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Considering the current situation in the world, this is not the most convenient time to relocate your business. However, life still goes on during the coronavirus outbreak, so maybe your office move can’t be postponed. If so, it’s important to be cautious and responsible while moving. In case you have to relocate your office at this time, there are things you should do to protect yourself and remain safe and healthy. One of those things is disinfecting your new office before you move in. We’ll give you some tips to help you out.

Hire professional cleaners to disinfect your office

If you want to be 100% sure your office is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, but you want to save some time and energy at the same time, there’s an easy solution. Ask your office movers if they offer cleaning services or look for a company that provides you with professional cleaners.

A man cleaning an office
If you want your new office disinfected properly, you can hire professionals.

If you hire professionals to sanitize your office, you can rest assured everything will be spotless. Not only will you be moving into a squeaky clean space, but you’ll also know for sure that your office is germ-free. Remember to look at the company’s COVID-19 statement that explains their business policy during this time.

Get the appropriate cleaning supplies for disinfecting your new office

In case you’re disinfecting your new office on your own, you should get all the cleaning supplies. You can get one of the EPA-registered disinfectants or you can create a DIY disinfectant with alcohol or a diluted bleach solution. Other than making sure you have the proper sanitizing materials, you should also think about your own protection. So, while you’re getting the cleaning supplies, you should get gloves, face masks, hand sanitizer, and soap. Also, you should have mops, clean rags and paper towels handy.

Sanitize the areas you touch most first

Once you’re in your new office with all the cleaning supplies, start by wiping down all the areas you touch the most. Focus on places like doorknobs, phones and other electronics, light switches, chairs, keyboards, handles, and toilets.

A person disinfecting a surface
Disinfect the areas you touch the most first and then move on to the rest.

It would be smart to also wipe down the moving boxes, bins, and staircase railings (if you have stairs in your office). Also, you should clean up your shoes and then wipe the floors of your office. These should be your focus-areas when you’re cleaning your office.

Leave the doors open for your office movers

As we’ve said, sanitizing the door handles is one of the most important things. One of the ways of staying safe from the coronavirus is not touching too many things outside of your home. That’s why we recommend leaving the doors open if you’re working with moving companies Astoria. That way the movers can get in and out without touching the doors all the time, so you’re taking care of everyone’s safety.

Additional tips

Disinfecting your new office is definitely important, but you shouldn’t be too worried about it. Be as thorough as possible and make sure to protect yourself. Wash your hands regularly, keep a hand sanitizer handy, wear a mask and gloves, and keep a safe distance from people. Moving office during this time is challenging, but it’s not impossible. We wish you luck. Stay safe!

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