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Moving to a different place can be very stressful and we at Divine Moving and Storage NYC are fully aware of that – that is the reason why we have written this blog post for you. If you are a single parent your struggle is real even without moving. Thinking about the kids all the time and their needs is stressful enough. Take some time to go through this article and find out some of the best places in NYC for single parents. There are many options and possibilities. You just need to choose the right one and your new life can begin. 

What does the best place in NYC mean?

One of the most important things to understand is that you and every other person in this world are unique. You have special desires, and unique traits and your new neighborhood should reflect that. That being said, you need a place that suits you the most in terms of commute, child needs, and everyday chores. Think about this for a while – although we all dream of living in suburbs, do you really want to commute long-distance every day and leave your child at home? Or, do you really need to live in Manhattan if your job is not near your place? What about your child’s needs, have you talked to them about their desires?

Before choosing between best places in NYC for single parents pay close attention to these factors:

  • distance from your work 
  • distance from the child’s school 
  • distance from local supermarkets/groceries shops 
  • budget in plan 
A woman is planning her move to NYC
It is important to plan before you start moving to one of the best places in NYC for single parents

Planning is important so before you start with the moving process make a detailed plan of your move. Should you need any assistance you can always contact local movers NYC. It is important to understand that time is money – if you feel that your moving process will consume too much of it, consider saving some money by hiring professionals.

Forest Hills, Queens – our first pick for the best places in NYC for single parents

Situated just 15 minutes by train from Manhattan, this picturesque neighborhood can be an ideal home for you and your kids. Forest Hills is a historic area, with many cultural events occurring annually so it’s not a “boring” place. The prices are rather high, the rent is around $2000 monthly but we feel that it’s worth it. You would be living in one of the safest areas in the entire city and this is for sure one of the best places in NYC for single parents. The education system is great here, there are several schools that we feel that your kids will love.

Besides that, just the fact that over 60% of residents have higher education should speak for itself. Keep in mind that not only the rent, but the general cost of living is higher than in some other parts of NYC. Calculate your budget carefully before deciding to move here – although the place is great, it’s not worth it if you need to struggle to pay the bills every week. In case you need some extra info on moving and housing costs, we suggest that you contact Queens movers. As we mentioned earlier, if you decide to move to a certain place, it’s much safer to hire professionals in terms of time and money.

A busy street in NYC
Traffic can be a problem so stay clear of the overpopulated neighborhoods

 Washington Heights, Manhattan – a working-class neighborhood in NYC

Our next stop is Washington Heights, Manhattan. This is a working-class neighborhood with lots of greenery everywhere. Compared to other parts of Manhattan, Washinton Heights is one of the cheapest ones so if you are on a budget you should consider this place as your new location. This area is considered one of the safest in Manhattan although the prices of apartments are lower than usual. Best movers in Manhattan say that roughly speaking, Washinton Heights is around 20% cheaper in total than the rest of the city. The place has so many nice parks for you and your kids to enjoy. Although this place is not for people with tons of money, maybe it’s perfect for you – some people say that it’s healthy to live in a working-class neighborhood. We feel that this is one of the best places in NYC for single parents so you should definitely consider it.

Washington Heights - one of the Best places in NYC for single parents
This place has it all – it’s definitely worth checking out

Park Slope, Brooklyn – it has it all, our third pick for best places in NYC for single parents

For our next location on our list of best places in NYC for single parents, we are taking you to Brooklyn. There is a place there called Park Slope – it is affordable. The rent is just above $1700 monthly and it offers many other amenities. It is considered top 20 safest neighborhoods in NYC in 2022 and there is no reason why it shouldn’t remain on this list. The list is based on the safety of the streets, the friendliness of neighbors, and the amenities that it holds. There are numerous supermarkets and grocery shops in this area. Several schools are here as well – this seems like a good place for you to start your new life. Moving companies Brooklyn will help you with the moving process should you need any. Consider this area because it really has it all.

Jericho, Long Island

Before we conclude, we want to show you to final choice for the top neighborhood in NYC for families. Jericho in Long Island is a quiet place. It has many restaurants and small shops that would be perfect for you. The general crime rate is 73% lower than the national average. As you may assume, this comes with a price. The apartments for rent are difficult to find and prices are around $2300 monthly. Long Island movers say that this is a good deal because you really can’t put a price tag on the safety of your family. Definitely worth your time if you decide to check out this place.

Whatever your choice may be, keep in mind that it’s not the end of the world if you make a mistake. We are sure that you will find everything you need in any of the locations which we mentioned in our best places in NYC for single parents list.


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