When people move for the first time in New York, they often make all the classic mistakes. They wait until the last minute to get all of the packing done. They ask their flaky friends to help them carry the larger items down the stairs. And they often call the wrong moving company. The one that charges ridiculous fees only to throw all of furniture in the truck without proper padding. Or the that expects a hefty tip the minute all of those boxes have been stacked sloppily on the curb.

Whether you’ve never moved within NY or you’re a seasoned apartment hopper, it’s good to know how to find the right moving company. Because with all the stress that moving entails, handing over the reigns to the movers, even for a bit, should be the most relaxing part.

Here’s our guide to choosing the best moving company in the five boroughs.

Moving In NYC

  1. Look for someone local.


You don’t have to be in the city long, or even have a driver’s license, to you realize that it is not easy to navigate our NYC streets. Parts of the city are on a grid, the other parts are a historical maze. It’s tricky to know which streets are one-ways, and it takes just the right balance of aggressive honking and smooth driving to get anywhere in any neighborhood.


When you look to a national moving company, then, you might not get someone who has the knowledge, and, let’s face it, the patience to deliver your belongings quickly and safely. Only the local movers can do that.


  1. Check the reviews.


We live in an age in which we have quick access to a company’s successes and missteps. By reading online reviews, you can easily see how other people have experienced the service. Read ours here.

Our recommendation is not that you should try to find a company with no flaws. After all, it’s New York. Things often don’t go perfectly. But instead, look for a company that makes an effort to correct any mistakes and offer positive solutions.


And, don’t underestimate the value of good reviews. After all, the internet is filled with angry people, and customers who have had a good experience will rarely write about it. Only when the service was exceptionally good will the average person sit down to write a positive review.

a review of Divine NYC movers 

  1. Remember: Experience Means Success.


Businesses come and go at such a rapid rate in this city that even restaurants that have been around a few years start to feel like institutions. So, if you come across a moving company that has been doing this for a while, that’s a great sign. Plus, older companies will also be more versed in how to deal with any issues that come up, so you’ll feel taken care of on moving day. Divine Moving have been servicing NYC since 1999


  1. Give them a call.


How an employee interacts with you on the phone is a pretty good indication of how you’ll be treated on moving day. If the person on the other end of the line is forward and willing to answer your questions, you can trust that they’ll communicate well on-site.


And, this isn’t always easy advice to follow, since we live in an age where an app can circumnavigate any requirement to speak. But when it comes to a good moving company, you want to be treated like a realperson with belongings that have real sentimental value. So calling them up will give you a sense of whether they can think of you as more than just another job.


  1. Ask for the specifics.


While you have an employee on the phone, make sure to ask for the specifics like,


  • What do you charge for a deposit?
  • How can I contact your employees throughout the move?
  • How they might you deal with damaged items?
  • Are there extra fees if I live in a walk-up?
  • What is the time range you think the job will be done?


Also, don’t be shy to ask for an estimate. What a moving company charges is an indication of the service you’ll receive. Something too high and you might worry you’re getting overcharged. Something extremely low and you can probably expect to be charged hidden fees later. You’re really looking for a price that is slightly lower than the middle of the pack.


And again, don’t feel bad about asking all these questions. A tried-and-trusted company will be patient and should have all your answers at the ready.


  1. Most importantly, start looking early!

 Packing and moving

This is a huge city, and people are constantly moving around. Make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to vet a mover and iron out the details. Even a few months in advance isn’t too early to start getting the ball rolling.


Once you’ve found the perfect moving company, you can check it off your list and start focusing on what’s important: like scoping out the best coffee shops in your new neighborhood.

Divine Moving & Storage is the best licensed and insured moving company in NYC. We specialize in quick, efficient, and easy packing, moving and storage. Call today for a free quote! 212-244-4011

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NYC Storage Hacks for Your New Home

storage for clothes

Whether you’re facing a massive downsizing crisis, or you just need a serious reorganization of your clutter, there are solutions to de-clutter your NYC apartment and make put any traces of OCD to rest.


Moving to a big city such as New York City is exciting and a dream for many, but with that big move often comes a (very) small apartment. While you might have tried all of your downsizing strategies, you’ll want to make the most of your tiny space, which means you will need to get creative.


Small space storage hacks are some of the most innovative ways to make sure that you can keep all of your precious possessions and still comfortably navigate your home. Here are 10 storage hacks for your apartment.


  1. Use Your Walls

Odds are, you won’t have an issue finding space on the walls as you would on your floors. Large furniture and appliances only have one place to rest on; so don’t waste any space putting shelves or storage there.

Your walls are prime real estate for shelving and other wall-hung storage devices. Hang it all on the wall.


  1. Baskets

Baskets are great for decoration and organization. You can fit more staff into tight spaces when it’s uniform and can be fit together. Baskets are great for underneath sink cabinets, in pantries, on shelves, and, you guessed it, hung on the wall.


  1. Over-the-Door Shoe Holders

Shoe obsession or not, these are great and take up minimal space. Place one on the back of the bathroom door for toiletries and towels, and put one on your closet door for socks, underwear, and some accessories. If you have anything that can fit in the same space as a pair of shoes, a few of these are a perfect investment.


  1. Use Corners to Your Advantage

Pieces of furniture against the wall can create a corner that is might be too small or another piece, but it a perfect spot to create more storage. Here is where you can install corner shelves, available in different sizes and styles, to keep small decorative items, remotes, and books.


  1. Multipurpose Furniture

There’s no need to purchase additional storage-specific pieces when your furniture already provides some great storage compartments. Ottomans that open provide a whole storage box. You can build your own trundle bed with drawer or pullout storage, as well as build your headboard to include shelving it.


  1. Store Your Furniture

That’s right. When you’re not using it, just fold it up. Perfect for studio apartments is the fan-favorite: a murphy bed. This bed is hinged at the bottom so that it can be stored vertically against the wall or inside a closet. When you’re up for the day, you have that much extra space.

There are other options for furniture that you can fold-up. Special tables, desks and even counter tops can be installed to be stored flat against a wall or into a cabinet when they are not being used.


  1. Hanging fruit baskets

In the off chance that you lose space on your walls, try hanging storage from the ceiling. Fruit baskets are perfect storage devices, with multiple tiers to them, and can easily fit above something that already takes up space on the floor, such as a side table, a toilet, or a counter.


8.  Bed risers: a college classic.

Bed risers are often seen in cramped college dorm room, but these are great additions to any post-grad, small apartment lifestyle. Risers are about 8 inches tall, allowing you to store more under a normal bed, or even add a short set of drawers. As an added bonus, many of them also have power and USB outlets outlet.


  1. Closet Hacks

Wooden hangers are bulky and some closet storage systems that are professionally installed can be great, but super pricey. Instead, make the most of the hangers you already have by adding S hooks or chains to them, allowing you to add several hangers while taking up the space of one.

Some other options you have for your closet is to add another rod for hangers, hang hooks on the back walls or back of the doors, and hanging a cork board on the door for jewelry and accessories.


  1. Get creative with drawer space.

Everything is limited here. You can find organizers for drawers in many shapes and sizes to help you neatly squeeze what you need into them. Similar to the basket concept, you can usually fit more in a space when it is uniformly organized. For things that don’t fit- hang it on the wall. You can actually install a wall magnet that can hold your knife collection and other large kitchen utensils.


Lucky for you, when you still manage to run out of space for your wide array of belongings, you can use our storage services that are right for you.

Storage in New York City can get expensive. Divine Moving & Storage makes NYC storage affordable so you don’t break the bank moving. Call today for your free moving estimate! 212-244-4011

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How to Make Your NYC Move the Most Efficient


Moving Day in New York City is a highly anticipated, and sometimes highly overwhelming, experience. After months of researching, viewing, and negotiating homes, you’ve finally found the one for you. Here’s the next most important step: proper preparation for a smooth move. If you want your move to be as efficient as possible, take some of the follow tips into consideration:

Use movers to move the most efficient


Create a folder or file of all papers, documents and contacts that are relevant to your move.

This folder should, most importantly, include a master list that lays out step-by-step what needs to be done before, during, and after you move into your new home. This can include: what can be packed first, shutting off utilities, and scheduling appointments for your home.

Also in this folder, you should include any important business cards, your lists of reminds, numbers or packing notes, and any other relevant documents to move the most efficient.


Plan the best route from your old home to your new one.

Take into consideration things such as traffic, road conditions, what the easiest streets will be for the moving trucks, and of course, which route will take the least amount of time.

The further you’re moving, the more factors you need to consider. Any necessary stops, major detours or construction should be accounted for in your travel budget.


A packing plan is a huge key.

No matter who you are, throwing all of your belongings randomly into a bunch of boxes the day before the moving trucks arrive is not a practical way to go about things.

What will help your packing process be painless is packing early and packing smart. Weeks before your big day, you can start with the first things on that master to-do list: knick-knacks, out-of-season clothes, decorations, and things that you do not use often.

By taking 20-30 minutes each day to pack up your belongings, with a considerable period of time before your move, helps you reduce the time and energy that the process can otherwise take away from you. Packing that is relaxed and not rush will allow you to make smarter decisions on what to keep and what to throw away, and to be mindful when packing delicate or sensitive belongings.


Let’s not forget about what you’re packing your belongings into:

Boxes. Here’s something you shouldn’t waste your time or money on. It’s always smart to flatten or fold up appliance and large electronics boxes once you have them set up, so if you have any lying around, be sure to make use of them. If they’ve carried a large, heavy item before, you can count on those same boxes to be reliable transportation again.

If you don’t have any sufficient boxes from old purchases, you don’t need to spend money to buy moving boxes.  Many local stores that receive large shipments receive hundreds of cardboard boxes per week, and they all usually end up being recycled. Try and find out when shipments come in to your local office supply, liquor or grocery stores. Show up on the right days, and they’ll most likely be happy to have them put to good use.


Number your moving boxes.

When you’re planning out the layout of your new home and what will go where, number each room. As you pack up the corresponding items in your current home, number each box with its new room number in your new place. Make sure to write the number on multiple sides of the box, and communicate with the movers what number goes in which room. It’s handy to have a layout of your house with numbers available on it- something that can conveniently be put in the aforementioned moving folder!


Finish off what is already in your house.

The less unnecessary items you pack up, the better. Do your best to not buy new toiletries, cleaning products, and non-perishable food items. Instead, it might be time for you to dig up those ones hiding in the back of your cabinets and pantries and use them up.

Although some of these items might not be your “first choice,” or your “go-to” brand, it will help your budget to avoid buying new things in the midst of getting ready to move, as well as reduce the number of things to haul with you.

Anything that you cannot finish off, or cannot bring yourself to make use of, you can either give away to a friend or arrange to have these items picked up by or dropped off as a donation.  Whatever you choose, do your best to not be wasteful.


Make the actual day of your move as efficient and painless as possible.

Label a box or two that will be last to go on the truck, and the first to be taken off of the truck. This box will contain medications, toiletries, basic tools, cleaning supplies, bedding and anything that you will need easiest access to during your move-in process.

When your moving company arrives at your new home, along with any other help you have recruited, take charge by delegating tasks and directing them to the correct rooms. It’s your home, you’re the boss, and you’ll want all hands on deck to get the process done fast.

The best NYC moving services are only call away. Divine Moving & Storage has been moving New York City for 20 years and as NYC’s most experienced moving service we can have you packed, moved, and unpacked in a flash. Moving doesn’t have to be exhausting and Divine it never will be. Why make moving difficult when you can make it a Divine process. Call today to find out why Divine is called the best moving company in the tri-state area. 212-244-4011

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6 Things to Remember When Moving in NYC

The process of moving to a new home in New York City is an often an overwhelming one. It is generally advised to create a list and add to it as you remember new things you need to do. No matter how early you start this list, you will invariably miss a few things on it. Below are six things you might have forgotten to add to your list.

Optimize Your Move Date

Easy, right? Just call up the best moving company you can find within your budget and set a date. Done. Check off the list. Did you get a good deal or were you trying to clear your list as quickly as possible? Moves are expensive, saving money where you can and setting your move date correctly are quick ways to keep money in your wallet.

Choose mid-week, mid-month moving dates. You usually get better deals because they are slow times. Peak times, when demands are high at the beginning and end of each month will cost you more than a pretty penny for them to squeeze you in. For the best deal, try to move between October and April when demand for moving companies is ‘off season’. check our off-peak dates calendar for the best deal days- Reduced Rate Dates

Transferring Your Utilities

The timing of the transfer is tricky while setting up your move date. The last thing you want is to show up to your new home and the lights are not on. Make a list of all the utilities you need at the new home and work your way down it giving the utility companies a firm date on when to turn off your current location’s utilities and turn them on at the new home.

  • Electrical
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Internet/Cable

Con Edison

In New York City, many of those utilities will already be ready to go or may be included in the rent if you are renting. Check with your landlord or the rental agreement to find out. Click here for direct links to the utilities websites

Moving Prescriptions

This one usually slips through the cracks until you order much needed prescriptions for your health and realize your health provider sent it to your old pharmacy…across town. While this is not the end of the world, a simple phone call can save you a lot of time and annoyance getting it transferred to a nearby pharmacy.

Pack an Essentials Bag

Think of it as a grab bag if you were running from the law. You will need a few basic necessities when moving to a new home until you can establish yourself.

  • Clothes
  • Toiletries including toilet paper
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Charges for electrical gadgets
  • Toolkit
  • Cash

Kit for moving

There are plenty more things you could pack in the bag. Think about the day to day life of a normal week and think about what items you use regularly. Need your coffee in the morning and the Keurig is still packed? Throw in Starbucks bottled coffee to get you through the morning.

What Movers Can’t Move

Surprise! You cannot transport certain items by moving company. There is a list of items that every moving company will refuse to haul. Ask for that list if it is not hosted on their company website. Divine’s is here. Some are restricted by State or Federal law, and some are the company’s choice due to liability or complexity. These items can include: paints, pesticides, scuba tanks, propane tanks, extinguishers, fertilizer to name a few. For a complete list, ask your moving company. Some things like cleaning solvents are best transported by you.

Don't move these items

New Home Measurements

The last thing on the list, that is most often forgotten about, is your new home’s measurements. Will the couch in the old place fit in the new one? Have you measured out all the furniture making the transition? Nothing is worse than putting all that effort into packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and then while unpacking you find out the dining room table does not fit. It is embarrassing and induces panic on what to do with the table. Avoid that by measuring the new home and having a plan on what to do with each piece of furniture.

Moving will always be a hassle, but going through your to do list and being as thorough as possible will help go from an overwhelming potential disaster to a controlled chaos ending in that new home feel and immense relief when it is finally over.

Divine Moving & Storage is the best licensed and insured moving company in NYC. We specialize in quick, efficient when moving, and easy packing, moving and storage services. Call today for a free quote! 212-244-4011


Avoid These Costly Mistakes When Moving

Advice for moving

The task of packing up your NYC apartment and moving is like standing in front of a mountain with a roll of packing tape and overwhelming sense of hopelessness trying to find out where to start. To make a molehill out of a mountain, the first step is knowing how to avoid losing both time and money as well as preventing injury to yourself. Knowing these costly moving mistakes are key to arming yourself for the task ahead.

Moving Mistake 1- Packing Heavy Items Incorrectly

Sometimes we associate HEAVY with LARGE. For every heavy item, the goal is to put it in the smallest possible box that it will fit in. This will give you or our movers a better grip when carrying the box around and make it easier on your back and shoulders. You rarely want to pack too much stuff with your heavy items for fear of them breaking if the heavy item were to shift in the box.

Clearly mark a heavy box as heavy. The last thing you want is to see a small to medium box when you are already tired and you forget it has something heavy in it. That is a good way to end up on the ground with ice on a thrown back.

Moving Mistake 2- Forgetting To Take Measurements

This is mentioned a lot. People still forget to do it. Make sure your furniture will fit in the room of your new home. Before that, make sure it will fit through the door first. The moving effort bottlenecks very quickly when you have a stuck piece of furniture and a bunch of people standing around wondering what to do.

Moving Mistake 3- Take a Moment to Label

Never leave blank boxes. Always label your boxes with the contents and which room they go in. Having to move everything into the living room and then again to whatever room it was supposed to go in after the box has been opened is a pain and wastes time. If someone is hauling it into the new home, they might as know where it goes before putting it down in the first place.

Moving Mistake 4- Skipping Your Write-Offs

Did you know you can write off many of the expenses of moving? Every dollar you can save or get back while going through this taxing (pun intended) process is worth the extra effort of keeping a few receipts around.

Moving Mistake 5- Changing Your Address

Forgetting to change your address could cost you in late fees of bills that you forgot about. Or even lose birthday cards full of money. If you have very nice family and friends, they might send you house warming gifts or gift cards to help you reestablish yourself in your new home. You would get none of that if you forget to change your address. It is a simple process and takes only a few minutes of your time.

Saving Money Makes Life Easy

Saving money here and there adds up and eases the burden of a mover’s cost. Once that cost becomes more affordable, the mountain has truly become a small hill because the packing and moving stress and effort has been moved over to a professional. The sun can now shine and you can focus on the other things that matter.

Moving Made Easy in NYC: There’s moving the hard way, and then there’s moving the Divine Way. Call today for the easiest move in the 5 boroughs.


Tips When Combining decor Styles with Your Significant Other

moving with future wife

So you’ve had the talk with your significant other about moving in together. While this is an exciting new chapter in your relationship, it can also be filled with new stresses and challenges. As you prepare for the big move, let’s discuss some important tips to keep in mind to guide you through this process.


Where to move?

The first step is to figure out where you’re going to move in NYC. If you already have your own space, it can be a difficult decision to leave and move somewhere new – but change is healthy! If you’re having trouble deciding who will give up their own space, there are a few things to consider. Who has a bigger space? Who has the lowest cost of rent? Who has the better neighborhood? Stay in Manhattan- Move to Brooklyn? If you can’t come to a decision, then consider looking into a fresh new place. That way you both are starting from scratch and you can start to make your new place feel like a home together.


What’s this move going to cost?

Before you sign any type of paperwork, make sure you sit down with your significant other to go over financial details. This won’t be the last time you ever discuss finances with your sweetie, so start to get comfortable talking about this topic. Be sure to discuss how you plan to pay for rent and utilities, along with other expenses such as furniture, entertainment, and groceries. Look into a budgeting app, like this one here, to keep you both accountable for your expenses as you start this journey together.

Selecting Storage in NYC

Who is going to help you move?

Let’s face it – moving is emotionally and physically exhausting. After figuring out your budget, look into a moving service that can help relieve some of that stress for the big move. By using a professional moving service, such as Divine Moving and Storage we will help to determine the best date/time to move, manpower and fees that you will need to consider. Divine offers full range of services including packing and unpacking as well as furniture disposal and storage.


What should be kept and what needs to be thrown out?

Since you’re going to be moving in with your significant other it’s a good idea to make an inventory list of what you both own, what you plan to keep and anything that you will need to buy once you’re settled in your new place. This way you will avoid the change of bringing duplicates of the same items.


What is going to be your decor style?

Determining the decor style for your new NYC home can be a struggle. Remember you want this to be a fresh start for both of you. While you’re deciding what items are going to make the move and what pieces will be new additions to your home, start talking about what styles you both like – you’ll want to find a happy medium. If there is room in your budget, lean on the expertise of a professional interior designers to give you some style ideas that you both can agree on.

Used Furniture donation

Who is in charge of what?

Living alone vs living with a roommate in NYC can be very different. While you get acclimated to living with your significant other, discuss what chores you both will be in charge of around your new home. While cleaning can be a hassle, it’s important that you both are considerate of your messes and follow through with your end of the bargain.


What happens now?

Now that you’re going to be seeing your significant other 24/7 it’s important to equally plan alone time, as well as time spent together. Whether it’s getting drinks with your friends after work or joining an intramural team, make sure you’re finding time for your own separate hobbies and friends. But keep in mind to not let date nights slip away. If going out on dates fits into your post-move budget, try out a new restaurant or go to a concert together. Or look into some creative “stay-in” date night ideas to save money. If you’re having trouble coming up with what to do, Pinterest has some great date night ideas to help you continue to connect as a new couple in your new home.

moving and storage nyc

Be sure to follow along on our blog for more moving tips and expertise or call 212-244-4011

After Moving, What’s next?

Moving what to do next?Moving can be exacting. Carrying boxes, yelling commands at movers and similar activities common with this task will often put a strain on you. Also, there is the emotional burden created by moving. Leaving your family, close friends and people you have gotten comfortable with can be difficult. While adequate rest and getting acquainted with your environment could help, it takes time.

The period after moving shouldn’t be difficult. There are lots of ways you can make your post-moving period less stressful. Follow the tips below, and you should get your life back on track without much fuss.

Be optimistic

Your outlook decides everything! The age-long talks about optimism and pessimism apply in this regard. See moving as a fun task, and it would be just that. If your thoughts about moving are mostly negative, you will likely find yourself feeling lethargic after relocating.

Yes, moving can be exhausting, but it’s a breath of fresh air. It’s your chance to get rid of unimportant things and perhaps, redirect your energy towards what counts. But, all this will only happen if you’re optimistic about the task itself.

Have a plan

Congratulations! Getting a new house is no mean feat.

With a move completed successfully, it is time to get your ducks in a row. Planning is one way to achieve that. Time is of the essence, especially after a move. Have a plan and work smart.

You should have everything you need so you can maximize every minute you find yourself at home. A post-move period could be just as daunting as moving, so tread carefully.

move day stress

Plow through those boxes

After moving, you are stuck in a house muddled with boxes and furniture. Unlike moving, unpacking can be done at your own pace. Yes, it takes time, but that’s not an excuse to delay putting your house in order.

Getting comfortable in your new home is dependent on how quickly you put things in their proper location. Use the labels on the boxes to identify what goes where. The bedroom and bathroom labels would usually be the first to get your attention. Plow through the boxes starting from the most important till you get to the frivolous stuff.

How about a familiarization tour?

Yes, it’s your home, but it is new. You will need to learn about every segment of the house. This might take a long time, but this first attempt could be decisive.

A tour can uncover any security underbelly unknown to you. Also, you can pick up signs of a possible bug infestation which could undermine the comfort in your new home. Identify the position of safety gimmicks around the house. By having this tour, you can find out just how impregnable your new house is to the elements.

 Time to change your postal address

With a change in residence comes another responsibility – changing your postal address. This is to avoid your mail being sent to your previous house. The easiest way to do this is by locating the nearest post office and request to have your postal address changed.

While effecting the change shouldn’t take time, you can still get in contact with the new occupant(s) at your previous residence. They could help redirect any of your mail which gets to their home.

Get a new healthcare provider

Switching houses comes with some unwanted changes. Your health caregiver(s) belong to this category. Regardless of how comfortable you felt with your doctor, you will have to say goodbye – unless of course you can afford to make the trip back to his office in your old neighborhood.

To get a new healthcare giver, talk to colleagues and friends. They will likely recommend several professionals. Just make your pick depending on what sort of medical help you are looking for.

Build friendships

Moving often breaks friendship ties built over years. This could create emotional stress and loneliness. Making new friends will help soothe the pain you feel. Interact with your colleagues and don’t forget to visit public places where you can meet new people. However, always keep in touch with your friends from your previous residence. It helps mend the wounds created by moving.

Explore your new surrounding

Your move into a new residence means you will have to get supplies from a different source. Exploring the city is the best way to know where to get those. Also, knowing more about the city and the structures within can help you get the closure you seek after relocating.          Divine storage Review

Full Service Storage in NYC isn’t just a dream: With Divine Moving & Storage it’s as easy as call, book, store. Call today for your free quote! 212-2444011

Garage Sales: Maximizing Profit from Moving Sales

it is time for a garage sale
Time for a Garage Sale

There is a tendency to focus on the negatives when we find ourselves having to move in NYC. The mind is plagued with anxieties. We question our decision with questions like: What is the new place going to offer? Do I really have to leave here? Just why am I leaving? And the biggest of all, “Can I really afford it?” Truth is, these may often be rhetorical but they do have answers. You can make the best of your moving today, even profiting from it through the traditional garage sale – which I might add have been booming in recent times.

Business is all about maximizing profit -except you are a multinational company with one of those big labels, then we can add CSR interests. The point is, home movers have found a new and amazing way of making as much profit as they can through these sales and it is totally practical.

There is a proven set of steps to follow, to get the best out of your sale day. It is easy and most New Yorkers who have moved recently can testify to that. The most important thing is to have at the back of your mind the reason you are making this sale. If you carefully follow through with the laid out rules, you are assured of a profiting garage sale.

It usually begins with all your sentimental attachments to the things you want to sell and discovering you may just be able to make some cash from all that stuff. Now you begin to realize it could help cover a debt, with moving costs or could just serve as extra cash for the rainy day.


The best results usually achieved often starts with proper planning. As soon as you have made the decision to sell off, the time for the garage sale should be fixed smartly. If you find yourself in a location where garage sales are popular, you are at an advantage, as you will tap into a free expose and traffic. All you have to do is fix your own sale at the same time as the others. There are often communities which you could join up and make your own sales.  If you are not a community person then all you have to do is set up at the right time. You might reside in an area where garage sales are not as popular but that is okay. You just have to pick the right date, and Saturdays are best.


Basically, whatever you want to do, creating hype is the smart way to go. It is best you create a form of expectancy for your sale. You can put up adverts with your local paper. It is just being “pound wise”. You put in a few dollars to popularize your little market. There are many other ways of creating this hype and you should not fail to utilize the quickest and easiest of all – the use of social media.

Make sure to make the anticipated garage sale big on your page, weeks beforehand. If you belong to any WhatsApp group or community where such a post will not be out of place, you can post there a week or two beforehand. Remember, it is important to know your target audience.

If you are going to post online, do not forget to take pictures of your items up for sale. Nobody wants to buy ‘words’ at a yard sale, but if they get to see what they want, then you can expect huge interest. Your biggest platform to post this is on Craigslist. You can also experiment with other classified ads websites.

You’d love to snag a sale, you should consider not being specific about certain items.  You don’t want a suburban mom pricing your priced figurines or any such thing as a toy for her child.


No better way to keep the potential clients still hooked up on the idea of buying of that 80s CD, than to have your music booming in the background, with a little snack to go along. You should make sure to keep the sale as fun as possible because if the mood is dull, your buyer might associate it with the item he or who wants to pick.

Also, be sure to have your change on you at all times to be able to sell off quickly before interest is lost. An assistant or two will be useful to keep the buyers occupied and you should be careful about pricing.

You do not have to sell off a valuable item for less. Remember you have Craigslist. On the other hand, be careful not to attach too high a price on any item due to its sentimental value and not market value.

A garage sale is simply one of the most exciting ways of maximizing profits through moving sales. You to make your move easier and more convenient by getting rid of stuff you don’t need or use anymore and picking up cash for them!