experiences makes for a wonderful variety of styles and tastes that’s also grounded and familiar in a way that only a quaint little town can be.

Depending on where you’re coming from, relocating to Williamsburg might be a big shift in tone and lifestyle for you. However, with this handy guide, you’ll get the lay of the land beforehand. This moving to Williamsburg NYC guide will make it easier for you to adjust to your new surroundings. You’ll be as much of a local as anyone else there in no time!

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