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When moving your company to a new office building, one of the worst mistakes you can make is tackling moving day all on your own.

commercial moving in new york city

You might find that the moving truck you rented is unavailable on moving day or that the army of volunteers you recruited dwindles to a few brave souls. That could make the move an unmitigated disaster and a stressful ordeal.

Your best bet is to find a reputable professional moving company to help you.

Keep reading to find out the best practices for planning a commercial move and how storage and movers in NYC can help.

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Start Planning ASAP

Your best bet is to start planning ahead of schedule. If you intend to exit your current lease at the end of the rental agreement, you’ll know ahead of time that you’ll need a moving company to help you relocate.

It’s not unreasonable to start putting together to-do lists related to preparing your office for a move at the end of the lease. Get your employees involved since their diligent participation can make or break the success of your move.

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You don’t have to start packing things up a year in advance, but you should book your NYC movers and storage beforehand. Start developing plans as soon as you know you’ll be moving from one office to another in NYC.

Reputable service providers are often booked up months in advance. It will be good to book your moving date as soon as you know when you’ll be relocating from your current space and when you can move into your new office space.

Remember that the commercial moving process can be more complicated than the residential moving process. That’s one reason you should conduct diligent research before choosing a commercial moving service to assist you on your big day.

storage movers for businesses

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When looking for storage and movers in NYC, you’ll want to be mindful about making things as easy on your company as possible. One way you can do this is by removing stuff you don’t want to take with you.

If you already have a cluttered office environment, you can do yourself a favor by trimming the excess ahead of moving day. You might have to pay more to move unneeded things since a bigger truck might be required.

So, one tip when requiring commercial moving in New York City is to eliminate stuff you don’t need. Sell them, donate them, or throw them out as needed.

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It’s also a good idea to assemble essential business documents in advance. This refers to things like contracts, insurance policies, service agreements, and other things of this nature.

You’ll be glad you did so as your moving date moves closer since you won’t have to scramble to locate the documents and forms you need.

Let Your Employees Know the Particulars

Once the decision has been made to relocate to a new office, you must communicate the decision to your staff members. Your employees are your most essential resources, so keeping them in the loop is vital.

Explain why the company’s changing its office space, when the move will take place, and how it will benefit workers.

Is the new office space more appropriate for the company’s needs, is there better equipment, is the floor plan more favorable, or are there other distinct advantages over your existing office space?

Let your staff members know. You can communicate this information during a staff meeting and allow sufficient time for a question-and-answer session. Providing updates as the moving day approaches is also a good idea.

Explain the commercial moving process and how workers can help ahead of the move to the new office location. Doing these things will help minimize disruptions.

Employees can help with packing for moves—especially things in their own workspaces. Choosing a commercial moving service that is highly rated will make things easier, and storage and movers in NYC can offer advice as needed.

move day stress

Set a Moving Budget

You need to set a budget when looking for commercial moving in New York City. Costs relate to more than finding NYC movers and storage. They also include the expense of getting up and running in a new office location.

Packing for moves means getting boxes, tape, shrink wrap, and other things. Find a provider of commercial moving in New York City to ask about common moving costs since there may be things that you overlook.

The most important expense relates to finding NYC movers and storage. Have representatives from some service providers come to your office. They can see what you want to move with and give you a quote for moving services.

Finding a moving company that offers other services like storage and packing is a good idea. NYC movers and storage providers will give you options should you need a space to park stuff or want extra hands to help pack.

After you find the right moving company and figure out common moving costs, you can create a realistic budget for your commercial move.

Do You Need Storage and Movers in NYC?

Are you looking for a reliable commercial moving company to get you to a new office location in NYC? If so, get in touch with us at Divine Moving & Storage. We’re the city’s top provider of relocation and storage services.

We can even do the packing so that you can let your workers off the hook on that front. You don’t have to look any further for storage and movers in NYC.

When you want commercial moving in New York City from a service provider you can trust, contact us to find out more.

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