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Looking for a new home is no easy task – especially if you are an artist. You need to find a place that will look nice and keep you inspired. When you look for a perfect place for yourself and your family you need to take your time. Do your research, visit the new neighborhoods and do not make any rash decisions. If you move to any part of New York City you can’t make a mistake. But you should look for the neighborhood that is perfect for you as an artist. This article will show you the best places in NYC for artists so you do not have to spend too long while looking for the perfect neighborhood for you.

Move into Red Hook – it’s one of the best places in NYC for artists

Red Hook offers an amazing view of the statue of liberty, it also has many warehouses and shipyards, all these things attract many artists. The fact that this is a waterfront neighborhood is not the only thing that brings artists here. There is a 25000 square foot a center for “research and experimentation in contemporary culture,” named Pioneer Works located here. This neighborhood does not have a subway connection which makes this neighborhood less crowded and quiet. This is a great thing for people who want to improve their creativity. If you want another place to appreciate art at you can visit Kentler International Drawing Space, here you can see at pieces from new and underrated artists from all over the world. If moving here intrigues you can find Queens movers that can help you with your relocation. These trained professionals will make your relocation very easy.

Statue of Liberty
You get a great view of Statue of Liberty from Red Hook


Navy Yard

Navy Yard is very similar to Red Hook since it too is a waterfront neighborhood. It has many shipyards and warehouses that are reused and refurbished. This neighborhood used to be an industrial center, now it is seen as a cheaper version of Manhattan for tech and art. One of the places you have to visit f you move here is Marco Sea’s New Lab. This is a great place for people that like tech or art, it has many engineers and entrepreneurs that work here. For people that are not interested in tech, you can visit BLDG 92. Here you can learn about the history of this neighborhood and the shipyards here. This place also has a visiting artist program which makes it one of the best places in NYC for artists. Here you can see many artists that work and display their art in any medium.

New York
Navy Yard is great because it is a waterfront neibourhood, which are great for artists

Sunset Park one of the best places in NYC for artists

Sunset Park used to be a factory district and it transformed into a center of the garment industry. This part of the city attracts many artists due to its being another waterfront neighborhood, another great thing about this neighborhood is its proximity to Manhattan. One of the best places to visit for creative people in this part of the city is the Industrial City. Here you can find over 400 companies in various fields. Here you can visit the Innovation lab which provides great new work opportunities, learning, and assistance in the business. If you are interested in starting your own business you are in luck since the Industrial City is one of the best places for a startup in NYC. By moving here you ensure your business survives and transitions from a startup.

office, Sunset Park is on of the best places in NYC for artists that want to have a startup
Sunset Park is great for people who want to start a business

Crown Heights one of the best places in NYC for artists

Crown Heights is the heart of Brooklyn. Here you will find the beautiful and classic rowhouse-lined streets and condos. The art community is still strong in Crown Heights, after all the demographics changes and changes in rents. If you are interested in classic and contemporary movies you can visit Video Revival at Rogers Avenue. Another location that makes Crown heights one of the best places in NYC for artists is the FiveMyles a performance space at which you can see great artists. If the history of art is what you want to learn about you can visit the Brooklyn Museum. This is one of the oldest museum in the US. Crown heights is also a great place for street art lovers. This is not surprising since there are so many creative people that live in this part of the city.

Street art
Crown heights is great for people who like street art

East Harlem

East Harlem is a famed Latin neighborhood in New York that is steadily changing since there is a lot more affordable housing. This does not mean that artistic and cultural integrity is gone. East Harlem is very close to Manhattan, Randals Island, and Central Park. It has a great nightlife and family-friendly activities which makes it great for everyone. If moving to a small apartment where you might want to store some of your things, in this case, look for storage units Manhattan. This way you will be close to your things in case you need them and your home will not look small and you will have no problems with clutter.

Search for the perfect place for you in NYC as an artist can easily overwhelm you. This city has a huge amount of options that are great for aspiring artists, it is hard to choose the best one since each has its benefits. Be sure you do not procrastinate looking for the best places in NYC. The sooner you decide where to move the sooner you move. The sooner you move the sooner you can enjoy your dream home. We wish this article helps you find a place that is perfect for you and your family!

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