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When you’re preparing to choose a storage facility for your belongings, you’ll have dozens of local companies in New York City to choose from. However, not all storage units are created equal, and we know you want to be sure you choose a provider who will keep your items safe and clean. Here are our top three tips for choosing the right storage unit:

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Consider the items you need to store.

Do you need a unit that can hold the clutter of home office files and Christmas decorations from your home, or are you looking to move everything you own into storage while you sell your house or apartment? Will you need to store fragile and valuable items like antiques and wall art, or just a few pieces of furniture? These questions will help you determine whether you need a climate-controlled unit, how much space you need to rent, and where you need the storage facility to be located.

Here are some other belongings that may impact your storage plans:

  • Musical instruments — Many instruments need to be stored in climate-controlled spaces to avoid warping or other damage.
  • Vehicles — Some storage spaces don’t have the capacity to store RVs, boats, or cars.
  • Family heirlooms — Keep in mind that the only objects that can’t be replaced are those with sentimental value. If you have belongings that would be devastating to lose, you may want to choose a storage space that offers security monitoring.
  • Antique furniture — If the furniture you’re storing is antique, you may want to consider renting a larger space. Antiques may not be able to hold up to heavy furniture and boxes stacked on top of them the way newer, solid furniture items can. Additionally, most antiques should be kept in climate-controlled environments.
  • Photographs, film, wooden furniture, leather items, and household appliances — These items also need to be climate-controlled.
  • Merchandise for your business — Do you sell handmade goods through an online store like Etsy, or even at a storefront here in New York City? If so, you need to use a storage facility that is located conveniently near your home or business. You may even want to consider Divine Moving & Storage’s delivery options, where we can deliver any item you need from your storage unit within 24 hours of your request.
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Do a thorough check of your preferred storage facility.

Before you put down a deposit or sign any paperwork, make sure you’re working with a reputable storage facility (Like Divine Moving 🙂  Here are some questions you should ask before deciding which space to use:

  • Are your units climate-controlled?
  • Does your storage facility have security in place to make sure my belongings won’t be stolen?
  • What type of pest control do you use?
  • What protection do you offer in case of an emergency, such as a fire or break-in, which could damage my belongings?
  • Do you offer any pads, blankets, or wrap to keep dust off my furniture?
  • If the unit is on an upper level, do you have elevators we can use?
  • What hours of the day will I have access to my storage unit?

We also recommend checking out the facility and staff before you make a final decision. Does the staff seem friendly and helpful, or are they reluctant to find the answers to your questions? Is the administrative area kept neat and organized, or does it look like the place hasn’t been cleaned in a while? The attitude of your storage facility’s staff can speak wonders about the service they’ll offer to you when you’re a customer.

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Pick an appropriate unit size.

One common issue you face when using a self storage facility is figuring out how to best fit all your belongings into one small space. This task becomes even more difficult if you have accidentally selected a storage unit that’s too small for everything you want to fit inside. Here are some basic guidelines you can use to decide what size of storage unit you need:

  • 5×5 — This is our smallest option for your storage unit, and we recommend you think of it as the size of your walk-in closet. This may work well if you have just a few boxes full of seasonal items, some back-stock items for your Etsy shop, or your ski trip supplies.
  • 5×10 — This unit size is perfect for college students who need to store their dorm room furniture and boxes over summer vacation, or maybe everything from one bedroom or one office space as the floors are redone.
  • 10×10 — If you’re moving from a one-bedroom apartment and need a place to store your furniture, boxes, and an appliance while you wait for your new place to become available, this is the perfect storage unit for you!
  • 10×15 or 10×20 — This storage unit would work great for storing everything in your two-bedroom home, including your living room and bedroom furniture, boxes, and appliances. This unit would also be spacious enough to fit some larger items that you wouldn’t want to cram into a tight space, such as a piano, large work desk, or sectional couch.
  • 10×30 — This is a huge storage unit that works great for larger homes that need everything stored, or for individuals who need to store an automobile.

Although these guidelines have worked well for our past customers, we do recommend you speak with one of our team members before reserving a specific unit size to ensure all your belongings will fit comfortably.


Do you have other questions about choosing a great storage unit? Be sure to give us a call at 866-668-7666 

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