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Moving to New York means turning your life upside down, wherever you are coming from. It’s a city like no other. Reasons are many why people from all over the world, having all kinds of talents, flock to the City of Lights. Any art lover would be happy to find himself roaming the streets of this cultural cocktail. If you have just moved with the help of moving companies Brooklyn, chances are you are not too familiar with what the Big Apple has to offer. No biggie, since we can help with getting you your art addict dose. Take a look at these NYC parts for street art lovers, and see what all the fuss is about.

2 World Trade Plaza

Everything seems nicer when you are in NYC. Even the storage units in Manhattan are better than elsewhere. Take the World Trade Center. It is still under construction. However, it is now a much nicer looking construction zone. Namely, Developer Silverstein Properties have put up corrugated metal gates around the 2 World Trade tower that is currently being built. Still, such a cover-up didn’t quite cut it, so eight muralists were called for aid, in order to cover the facade. What we now have instead of a boring construction site is a pop of technicolor fun, all with a pedestrian-friendly plaza with seating.

If you plan on moving to NYC, this is the part you are definitely going to enjoy time and time again. Feast your eyes from Church to Greenwich streets, between Vesey Street and the Oculus.

A woman drawing a mural
Art can really make a difference, and artists have really outdone themselves with this one.

High Line

High Line is New York City’s elevated urban garden. It is also home to lots of art installations. This makes is one of the top NYC parts for street art lovers. The installations change annually, most often during springtime. When it comes to the current year, the idea behind the projects is rather fun. They are all collected under the title Agora. This is the ancient Greek word for “square”. Now, the concept makes the artists, and the viewers challenge the notion of who, what and which ideas belong in a public space. Neat, huh?

The standout mural you are bound to notice is I Lift My Lamp Beside the Golden Door. This is artist Dorothy Iannone’s tribute to the Statue of Liberty, as well as the Emma Lazarus poem that proclaims her message of inclusion to immigrants. You can enjoy the view all through March 2019 at 22nd Street.

Anthony Bourdain Mural

All of us have been acquainted with the work of Anthony Bourdain. Some may have been diligent in their following and adoration, while others may have just stumbled upon his show or books by accident. Whatever the case may be, Anthony was a person to, at least, deserve a mural, and he got one.

Street artist Bradley Theodore took it upon himself to depict the lovely nature of this chef and traveler. He announced his work in an Instagram post with a simple caption: ”In a city full of villains we all need heroes.” Marvel the art piece at 100 Delancey St., on the north side, just between Essex and Ludlow streets.

A mural
Not everyone gets a mural. Nonetheless, the vast majority is gorgeous.

Biggie Smalls Mural

Talking about the heroes of NYC, one cannot circumvent the Brooklyn’s legend, the Notorious B.I.G. A tribute to him stands three stories tall on a Bed-Stuy residential building at Bedford Avenue and Quincy Street. Now, all the street art lovers simply have to take a look at this piece, having that it is officially named the King Of NY mural. Artists who are responsible for this tribute are Naoufal ”Rocko” Alaoui, and Scott “Zimmer” Zimmerman.

There have been some suggestions of renovation back in 2017, 2 years after it first saw the light of day. However, the outcry from fans all up an down East Coast got rid of that idea. If there are completists among you, know that Fort Greene a Fulton Street and South Portland Avenue hold a gem that is another smaller Bigge mural, all for you to admire.

Coney Art Walls

Moving to New York in the summer will make you hate the heat, but love everything else. One of the things that will make your relocation that much nicer is a 50,000-square-foot outdoor gallery. This is the work of Coney Art Walls, and it takes place every summer, adding to the many pleasures of the seaside amusement park.

This year’s 38 pieces are all by different artists. You will be able to see everything from whimsical sideshow performers to psychedelic backdrops, fearsome creatures straight out of H.P. Lovecraft stories and racing hot dogs. As is with the rest of Coney Island, there is something for everyone. Stop by from noon until 8 p.m. daily throughout September on 3050 Stillwell Ave.

Could this list of NYC parts for street art lovers even be acknowledged if it didn’t have Banksy?

Banksy's graffiti
A Banksy is never easy to come by, so you better find time for one if you have the chance.

Now, it isn’t easy to find Banky’s pieces in New York. Soon after creation, they are almost always immediately tagged, defaced or removed from public view. However, we do have an exception: Boy With a Hammer. This piece has managed to survive due to a barrier made out of plexiglass (a courtesy be the owners of nearby Zabar’s bakery). Enjoy the work of one of the most acknowledged street artists out there on West 79th Street near Broadway, on the Upper West Side.

Now, we believe that these NYC parts for street art lovers will be more than enough for anyone’s eyes. However, we always advise that you go and check it out for yourself. Don’t forget to bring a camera!

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