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There are numerous reasons to start a business in Manhattan. Manhattan is known as the economic and financial center of New York City and beyond. Also, there are over 2 million small businesses in NYC and many of them are located right in Manhattan. Whatever you are considering opening or moving your business to Manhattan, you won’t make mistake. Small businesses are currently flourishing in Manhattan. Additionally, if you make it here then you can succeed anywhere in the world. What you need are the best movers in Manhattan for your office and home relocation. Moving to Manhattan is very exciting but also, it can be a little bit scary. 

What are the reasons to start a business in Manhattan?  

Manhattan is one of the most famous and expensive boroughs of NYC. Living and working in Manhattan is often associated with prestige and success. Additionally, there are many benefits of starting your business in Manhattan such as a great choice of office spaces and Manhattan storage units. Starting a business is not an easy thing to do. You have many things to take into consideration and spend a lot of money on. The worst part of opening a new business is endless worry about how your business going to do or will you succeed. For this reason, choosing a very attractive location like Manhattan is a big advantage. Additionally, other benefits of starting your business in Manhattan are the following. 

  • Location  
  • Reputation  
  • Transportation  
  • Tax benefits  
  • Complimentary Businesses  
  • Large market  
Manhattan street during the night
Manhattan has a lot of advantages

Manhattan is a top location for starting a business  

You can hardly find a more famous and prestigious location than Manhattan. Just the fact that your business is located in Manhattan makes it more attractive to your potential customer. The location might be one of the important factors for the success of your business. You want to find a popular location with a large number of visitors. That is the exact reason why Manhattan is an ideal place for starting a business. Also, more than 450 businesses have been opened in Manhattan over the last five years and that information should show you how much Manhattan is popular. Additionally, you won’t have a problem finding suitable office space for your start-up as there are numerous options for every budget. Setting up your office shouldn’t be a much of a trouble with Divine Moving and Storage services. You will have your business operating in a very short time.  

You will have other necessary services to start your business at your disposal  

Finding an office space and commercial movers Manhattan is not enough to completely start your business. You will also need banks, accountants, supplies, and many other professionals to help you start, maintain and advance your business in the future. You can have all other complementary businesses near you as Manhattan is full of these kinds of offices. Also, the success of your business will depend on current trends on market and if your business can follow those trends. For this reason, opening your business in Manhattan brings you a great advantage as NYC is the initiator of many global business trends. This way, you will be ahead of many other competitive businesses in your field. Also, the competition will prompt you to always try to advance your business and make it even better than it’s now.   

people doing a fist bump says that good coworkers are one of the reasons to start a business in Manhattan
You can easily find business partners

New York City offers tax benefits and boosts for entrepreneurs  

New York City is not really known for having amazing state taxes. However, the state has created a couple of tax benefits and incentives that would ease up the burdens of small businesses owners. Additionally, Manhattan is full of big businesses owners and agents who are always looking for potential new small businesses to invest money in. Also, you will have a chance to learn from other experienced business owners that can help you to advance in your field and always keep up with current trends on market. Having your office located in Manhattan screams prestige that will attract more serious clients and bigger investments. Some would say that Manhattan is a true paradise for small business owners.  

Transportation and accessibility are very important factors for a successful business  

The ideal office location needs to be easily accessible with public transport and have enough parking space for private vehicles. Accessibility is another one of the reasons to start a business in Manhattan. It is not only important for your future clients but also for you and your employees. Rarely anyone lives right next to their office space and many or all your employees will need to commute. Two or three million people pass daily through Manhattan on workdays. Most of these people use public transportation as almost 40% use the subway and 11% take the bus. Of course, there are also taxi services, bicycle lanes, pedestrian walkways beside subway and bus options. Additionally, there are multiple airports in New York City which is a huge benefit for business owners. New York City has two major airports that have international flights.   

a lot of people passing on the street
Manhattan has a lot of subway stations, bus stops, taxis, etc.

You can easily find talented professionals for your business  

New York City and especially Manhattan is full of young and talented professionals who are just waiting for an opportunity to prove themself. They will certainly be a great asset to your new business that can help your business to grow and be more successful. More than 40% of New Yorkers have a college degree and even more, are coming from all around the world to Manhattan to find a job. Employees in Manhattan are some of the most hardworking and loyal workers in the world. They will work hard as their success will depend on the company’s success.   

Manhattan is certainly the best place to start a business  

There are millions of reasons to start a business in Manhattan. From great location, large customer base, accessibility, Manhattan can be considered an ideal place for any business. Sure, you will have a competition, but that shouldn’t scare you. Rather take that as an opportunity to grow even more as a person and business owner. 


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