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Proper packing is probably the most important aspect of your move. By not following proper procedures to protect your belongings, you may receive a batch of broken glass, broken electronics, and damaged items. If you do not have the time or patience to pack up, then you can think about hiring a professional packer. This guide will compare the pros and cons of hiring packers and packing yourself. So that you can come to a more reasonable conclusion: DIY vs hiring professional packers.

Professional packers
Here are some aspects that can help you solve the dilemma: DIY vs hiring professional packers

DIY vs hiring professional packers: Benefits of hiring a packing service

It’s fast

If you have a big house with lots of rooms for things to pack, a large amount of furniture for disassembly and packing, and limited time to do all this, then taking packing services NYC can be a lifesaver. What can take several weeks or even months, several packers can finish in just a few hours a day.

They will pack your items correctly

There are certain procedures and methods used for efficient and effective packing of your property. Wrappers are skilled and experienced professionals who know how to properly wrap your thin glassware and porcelain, how to disassemble and wrap a table set, and the best way to pack valuable but cumbersome works of art, mirrors and sculptures. If you have a significant amount of valuable, fragile things or things of strange shape, hiring professional packers will ensure their proper packing with the most suitable materials.

Your items are less likely to be damaged

If your items are in a proper package, then they are unlikely to break during transport. If you travel long distances, then your belongings will be in the truck for a long period of time. Which increases the risk of an accident. Items that are properly packaged, disassembled and wrapped for protection will be more equipped to withstand the trip. And more likely to arrive in your new home safe and sound.

DIY vs hiring professional packers: Cons of hiring a packaging service

Costs increase

Of course, all additional Manhattan moving services come with additional costs. Packing services can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. It depends on the number of things that you need to pack and the time it takes to pack them. Some services will charge you an hourly rate, others a flat rate based on the estimated amount of your property. You may also need to pay extra for packing materials, or they may be in the price. Be sure to ask any company you plan to hire if there is an additional charge for supplies.

Lack of control

While professional packers have the best and most effective packing methods, they may not organize your items to your taste. If you only pay for packing services and unpack your own goods, you may be upset and confused when it comes time to sort the boxes. They can pack your summer clothes in winter clothes. Things that are in storage, such as holiday decorations, family photos, and memorabilia, you may have already sorted and ordered according to your taste. Professional packers are likely to pack these items in stronger moving boxes and can mix things up. So it can confuse you when it’s time to unpack things.

Yes and no
However, some simple supervision or special instructions may give packers an idea of your preferences

You need to trust your packers

You may not be comfortable with letting a group of strangers into your home to sort out your things. It takes a lot of trust to allow others to pack your most expensive things. You may fear the risk of theft or breakage of things. However, although you cannot guarantee that the packers in your home are honest ethics professionals, a careful study of the company you hire can significantly reduce the likelihood of misconduct by your packers.

DIY vs hiring professional packers: Advantages of packing yourself

Lower costs

The biggest advantage of avoiding packing services and self-processing is cost reduction. Relocation is already worth a significant amount. And you can be in the budget after buying a house or making a deposit on a new apartment. If you cannot splurge on packing services, you can skip this and process the packing yourself.

You have more control

If you have problems with strangers who handle your things, or you are adamant that everything is done in a certain way, leaving all your packing to workers, you may feel embarrassed. Some people prefer to control the situation. Especially when it comes to their personal things. If you have this type of dominant personality, the thought of hiring a professional packer may be confusing.

You are less prone to theft

Although any packing services you hire should be carefully studied by reading reviews, checking recommendations and credentials, there is always a chance that a dishonest mover will take your things. If you pack your belongings and hire movers to simply load a truck and take it to your new home, you are less likely to fall victim to NYC moving scams. Most thieves will not even bother to open a cardboard box to steal your belongings.

DIY vs hiring professional packers: Cons of packing yourself

This is time-consuming

There are various tasks and planning in the process of moving – including preparing your new home, changing your address, connecting utilities, transferring medical records, preparing children and pets for the move and organizing trips. Packing is a tedious burden for those of us who are already busy with a fussy schedule. If you cannot find enough time to pack up, then the process may take months. Or you may even have to take a break from work to finish your move.

You cannot pack correctly

Packing is an art form, and you need to take certain steps to ensure the safe arrival of your things in your new home. Although you can read the online packing guidelines to learn how to pack your things properly, you are still more likely to rush into the process or use inappropriate materials than professional packers. The packing service will work quickly, but diligently. An exhausted person with a minimum amount of free time can pack things casually to complete it, and skip the important steps of packing their belongings.

Moving boxes
If objects are thrown into fragile boxes, poorly sealed and inefficiently wrapped, they are more likely to crack, break or scratch while moving

The essence of choosing DIY vs hiring professional packers

The choice of DIY vs hiring professional packers will depend on you, your move and your needs. If you have very little time and extra money, hiring packers will be a salvation. With a limited budget, very few things and you are not too short of time, hiring a professional packer will probably not be necessary.

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