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People who have never relocated don’t really understand just how complicated and demanding a relocation can be. It is definitely something that has to be experienced in order to be grasped. They haven’t experienced it in practice, therefore they think of it in theory. And, in theory, moving seems, if not simple, at least straightforward. You hire a moving company and pick a home, they pack you and move you. Simple as that.Sure, some details must require planning, but just how hard can it be? You might be guessing at this point that it is far from that simple. It is a rather complicated process that can be very stressful for a person that finds himself/herself in the midst of it. Stress can be overwhelming. In order to deal with it, it is good to know the reasons why relocation can be stressful.

1. First among reasons why relocation can be stressful – bad movers

There is a reason why there are so many moving companies in the country or in New York. Heck, there are dozens of professional moving companies Long Island! This huge industry is propped up by pretty huge demand. While we began by talking about people that never moved, it should be pointed out that a lot of people actually do move – quite a lot. Millions of Americans move every year to their new homes. This means that there are a lot of moving companies that are ready to facilitate this need. However, while their purpose is to alleviate stress and make the move simpler for those who are moving, what happens when the opposite is true? When are movers one of the reasons why relocation can be stressful?

reasons why relocation can be stressful - a man worried
Bad movers can be a headache!

We would like to point out that, for the most part, most moving companies you will find will be licensed, professional, and completely benevolent. However, that does not hold true for all of them. Let’s talk about one aspect at the time.

First off, if you want to save yourself from a headache, don’t hire unlicensed moving companies. It is simply something that holds no advantages and yet possesses so many problems. You will not have even the basic level insurance. There will be no legal way to file complaints. Nobody is responsible for possessions etc.

Secondly, if the moving company is licensed, they can still just be bad at their job. Companies that lack experience, capability or work ethics are the ones we are thinking of here. The best way to avoid these is to read the reviews.

Finally, there are (if very rare) malicious actors that will try to trick you and even blackmail you or rob you. They are always unlicensed!

2. Planning phase

Should you pick a climate-controlled storage Manhattan or an outdoor storage Long Island? Should you pick out the movers with less affordable price but with less experience, or the 5-star mover with some serious prices attached to their services? These kinds of questions you will be facing at the planning phase. Be sure to give yourself enough time to plan in order to not get overwhelmed and overworked.

3. Being short on cash

Speaking of prices, moving to Manhattan (like many relocations) is not cheap. You should be prepared to spend some money in order to get your stuff relocated. However, you might find that you don’t have any money to actually spend.

puzzle dollar
Money troubles are a great source of stress during a move

Don’t overthink it. Afford what you can and look into the DIY options for services that you simply cannot afford. There are a lot of useful guides on how to DIY most of your move.

4. Utilities, paperwork and essentials

Not much to be said. Medication, documents, and bills. Always were a headache, always will be. The main difference is that, at the moment, those headaches are something that you will need to think about while relocating in order for everything to go as smoothly as possible. Therefore, among the reasons why relocation can be stressful are definitely these three.

5. Moving with kids

This one requires no much explanation either. Kids will, naturally, not know anything about moving and might present a problem when trying to get them to cooperate.

a little girl
Having kids in equation can complicate things

Try to be assertive in the need that the move is the best decision for the family. Young kids might not know much about the world, but they know that you do and will recognize the confidence!

6. Post moving depression

As you might find if you are a first time user of student movers NYC, moving to a new place can be difficult. You can feel like a little bit of an alien. Be sure to be honest with yourself, stay in contact with old friends, and do not be hesitant in meeting new ones.

How to handle the stress?

Ok, we made a pretty extensive list of reasons why relocation can be stressful. However, there are ways to cope with this stress. The most one is, of course, to strike at the hard of the source of the stress. To solve and overcome the issues and challenges that the move can present. However, there are also sometimes sources of stress that you can’t do much about. When faced with those during your move, you can:

  • Slow down. It is not a bad thing to slow down a little, even when it seems that you don’t really have the time. Take a walk in the park, sleep, etc. Don’t let the planning for the relocation to take away all of your free time.
  • Meditate. Alternatively, you can try to use what little time you have in order to meditate and find inner peace. Reasons, why relocation can be stressful, will not be as significant with these retrospective methods.
  • Feel the excitement. Finally, you can focus on the excitement of the move itself. Yes, it is stressful, at the moment, but just think about it as the opening to a new, happier chapter of your life at anew and exciting place!

In summary

We have listed our top 6 reasons why relocation can be stressful. However, we hope that we offered viable solutions for all of them. We also hope that your relocation goes as smoothly as possible. Bon voyage!

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