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Moving tips for Millennials moving in Manhattan

Divine Moving Trucks

We get it– You’re a millennial moving in Manhattan itching to dive into your move and set yourself up for success in your new place. No matter how many times you’ve moved before, relocating in NYC can be one hell of a headache. Contrary to what you might assume, moving in the city can be done smoothly, affordably and without losing your mind. Divine Moving and Storage has compiled a list of tips for Millennials to help take the stress out of moving in Manhattan.


Hire Moving Help

We totally understand the desire to do it yourself and save a couple dollars, but let’s be honest, furniture is heavy. Why risk hurting yourself or dropping your favorite lamp down a flight of stairs when Divine Moving and Storage makes NYC moving so easy and affordable?


Create a Packing List

If you’re moving for the first time, there’s a good chance you’ll forget something. There is nothing worse than coming to the end of moving day and finally parking your bum on the couch only to realize you left your television remote control on the counter in your old apartment. Checking things off a list as you go is a great way to avoid forgetting anything you’ll regret later.


Downsize Unwanted Items

Take into consideration the size of your new home. How much extra stuff have you accumulated since your last move? Should you downsize? Donating things or giving them away on craigslist is a great option if you have some time to work with. If you don’t, NYC Department of Sanitation is pretty cool about curb side pick-up and will take just about anything that isn’t metal or electronic. Remember that mattresses must be enclosed in a mattress bag and curb side electronic disposal is not permitted per NY laws. This means tables, chairs, sofas and other miscellaneous items are a yes; TVs, DVD players, and computers are a no.


Carefully Choose your Move-In Date

Remember, this is New York City! Weekend moves are definitely recommended but don’t always fall on the first of the month. Try reaching out to both your new and prior landlords to coordinate a weekend date that works for everyone. Typically, landlords are willing to give you the keys a couple days early to allow for a weekend move. This gives you time to get things in order before you strut back to work on Monday gloating about your new place.


Gather Moving Supplies in Advance

No one wants to be packing up their last box and realize they’ve run out of packing tape. Compile a list of necessary moving supplies in advance.

Some things you’ll need to purchase include:

-Boxes (Small, Medium and Large)

-Packing Tape

-Bubble Wrap

-Markers for Labeling Boxes

-Cleaning Supplies (Paper Towels, Glass cleaner, etc.)

-Cash for tipping your movers


No one in NYC has time for the hassle of moving. If you want everything taken care of for you New York City move call Divine for a quick, stress-free, and easy move. We pack you up and move you into your new home in a New York minute. That way you can get back to what’s important: Living your life! For a quick move, call Divine.

Divine Moving & Storage is moving in a flash! 212-244-4011


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How to Use a NYC Storage for Your Business

Whether you run your business through an Etsy shop, Ebay, out of your home office, or in a big brick-and-mortar store, finding storage units with ample space can become a problem as your company grows! At Divine Moving and Storage, we offer several corporate solutions to support your growing firm.

storage units in NYC

Product Inventory

If your company works with clients who order in bulk, our storage units can help you with your order fulfillment. We know it can be disruptive to continually move huge shipments in and out of your office space whenever you receive a new order, and using a storage unit can cut down on distractions while you increase productivity. Whether you produce screen-printed t-shirts, create branded promotional products, or sell several lines of the same basic item, a storage unit can help you keep your workspace organized and clutter-free.

Even if your company runs out of a normal retail store space, renting a storage unit can help you take advantage of bulk sale prices when you purchase back stock of your sales inventory, nonperishable foods for your restaurant, or materials used to make your products. You might also find the extra space handy for switching out seasonal items to keep your inventory relevant year-round.


Rotating Decor

If you run a large retail store, fancy hotel, or high-end showroom, you probably change your decor on a regular basis. The various seasons and holidays can each require any number of garlands, wreaths, throw pillows, light strings, table runners, wall hangings, and other accessories which take up lots of space. Instead of trying to cram all of these decorations into a tiny closet, it may be easier to rent a small storage unit where everything can fit comfortably until you need it in eleven months.

NYC moving and Storage

Secure Records

A NYC storage unit can also be helpful for companies that are required to keep physical records for a certain amount of time before they can be discarded. For example, some businesses are required to keep all employment applications on hand for several years before being allowed to securely shred and recycle them. In these situations, your office may not have the space to hold all the records you’re required to keep.

Even if you do have the space, it may not be as secure as you need. After all, you don’t want to be held responsible for having a job applicant’s or a client’s identity stolen because their records weren’t kept safe in your office. Fortunately, Divine Moving and Storage offers 24/7 security services for all storage units on our property.


Short Term Needs

At some point in time, your NYC offices will probably need to be renovated. In fact, a recent study showed that about 2 out of every 5 buildings in New York City aren’t up to date with city safety and zoning codes. When it comes time to update your office space, entering a short-term storage lease can help relieve the headaches that come with renovations. While everything is brought up to modern-day standards, you can keep office furniture, files, inventory, and equipment in one of our climate-controlled and secure storage units.

Even if your office building is completely state-of-the-art, you may reach a point when you need to replace worn-out furniture and aging electronics. We can increase your flexibility in making these replacements by providing a place to store your new things while you coordinate logistics to move out the old.

Storage spaces for Ardsley NY
NYC Storage units

Companies Without an Office

In New York City, the average rent across all types of office spaces is $65.96 per square foot. Fortunately, we can help many business owners save money by eliminating the need to rent expensive office space. If your firm sells services instead of products, such as home renovation or cleaning services, you can store your equipment and tools in a self-storage unit and simply run the operations of your company from home. We can even help you organize your storage unit so all your equipment is easy to reach whenever needed.

Many sales-oriented firms don’t require an office for their daily operations, but need some sort of space to store marketing materials. For example, your company may need space for trade show booth supplies, big real estate signs, or tables that you use to host seminars. Our storage units are much more affordable for this type of storage than a regular office space.


Companies With Many, Many Offices

Do you work for a large corporation’s headquarters or with a company that employs dozens of workers? Many larger companies run out of storage space in their offices for basic supplies like toilet paper, printing paper, extra computers, and furniture. Using a storage unit can eliminate tacky clutter from your hallways and employee offices. Even though you may have grown accustomed to having extra chairs stacked in a corner, potential clients may not be impressed with such a storage solution.


Do you need help organizing your move into a NYC storage units? Give us a call at 212-244-4011

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Yes, It’s Possible: Same Day Moving in New York City

So you finally found a new apartment in New York City. Sad to say, but apartment hunting is not the only hurtle you will have to jump through in moving into New York City. But moving is certainly possible with a little help from experienced New York City movers. And even better, same-day moving is possible in Manhattan or any of the other boroughs. If you are planning on last minute moving in NYC, however, there are some tips you should know.

Same day moving in New York City

Of course, the last minute movers in NYC will handle transferring your actual belongings, but you will need to transfer your info over to your new spot. Keep in mind that you can change your mailing address online and it will take about 10 days to fully process. You will also want to contact all organizations that you pay money to each month. This could include credit card companies, student loans, con edison, cable company, power and electric and more. With most of these organizations, you are able to go to their online platform and change your location. You may also want to alert doctors, banks and your office’s HR of your move.

You will also probably want to set up the installation of your wifi for the day you move in. This is especially true if you are doing same-day, last minute moving. You will want to call whoever your internet provider is so you can at least binge watch some netflix while you are moving in to your new apartment!

Another helpful tip for same day moving and last minute moving in NYC is to measure the spaces, especially doors, of your new apartments. This is New York City we are talking about- some of the hallways and doorways are going to be insanely small. You wanna make sure your sofa, mattress and whatever else will fit inside.

Another good thing to be doing at this time is purging your apartment of useless items. Face it, there’s that chair you bought at a thrift store that NO ONE has actually used. Or maybe you went through a hipster phase and now have a clunky useless record player. No judgement. But now is the time to get rid of everything you don’t actually need, because it will save you time and energy especially when doing a last minute or a same day moving in new york city. Also, you may want to ask your landlord for the keys a couple of days before your lease actually starts. Not everyone will do this, but it is certainly helpful if you are planning to move stuff over in shifts.

moving trucks of Divine

But probably the biggest tip for attempting same day or last minute moving in NYC or one of the boroughs is not to attempt it yourself. There are so many variables that accompany same day moving in NYC. This is especially true if you are handling commercial moving in Manhattan, Brooklyn or any of the more densely populated areas. Divine Moving has the experience and capability you need to help you with same day moving in New York City. You can trust our experienced movers to get the job done- quickly and correctly.

For luxury moving without the luxury price tag, Divine Moving & Storage has New Yorkers covered. With premium packing and moving services, expert moving is affordably within reach. 212-244-4011

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Tips For Hassle-Free Moving In NYC

Moving In NYC

No matter if you’ve done it before, moving in NYC is always an ordeal. The narrow streets and cramped apartment buildings often make for a stressful experience. However, with the right preparation, moving in NYC, or moving in Brooklyn or Queens, can become quite possible if you follow these simple tips for hassle-free moving.


First, you should plan your move date. Some dates will be easier to move than others. Weekend moves are often the right choice. However, you often don’t get the choice of when you move, because your lease starts on a certain date. However, it is possible for you to arrange both move in and move out dates with your landlord. This could ensure you have an easier time of moving into your New York City or Brooklyn apartment, or moving out.


Next, you’ll want to take inventory of what you are planning to move. Moving is really a representation of all the things you have accumulated over the years and you don’t want to be surprised on the day of the move. For this reason, moving is a good time to evaluate what you need and what you may want to get rid of or donate. A good rule of thumb is that if it’s been years since you have used the item, you probably don’t need it. It’s important to keep in mind the parameters of where you are moving. Will all of your stuff fit in your new home? Make sure you have all the information so that the moving process can go quickly. After all, whether you live in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens or any of the other five boroughs, this is coveted real estate so space may be slim.

Of course, you will need tips for the actual day of packing too. It’s possible for you to attempt the move yourself or with a friend, but keep in mind all the supplies you will need to get, including:


  • Packing tape
  • Boxes of a variety of sizes and shapes
  • Box cutters
  • Markers for labeling boxes
  • Black trash bags
  • Mattress bags
  • Cleaning supplies (soap, sponge, mop, water, broom, etc)
  • Cash for tipping people that help
moving trucks of Divine
NYC Moving Trucks

However, doing it alone or with friends that are not professionals definitely makes the process much harder. This brings us to the most important tip of moving in New York City: hire a new york moving company. You will want to hire a local moving company. If you’re not new to New York City, you will understand that it is unlike anywhere else in the world. Subsequently, you will need a local moving company that understands the needs of those planning an apartment move in New York City. Divine Moving understands the New York area better than any other local moving company. With years of experience of moving in Queens, moving in Brooklyn and moving in Manhattan, Divine Moving is your best bet to make sure all your belongings are safe and accounted for during your next New York apartment move.

If You Need Hassle Free Moving In NYC Call Today 212-244-4011


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In New York City, there’s only one moving service companies rely on to move their offices, stores, shops, and small businesses: Divine Moving & Storage. Divine is the best commercial moving & packing company in New York City’s five boroughs. When you have to move your business, you need to get in and get out quickly. After all, time is money in New York City. Born and bred in New York City, Divine Moving & Storage has twenty years of experience being the most trustworthy and reliable commercial moving service in New York.

our worker
Moving men on the Job

Licensed & Insured New York City Movers

Divine’s fully licensed and insured New York City commercial movers have been moving offices just like yours in all of Manhattan’s five boroughs and everywhere in between in the tri-state area. We’ve moved businesses out of the Bronx and down to Brooklyn, from Brooklyn to Long Island, Long Island to Harlem, and of course all around Manhattan. Most offices and stores in New York have heavy equipment like desks, office furniture, computers, and other technology that require both strength and care during the loading and unloading processes. There’s just too much for you to do by yourself–or for those unlucky junior associates who will inevitably be tasked with the heavy lifting.

man with big tennis ball
We can handle anything you throw at us

Packing & Unpacking Services for NYC Commercial Moving

Place the burden of your New York commercial move on the backs of New York City’s most experienced professional commercial movers, and let Divine Moving & Storage take the load off. Divine carefully and efficiently packs and moves your items–no matter how large, small, fragile, or heavy they may be. We take the weight off your shoulders, so you can get back to business.


Divine knows how to get you moved out, settled in, and back to work without any frustration. We know that every minute you’re not at your desk and with your team is a valuable minute lost. Divine goes out of our way to minimize interruptions during your commercial move in New York. Divine takes the business of NYC commercial moving seriously, so you can focus on your company–and not on moving. Business doesn’t stop just because you’re moving. Here at Divine Moving & Storage, we know you’re eager to get back to work so we make commercial moving easy for Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, The Bronx, and Staten Island. Divine’s experienced New York commercial moving teams pack you up, move you out, and get you unpacked and settled into your new office or store, so you can get straight back to work. In the city that never sleeps, moving should never mean that your business takes a schnooze.

Storage spaces
Lockers or open spaces we have it all

Commercial Storage & Moving Services in NYC

Divine also offers commercial storage options for our corporate clients. Whether you need to store your entire office with us or just the contents of the file rooms while you go digital, we have the space to accommodate any sized business. Divine has long-term and short-term options for commercial storage right in New York City. So if you need a file sent to your office or your assistant told us to store the wrong computer, we can get it delivered to you right away. When it comes to getting down to business in New York City, there’s never a second to lose. Divine’s state of the art storage facilities have 24 hour security and are climate controlled year round to protect your valuables rain or shine, and come heat, sleet or snow.


On-Time Commercial Moving NYC

Business owners understand the importance of staying on schedule and on-time. Divine’s NYC commercial movers get you on the right track by planning, evaluating logistics, and identifying potential problems and issues. Divine’s commercial movers in New York keep you on time, on budget, and on track. Divine Moving & Storage works diligently with our corporate clients to address concerns before they arise so you can focus on your business, and not on the minutia of your move. Divine Moving & Storage keeps your business moving so you can focus on how to celebrate the reopening of your business.


There’s moving the hard way, and there’s moving the Divine way–Call us today and we’ll show you just how easy moving your office, warehouse, store, or business can be.


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Moving in the Hamptons is no small feat. So when you need to plan a Hamptons move, you need to bring in the big guns. For the best Hamptons moving company in New York, call Divine Moving & Storage.

Moving in the Hamptons 

Divine specializes in stress-free, hassle-free, and full service relocations to get the Hamptons moving.

Moving in the Hamptons requires a lot of planning, coordination, and care to detail. Hamptons homes need more attention than a regular move and professionals who know what they’re doing. When dealing with designer furniture, fine art, and priceless antiques (including great great grandmother’s fine china and crystal) you need to call Hamptons moving company with professionals who know how to care for your items. So call Divine to handle your Hamptons move and rest easy knowing you called the best moving company in New York.


Since Divine Moving & Storage has been moving in and out of–and all around–the Hamptons for the last two decades, we know what goes into packing and moving in and out of the Hamptons.

A dog in NYC
Pets love us!

Whether you are moving to a new home (congrats!), moving to storage–either on-site at your home and into your garage or to Divine’s year round temperature regulated and 24 hour security monitored & protected storage facility–for a short term renovation, or moving some items back to the beach house for the summer, Divine can accommodate any Hamptons move no matter how large or small.


Hamptons Full Service Moving & White Glove Moving New York

Divine Moving & Storage specializes in full service moving and white glove relocation in New York’s Hamptons neighborhoods. Full service moving includes delivering moving boxes (can be scheduled in advance if there is anything you want to pack yourself); packing up everything (or just select items or rooms); moving them either within the home, to your new home, or to storage (and we can even accommodate multiple drop off locations); and unpacking. White glove relocation is a specialty service that many Hamptons residents request. This extra level of care for delicate and valuable items ensures your belongings are protected during moving and storing.

Moving boxes and packing services for NYC relocation
Packing, moving, storage and relocation services

Custom Hamptons Moving Company Packages & Complimentary Moving Estimates

No two relocations are alike. Here at Divine, we know this is true from years of moving and packing Hamptons residents. Divine will work with you to create a customized moving package that takes care of every detail related to your Hamptons move. When you schedule a free on-site estimate, your Relocation Specialist will come to your home and conduct a walk-through. This allows us to create your personally customized Hamptons moving company plan to your exact specifications. We will work with you to identify items that require a heightened degree of care in addition to any other concerns you may have. After the consultation, you will receive a guaranteed flat rate estimate for your move. This flat rate moving price is the only cost you will be required to pay on moving day.

Hamptons moving company
Pre-move staging

Hamptons Guaranteed Flat Rate Moving: Honest Moving NY

Divine believes that being the best moving company in the Hamptons means being honest and straightforward. Therefore, the moving estimate you receive is guaranteed and binding. Divine promises that there will never be any hidden fees, any surprise charges, and there will never by any last minute alterations to your billing plan. While you can always add on or subtract services at any point during the process (we’re great at handling last minute requests!), Divine will always keep our word and deliver to you on time and on budget. In the Hamptons, Divine takes care of all moving related needs and requests. Have a last minute change to your Hamptons move? Renovation or construction actually going faster than expected (lucky you!) and you need to move back in early? New home not available on time and you need to postpone your move? Let us know and we’ll make sure you and your family are taken care of.


Don’t move the hard way when you can move the Divine Way.

Call for your free quote and get moving today.


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When it comes to moving in Greenwich, Divine Moving & Storage is your best bet for a stress-free, hassle-free, affordable move. Divine is the best moving & packing company in Greenwich, CT.

moving in greenwich
Greenwich Mover

Moving companies are not all the same. That’s why Greenwich has relied on Divine Moving & Storage for the last two decades to move them in and out–and all around–this New York City suburb and the tri-state area. With unbeatable prices, award winning customer service, and experienced professionally trained movers & packers, it’s no wonder Divine Moving & Storage is the best moving company in Greenwich.


The Best Full Service Moving, Packing, and Storage Company in Greenwich

Full service moving means we take care of everything. Full service moving in Greenwich includes packing and unpacking, piano handling, furniture disassembly & assembly and blanket wrapping all furniture and delicate items with clean brand new moving blankets (which comes standard for every move and not just full service moves), AV & TV handling, appliance handling, and more. Among other services Divine is famous for is our handling of more delicate items that require more care and attention. We know how to pack and protect antiques and fine art for moving transportation and short or long-term storage. While some items only require bubble wrap and moving blankets, other items–like fine art, collectibles, crystal, and fine china need more protection. Divine makes sure each item we handle is protected for the journey ahead. When it comes to moving, Divine Moving & Storage works hard so you can rest easy.

Packing ahead of time
Packing tips for your upcoming move.

Greenwich Moving Self Pack

While some clients need everything taken care of for them, many clients prefer to take care of the packing themselves. And that’s perfectly all right! Divine can coordinate a moving box and packing supplies delivery around your schedule. When we give you an estimate we can even diagnose your moving supplies needs. We move every day so we know exactly what you will need to have a successful move. If there’s anything you didn’t pack–whether you ran out of time or didn’t know how to pack a particular item–Divine has you covered. When we arrive at your house to begin moving your home, we assess the situation and first pack any items that are still not ready for the move.


Greenwich Moving Boxes & Packing Supplies Delivery

Each moving team and moving truck comes fully stocked with a complete inventory of moving supplies, including specialty moving boxes for bulkier items. We have boxes for every size bed (even your baby’s crib and your California king sized bed!), all different sports equipment (bikes and golf clubs included), and anything else you need help packing. For customers paying hourly, there’s no additional charge other than the time it takes to complete packing and moving. For customers paying a flat rate price, there’s no additional fee! That’s moving made easy, brought to you by Divine Moving & Storage. If you’d like to get some tips and guidelines for packing items yourself, please visit our Packing Tips page on our website.

Flat rate move options
Move Day Finds…


The Most Professional Licensed & Insured Movers in Greenwich, CT

With 20 years experience, Divine is proud of our reputation as the best moving company in the tri-state area. From New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut–in every town, city, village, and borough–Divine makes moving simple. It’s as easy as call, book, move, moving in Greenwich doesn’t have to be a headache; moving can be a simply Divine process. For your upcoming move or storage needs Divine can handle any and all relocation requests. Have a last minute change? Renovation or construction actually going faster than expected (lucky you!)? New home not available on time? Let us know and we’ll make sure you and your family are taken care of.


Why move the hard way when you can move the Divine Way? Call for your free quote and get moving today.


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The Best Moving Company in Elmsford

In Elmsford New York is covered when it comes time to move. When Elmsford residents move, there’s only one company they call: Divine Moving & Storage. For two decades, Divine has been the go-to moving company in Elmsford.


Divine takes pride in our award winning customer service and clients who come back to us again and again. We believe that the best moving companies in New York are not only efficient, affordable, and careful. More importantly, moving and storage services in Elmsford need to be honest, reliable, and responsive. When you get all of that and more from your moving company, you can rest easy knowing you are in Divine hands. There’s moving the hard way, and then there’s moving the Divine way. Call today to make your move in and around or to and from Elmsford the easiest move of your life.

Elms ford moving and storage
Elmsford Movers

Elmsford Affordable Moving: Free Moving Estimates

Divine believes you should never be charged a fee for a consultation or estimate. Call use today and speak to one of our Relocation Specialists to get a moving quote over the phone or schedule a consult. We can come before work, during the day, or in the evening to go through your home with you and draw up an estimate. There’s no obligation when you call or schedule your free moving estimate in Elmsford. After all, you want to make sure Divine stands by our word as the most affordable Elmsford movers in town!


Divine’s in home estimates are always guaranteed. Whatever we quote you will be what you pay–and not a dollar more!


Clients can choose between being charged an hourly rate (in addition to any moving supplies they may use) or paying just one flat-rate moving price. Flat rate moving estimates are all-inclusive and best for larger Elmsford moves. On the other hand, some clients prefer to pack themselves and only need us to move them in and out of their home. In this case, the best bet is to book hourly. As Elmsford’s most affordable moving company, Divine makes sure we have a moving package for every budget.

state to state movers
Are we there yet?

Planning Your Elmsford Move

Your Relocation Specialist will address any concerns or issues over the phone to assess your moving needs. If you choose to have an in-home estimate, we will come to your home and work with you to come up with a moving plan that fits best with your budget, lifestyle, and home. We move everyday so we know what we are doing.


There’s no need to fret when there’s Divine intervention for all your moving needs.


Divine can take care of simple moves or moves with multiple pickup or delivery points. Divine will go anywhere in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut to make moving 10523 and 10607 residents easy. During the consult we’ll take notes on any items that may have a different destination (such as your daughter’s home or storage in addition to your new home). On the day of your move, your moving supervisor (we call him the foreman) will go through your home with you one more time and mark all items destination points. After all, sometimes thing change as your prepare for a move. Your items will be packed up and loaded according to which delivery location is first and we’ll make sure everything arrives at the correct destination. You have enough to worry about on moving day, let us take the reins and get your Elmsford move done right the first time.

pack you boxes wisely
Save on your next move!

Divine Moving Services in Elmsford

With all-inclusive moving packages that can include as much help from your moving team as you want or as little as you need, Divine can takes care of every request. Divine’s experienced and professional trained Elmsford movers can pack & unpack the entirety or just a part of your home. Divine also has long-term & short-term storage in a 24 hour security monitored and temperature controlled facility to protect your belongings year round. Standard services always include furniture disassembly and reassembly. If you need specialty services (like TV and AV handling), white glove fine art handling, piano handling or anything else, let your Relocation Specialist know. We can either give you an estimate for what these additional services would cost for hourly moving quotes or build the price into our flat rate moving quotes. Divine Moving & Storage can accommodate any request or address any reservations Elmsford residents may have when moving.


So when it’s time to move, Elmsford resident call Divine Moving & Storage to make their transition to their new home (or back to their old home!) an easy one.

Call today 1-866-668-7666 for the best affordable moving experience in New York.