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There are two top reasons why you would move your business to another city. The first and less desirable one is giving your business another chance to succeed. The second and better reason is that your business has overgrown its current location and you need to find a better one. Of course, there are many other reasons why you are relocating your family business to the big city. However, there is only one right way to move your business to another city and that is with moving and storage companies NYC. Aside from hiring a good and reliable moving company, you still have a lot of things to prepare and organize. Some would say that commercial relocations are harder than residential ones. But it’s more about how you prepare for your move. Therefore, here are a few tips that will help you to organize your relocation.  

How to prepare for a move when you are relocating your family business to the big city? 

Deciding to move your business is sometimes a lot harder than actual moving preparation. You will be probably plagued by many questions and concerns. The decision is even harder when your family business is involved. You will probably have to get consent from your parents or other family members. Additionally, your family business probably has a reputation in your current city and loyal clients. However, if you want your business to thrive more, moving it to a bigger city is a good plan. Now, you need to find a good and reliable moving company. When you are searching for a moving company, you should look for ones that have commercial movers Manhattan as a part of their services. Additionally, when you are planning to move your business to another city, you should do the following: 

  • Find a good location 
  • Make a plan 
  • Prepare your office belongings 
  • Hire a moving company 
men and woman talking about moving
You need to make a good moving plan

How to find a good office location? 

Location is the most important factor when choosing a new office space for your business. However, office spaces in good locations are usually very expensive and hard to find. Big cities such as NYC offer more options than smaller ones. However, if you have never been to NYC before except only for vacation, you might not know where you should move your business or where to start looking for office space. For this reason, you should focus your search on places in NYC with opportunities for professional development. NYC is one of the best places to move your family business. NYC has a population of more than 8 million and about 60 million tourists every year. If just 0,1% of the population buys something for you, you can consider your relocation successful. Now, you should look for a location that has good accessibility, office spaces, parking stops, etc. 

Why should you hire a moving company? 

You need to understand that your business will be probably out of work during relocation. If you want to end your relocation faster, you should then hire Brooklyn movers. Additionally, professional movers have all the required equipment and they know how to use them. You need a piece of certain knowledge and skills to pack all office supplies properly without damaging items and injuring yourself. Repairing or replacing damaged office items can cost you more than moving company services. For this reason, you should start searching for a moving company at least a month or two in advance. Good moving companies are usually booked completely and you can hardly find a free moving date in a week advance. Also, you will need time to prepare for your relocation and deal with a ton of paperwork.  

a picture of a moving truck
When you are relocating your family business to the big city, you should find a good and reliable moving company

How should you prepare your office supplies for relocation? 

First, you need to declutter your office. Family businesses usually are cluttered with a lot of very old and unnecessary items. You don’t need to move a computer that your grandfather used in his days. For this reason, you should declutter all items that you don’t use and won’t need in your future office. You can sell some items that are in good condition and earn money for your relocation. Additionally, if you have fewer items to move, you will pay less as professional movers will need less time and packing supplies to complete your relocation. When you are done with decluttering, you should then make an inventory. It will be easier to make a moving plan if you know what exactly you have in your office. So, you can either first declutter your items and then make an inventory or the other way around

You need to notify clients about your relocation 

Family businesses usually have a reputation and a dose of popularity among city residents. Also, you probably have a few loyal customers. However, this popularity and a few loyal customers are not enough to keep your business running. No matter how much your business is popular or not, you should notify everyone about your relocation. For this reason, you should update your social media profiles if you have them. Write where you are moving your business and how long your relocation will last. You can also post detailed directions to your new office location. Additionally, you should change the address on your business cards and other marketing materials if you have them. If you have employees, you need to figure out what to do with them. Usually, family businesses have only one or two employees. They can either come with you or find a new job.  

Update your social media when relocating your family business to the big city
Notify your clients about your relocation

Should you move your family business? 

Every business move comes with a risk. You can’t know right away will your business succeed or not. However, if you make a good plan and research carefully, you will be able to make your family business more successful. For this reason, relocating your family business to the big city could be a good decision for you. Now, you need to prepare for your relocation well and find a good moving company to help you. 


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