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Tips When Combining decor Styles with Your Significant Other

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So you’ve had the talk with your significant other about moving in together. While this is an exciting new chapter in your relationship, it can also be filled with new stresses and challenges. As you prepare for the big move, let’s discuss some important tips to keep in mind to guide you through this process.


Where to move?

The first step is to figure out where you’re going to move in NYC. If you already have your own space, it can be a difficult decision to leave and move somewhere new – but change is healthy! If you’re having trouble deciding who will give up their own space, there are a few things to consider. Who has a bigger space? Who has the lowest cost of rent? Who has the better neighborhood? Stay in Manhattan- Move to Brooklyn? If you can’t come to a decision, then consider looking into a fresh new place. That way you both are starting from scratch and you can start to make your new place feel like a home together.


What’s this move going to cost?

Before you sign any type of paperwork, make sure you sit down with your significant other to go over financial details. This won’t be the last time you ever discuss finances with your sweetie, so start to get comfortable talking about this topic. Be sure to discuss how you plan to pay for rent and utilities, along with other expenses such as furniture, entertainment, and groceries. Look into a budgeting app, like this one here, to keep you both accountable for your expenses as you start this journey together.

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Who is going to help you move?

Let’s face it – moving is emotionally and physically exhausting. After figuring out your budget, look into a moving service that can help relieve some of that stress for the big move. By using a professional moving service, such as Divine Moving and Storage we will help to determine the best date/time to move, manpower and fees that you will need to consider. Divine offers full range of services including packing and unpacking as well as furniture disposal and storage.


What should be kept and what needs to be thrown out?

Since you’re going to be moving in with your significant other it’s a good idea to make an inventory list of what you both own, what you plan to keep and anything that you will need to buy once you’re settled in your new place. This way you will avoid the change of bringing duplicates of the same items.


What is going to be your decor style?

Determining the decor style for your new NYC home can be a struggle. Remember you want this to be a fresh start for both of you. While you’re deciding what items are going to make the move and what pieces will be new additions to your home, start talking about what styles you both like – you’ll want to find a happy medium. If there is room in your budget, lean on the expertise of a professional interior designers to give you some style ideas that you both can agree on.

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Who is in charge of what?

Living alone vs living with a roommate in NYC can be very different. While you get acclimated to living with your significant other, discuss what chores you both will be in charge of around your new home. While cleaning can be a hassle, it’s important that you both are considerate of your messes and follow through with your end of the bargain.


What happens now?

Now that you’re going to be seeing your significant other 24/7 it’s important to equally plan alone time, as well as time spent together. Whether it’s getting drinks with your friends after work or joining an intramural team, make sure you’re finding time for your own separate hobbies and friends. But keep in mind to not let date nights slip away. If going out on dates fits into your post-move budget, try out a new restaurant or go to a concert together. Or look into some creative “stay-in” date night ideas to save money. If you’re having trouble coming up with what to do, Pinterest has some great date night ideas to help you continue to connect as a new couple in your new home.

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