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How to Use a NYC Storage for Your Business

Whether you run your business through an Etsy shop, Ebay, out of your home office, or in a big brick-and-mortar store, finding storage units with ample space can become a problem as your company grows! At Divine Moving and Storage, we offer several corporate solutions to support your growing firm.

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Product Inventory

If your company works with clients who order in bulk, our storage units can help you with your order fulfillment. We know it can be disruptive to continually move huge shipments in and out of your office space whenever you receive a new order, and using a storage unit can cut down on distractions while you increase productivity. Whether you produce screen-printed t-shirts, create branded promotional products, or sell several lines of the same basic item, a storage unit can help you keep your workspace organized and clutter-free.

Even if your company runs out of a normal retail store space, renting a storage unit can help you take advantage of bulk sale prices when you purchase back stock of your sales inventory, nonperishable foods for your restaurant, or materials used to make your products. You might also find the extra space handy for switching out seasonal items to keep your inventory relevant year-round.


Rotating Decor

If you run a large retail store, fancy hotel, or high-end showroom, you probably change your decor on a regular basis. The various seasons and holidays can each require any number of garlands, wreaths, throw pillows, light strings, table runners, wall hangings, and other accessories which take up lots of space. Instead of trying to cram all of these decorations into a tiny closet, it may be easier to rent a small storage unit where everything can fit comfortably until you need it in eleven months.

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Secure Records

A NYC storage unit can also be helpful for companies that are required to keep physical records for a certain amount of time before they can be discarded. For example, some businesses are required to keep all employment applications on hand for several years before being allowed to securely shred and recycle them. In these situations, your office may not have the space to hold all the records you’re required to keep.

Even if you do have the space, it may not be as secure as you need. After all, you don’t want to be held responsible for having a job applicant’s or a client’s identity stolen because their records weren’t kept safe in your office. Fortunately, Divine Moving and Storage offers 24/7 security services for all storage units on our property.


Short Term Needs

At some point in time, your NYC offices will probably need to be renovated. In fact, a recent study showed that about 2 out of every 5 buildings in New York City aren’t up to date with city safety and zoning codes. When it comes time to update your office space, entering a short-term storage lease can help relieve the headaches that come with renovations. While everything is brought up to modern-day standards, you can keep office furniture, files, inventory, and equipment in one of our climate-controlled and secure storage units.

Even if your office building is completely state-of-the-art, you may reach a point when you need to replace worn-out furniture and aging electronics. We can increase your flexibility in making these replacements by providing a place to store your new things while you coordinate logistics to move out the old.

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Companies Without an Office

In New York City, the average rent across all types of office spaces is $65.96 per square foot. Fortunately, we can help many business owners save money by eliminating the need to rent expensive office space. If your firm sells services instead of products, such as home renovation or cleaning services, you can store your equipment and tools in a self-storage unit and simply run the operations of your company from home. We can even help you organize your storage unit so all your equipment is easy to reach whenever needed.

Many sales-oriented firms don’t require an office for their daily operations, but need some sort of space to store marketing materials. For example, your company may need space for trade show booth supplies, big real estate signs, or tables that you use to host seminars. Our storage units are much more affordable for this type of storage than a regular office space.


Companies With Many, Many Offices

Do you work for a large corporation’s headquarters or with a company that employs dozens of workers? Many larger companies run out of storage space in their offices for basic supplies like toilet paper, printing paper, extra computers, and furniture. Using a storage unit can eliminate tacky clutter from your hallways and employee offices. Even though you may have grown accustomed to having extra chairs stacked in a corner, potential clients may not be impressed with such a storage solution.


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