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Moving in Astoria calls for a moving dance party! Share your best moves or funniest dance-off moments with our energetic Divine Moving crew using #AstoriaDanceParty. The most groovy entry will receive an exclusive discount and keep the moving vibes high!

Moving doesn’t have to be hard – and with Divine Moving & Storage, it never will be. Our moving company has spent two decades moving and storing the homes and personal effects of New York City’s busy citizens. Hence, our Queens movers know a thing or two about what it takes to execute a seamless, stress-free, and quick & easy relocations for you, your family, and your belongings. Perhaps you’ve already packed your entire home yourself and only need transportation management to get your belongings to your new home. Or perhaps you don’t have the time to bother with your move and need a team to pack and unpack your apartment and take care of everything for you. If that is the case, Divine’s seasoned and professionally trained packers and movers Astoria will get you ready to go. Call us to get your free moving quote!

You can move the hard way or you can move the Divine way

Divine’s relocation specialists are available around the clock. We’ve even won awards for our industry-leading customer service! Our movers Astoria can answer any questions you have at any step during the moving process. From inquiries about packing materials and how to safely pack, we love making our clients happy. We can tell you how much you need or even bring them to your door.

Dog with a Divine Moving and Storage platter - the best among moving companies Astoria, Queens
Full-service relocation and storage services from the best movers Astoria has to offer – Divine!

Plus, all of our trucks are fully equipped with all the boxes, tape, and other materials you will need. We won’t even charge you if you need to cancel or reschedule 24 hours before your scheduled move! With all-inclusive flat-rate pricing and custom moving packages, Divine Moving and Storage NYC makes moving as easy as 1-2-3! This is why we are commonly regarded as one of the best moving companies Astoria employs.

What is the attraction that Astoria holds over New Yorkers?

Along the northwestern corner of the Queens borough of New York City, lays Astoria. Sandwiched between the East River and three other neighborhoods in Queens – Long Island City, Sunnyside, and Woodside. Queens is a great and affordable place to raise a family or buy your first home. It can also offer more bang for your buck in New York City’s notoriously steep real estate market.

Within the 11101, 11102, 11103, 11104, 11105, and 11106 zip codes, residents and tourists alike will find a city alive in youthful vitality as well as rich in the history of decades gone by. Originally Hallett’s Cove, Queens’ Astoria neighborhood was a vacation destination and recreational resort haven for wealthy Manhattanites eager to get out of the city. Especially during the beginning of the 19th century. With spacious land tracts to build grand residences and mansions, affluent Manhattanites had second homes constructed in the area. They did this to spend the clement months of summer enjoying.

Tower in Astoria
The neighborhood of Astoria offers plenty of opportunities.

Later, hoping to attract the patronage of America’s richest man, John Astor, Hallett’s Cove would be renamed Astoria Village in his honor. Unfortunately, this gamble didn’t pay off. Astor only ever invested 500 dollars of his 40 million dollar fortune into the area. While Astor could see this eponymous Long Island village from across the East River at his Hell Gate summer home in Manhattan, it’s been widely reported that he never actually stepped foot in Astoria Village.

In time, the neighborhood came to be known as Old Astoria.

As Manhattan’s well-to-do moved out of Astoria Village, new settlers and immigrants moved in. The first of these new immigrants were German craftsmen who increased the economic and commercial vitality of the neighborhood with their skillful occupations. Among the most famous of this new wave of German settlers would be the patriarch of what is now the world-famous Steinway & Sons piano company, Henry E. Steinway. So, there is no wonder how moving companies Astoria such as ours came to prosper while offering extensive moving services NYC.

Person playing a piano.
Let our movers Astoria play the tune we know best – one that suits all your moving needs.

Crafted in Astoria, Steinway’s instruments are still considered some of the best pianos produced around the world. As evidenced by the brand comprising more than 80 percent of the high-end market’s share of yearly sales, Steinway’s beautiful craftsmanship and innovation have clearly withstood the test of time. Even Queen Elizabeth II of England is a fan (as are our movers Astoria). In fact, Astoria-founded Steinway & Son’s European branch holds the coveted and prestigious royal warrant. The warrant of appointment for piano production to England’s current royal family, as decreed by Queen Elizabeth II herself.

And then, there is the well-known cinematic appeal of Astoria

Astoria is also famous for having been one of the original centers for the American filmmaking industry. Now on the National Register of Historic Places, the studio originally known as Astoria Studio was host to the first two Marx Brothers film productions and the first Sherlock Holmes film with sound. It was also knowns as Paramount Studio before the film industry supergiant moved from Queens to Los Angeles. Moving your business coast to coast can be a challenging endeavor indeed unless you have the aid of the right commercial movers NYC.

Old moving truck servicing Astoria.
Divine Moving and Storage employ the best-trained movers Astoria and uses only the best of equipment.

Astoria’s Museum of the Moving Image preserves this cinematic heritage in a museum dedicated to increasing appreciation and knowledge of the history, artistry, and technology that has burgeoned our thriving TV, film, and digital media industry for more than a century. Now known as Kaufman Astoria Studios, classic movies and celebrated television shows have all been shot here, and the famous faces who brought them to life still line the walls in signed images.

What of the guest appearances our movers Astoria know about?

There are many renowned actors and performers who’ve danced, sung, and emoted at this historic Queens studio. Tom Hanks, Mariah Carey, Frank Sinatra, Ethel Merman, Lena Horne, Diana Ross, Judge Judy, Michael Jackson, and Mariska Hargitay. That is just some to name a few. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Sesame Street’s Big Bird and all his friends hanging out at their studio, here in Astoria’s backyard.

As the land is less expensive than in Manhattan, young professionals and creatives have been moving to Astoria as well. These new émigrés have been relocating to Queens for not only the more affordable housing and less expensive amenities. But more importantly, for Astoria’s quick commute into New York City’s bustling Manhattan heart. With them have come a slew of trendy new bars and lounges, such as Hell Gate Social and Rapture Lounge. Both are reasonably priced, with amazing and inventive cocktails, and also have theme nights (Hell Gate Social even has movie nights on Sundays!). And this trend has employed many professional movers Manhattan, including our own.

Astoria offers plenty of options for good eating, as many moving companies Astoria are aware of

As one of New York City’s most diverse melting pots, the dining options in Astoria feature an extensive variety. There are so many choices your palate is certain to never get bored. And our movers Astoria know this well. Known for its Greek food, Astoria’s stock of authentic Tavernas give the neighborhood a rich sea from which to find the best kebabs and tzatziki dip. As a staple of the Astoria Greek food scene, Loukoumi Taverna was one of New York City’s first Greek restaurants.

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If you’re a Greek foodie, moving companies Astoria recommend the Mediterranean Garden of Eden

Cavo is one of the most expensive Greek restaurants in Astoria. But diners don’t mind paying more for the modern setting amidst its huge courtyard garden. And cultural offerings like flamenco and belly dancing. Come with a group and enjoy sharing all the small plates they excel at cooking up. Cavo’s brunch is also one that should not be missed so gather up your friends and head over for a wonderful meal (and of course a matching cocktail!).

Astoria is fully rounded, though, and Greek food is just one of many choices. For New Orleans inspired eats, head to Sugar Freak for some po’ boy sandwiches and jambalaya. We also hear they have a killer brunch and amazing mimosas to round out your weekend. If Indian food is more your thing, you’ll find Seva in the heart of Astoria serving up classics like lamb curry and experimenting with more innovative menu items. For a taste of Rio in Astoria, Pão de Queijo will fill your tummy with delectable Brazilian offerings. From authentic meats, inventive sandwiches, and their popular Brazilian soda, Guarana.

No New York City neighborhood would be complete without some rich Italian food

If you’re in a rush and just want to grab a slice, Rizzo’s Fine Pizza has been famous for their square pizzas for more than 55 years. And it is still a Queens favorite for handmade pizzas. If a date night spot is what you’re after, head to the always packed Vesta Trattoria and Winebar. Our movers Astoria always find a cozy and modern night of delicious Italian standards there. Last but not least, Il Bambino is famous for their amazing and creative paninis that keep diners coming back for more.

Perhaps one of Astoria’s favorite watering holes is the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden, an institution since 1910. Featuring an authentic Czech beer garden, customers also feast on sausage platters. Residents say summer is the best time to go and sit under the tree-canopied garden full of picnic tables. But in winter, the tenting and heating is more than sufficient to keep the beer garden busy year round. If Bohemian is too busy, head to The Garden at Studio Square. It has as much (if not more) to offer than its more historical big brother. The Garden is a great place to watch sports or live music, sing karaoke, and dance to local DJs.

So when you’re ready to move to Astoria, call the professionals at Divine.

Whether you are looking for the finest packing services NYC can offer or for affordable storage solutions, we are here. Our local movers NYC are well-known and regarded for their professionalism and customer service. Honesty, efficiency, safety, and trust – these are just some of the terms people use to describe our movers Astoria.

Astoria Bridge - overlooking Manhattan.
When it comes to moving companies Astoria, you will hardly find one better suited to assist you than ours.

When we say we know Astoria and we know what your moving needs are, we mean business. Putting your trust in someone to take care and transport your belongings can be a difficult process. Divine knows this, and we give our all to making sure your move goes off without a hitch. For a no muss, no fuss, no mess and no stress move in Astoria, Queens there’s only one choice: Divine Moving and Storage professionals for hire.

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Moving in Astoria has its own unique set of challenges, but Divine Moving is here to make it a hilarious adventure! Share your funniest moving mishaps or unexpected encounters during your Astoria move using #AstoriaAdventures. The most laugh-inducing story wins a divine discount on our moving services!

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