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Proper packing is probably the most important aspect of your move. By not following proper procedures to protect your belongings, you may receive a batch of broken glass, broken electronics, and damaged items. If you do not have the time or patience to pack up, then you can think about hiring a professional packer. This guide will compare the pros and cons of hiring packers and packing yourself. So that you can come to a more reasonable conclusion: DIY vs hiring professional packers.

Preparing for relocation is always difficult. Not only do you have to organize the people that are going to help you out and plan everything, but you need to prepare your items. Now, you can always contact local movers and hire their professional packing services NYC. But, you do not have to. With some online guides, you can learn to pack yourself properly and safely. Keep mind though, that you cannot pack without packing supplies. But, what packing supplies should you use? Well, let’s go over them so that you can start preparing for your next relocation.

Different moving boxes in NYC are not hard to find, you just need to invest some time. If you are planning to move, there are a lot of things you need to organize. Besides having a guide for moving with pets, you need to have several other guides. All these guides should have one point in common. That should be a proper preparation, a moving plan is needed. You have to plan everything to the bits when it comes to relocation, so you don’t miss something. Moving boxes will be there, on that list and you should start making plans several weeks in advance. So, why not start from the beginning:

When it comes to moving, you probably already know that you should pack systematically. The main thing that you need to do is to label boxes clearly. That way, you will have a much easier time unpacking. But when it comes to packing your kitchen for the move  – you probably don’t have an idea where to start. So many plates, cutlery, appliances, pots and similar. And of course, you are afraid that you won’t pack them correctly and they will come shattered to your new place. But don’t worry – our movers Brooklyn created this simple guide to help you so you can move your whole kitchen with ease!

Where to start when packing your kitchen for the move?

Well, the first thing when it comes to packing your kitchen for the move is to run down all of your food. If you have any food in the freezer, start using it before your move or maybe give it to your friends or donate it. After that, start minimizing your grocery list. Buy only the items that you will use before the moving day. So, the first place to start moving your kitchen is the food!

Sort everything out

Well, this will be a pretty hard task. You will need to sort things that you will keep, throw away or donate. Also, you should make an essentials box, but we will talk about it later. So you need to sort the items that you will be using before the move:

  • Plates, cups, cutlery for everyone for two meals
  • One saucepan
  • Two or three sharp knives
  • Coffee maker and toaster (if you use them)
  • Dishwasher soap and cleaning materials
plate on a table
Make sure to sort everything when packing your kitchen for the move.

The next sorting should be about things that you will carry with you into your new home. You need to check every drawer, cupboard and little-hidden spot to find all the belongings you have. Sort them out and decide what will go into your new home. Also, make sure you have a box ready for all the items you plan on getting rid of.

Essential box

The essential box is a box filled with things that you need on a daily basis. This box will go into the moving truck last. But it will be unpacked first. It should contain a plate for every person in your household, essential cutlery, and at least one pan and pot. That way, you will be able to prepare food and eat, without having to unpack everything. Just in case your unpacking takes longer than you expected.

Packing material is your new best friend

Yes, no matter how you decide to pack your kitchen, you need to have quality packing materials. You need to have good and sturdy boxes, packing paper, packing plastic, cardboard separators for glasses and cups. Markers, tape even packing peanuts. You need to make sure that you have good and quality materials so you can be sure that your belongings will come to your new home in one piece.

Getting all those materials can be a drag and it could cost you a bit more. But you will be glad you spent the time and money when all of your belongings arrive undamaged. Buy lots of packing paper and plastic and enough packing peanuts to fill all your boxes.

Appliances – what to do?

To be honest, the best thing would be if you still have the original boxes and packaging for your appliances. They are designed to provide the best protection during transport and storage. So if you happen to have them, use them. But if you (like most of the people) got rid of them, don’t worry. There are many ways in which you can protect them during transport.

Food next to kitchen appliances.
Consider how to pack the appliances.

The first thing that you need to do before you start packing your kitchen for the move is to find suitable boxes. Measure the dimensions of your appliances and go to a hardware store. It shouldn’t be hard to find boxes that can fit your appliances.

Once you find the boxes, carefully place the appliance in the box. Make sure that you only have one appliance per box. Otherwise, you risk damaging them. There will probably be a lot of empty space left. Fill it with packing foam or packing peanuts. Make sure that the appliance can wobble around. It should be in the box tightly. Like the first day that you unpacked it.

How to handle fragile glasses and plates?

Packing fragile items is never easy. And it’s never more apparent than when packing your kitchenware. Cups, glasses, plates – they are all very fragile and break easily. So, packing them needs to be done with great care. There are several methods for protecting your fragile items during transport. But here we will go over two of the most popular.

Wine glass
Packing the glassware is an important part of packing your kitchen for the move.

Buy moving boxes designed for glasses

If you’ve ever bought glasses, than you know that they come in a package that separates and protects them. That’s what you’ll be looking for. Both hardware stores and moving companies NYC sell boxes like these. And they give the best possible protection to your fragile items. So, as long as you don’t drop the box, your cups and glasses should be fine.


If you can’t find moving boxes with separators for glasses, you can improvise your own solution. Your main goal is to not let glasses, cups, and plates come in contact with each other during transport. You can use many materials to ensure this. One way to go is to wrap your items in plastic wrap. Plastic will dampen the blow and should protect your belongings. Another way is to use your towels. You can save some money on packing materials by wrapping each glass with a towel.

But, no matter how you decide to do it, make sure you don’t mix items when packing your kitchen for the move. Glasses should go in a box with glasses. Plates should go in a box with plates. And never ever mix your glasses or plates with metal items such as cutlery or pots and pans. And, of course, there are always professional packing services NYC.

Packing with organization in mind

Advice for moving in New York

We all want to be that organized packer. The person who is somehow able to fit the entire kitchen into one, reasonably-sized, beautifully-packed box. The person who planned everything so perfectly that unpacking in the new apartment is actually exciting. That person who probably wins every game of Tetris and has never been overwhelmed by the contents of a junk-drawer.


But, since that level of organization is beyond most of us, moving is more often a struggle of Can I squeeze one more pair of socks into that flower vase? andI already donated two bags of clothes, I can’t get rid of anything else!


To top it off, New Yorkers live hectic lives. We don’t have all the time in the world to plan out our move. Most of the time, we’re so happy to have landed that impossible apartment that we’re willing to move in the second our application is approved. Which often means hurried packing and an overall stressful moving day.


Don’t worry. There is a way to pack quickly while also achieving a level of organization that will save you stress and time later. By incorporating just a little bit of intentionality now, you might just become that packing expert you’ve always been so jealous of.


  1. Focus on a room at a time


Now, we don’t mean that you have to finish one room before moving onto another (in fact, it’s more convenient to pack away the things that you don’t often use first and then pack the rest closer to moving day.) But, you’ll start pulling your hair out if you start in the bedroom and then realize that you should wash that dirty cup on the nightstand and then start packing all of the cups in the kitchen. In other words, you won’t be as efficient if you allow yourself to get side-tracked every few minutes.


Instead, pick a room and stick with it for a good chunk of time. You’ll get more done, and feel more accomplished.


  1. Start by getting everything out in the open


You’ve got to make a mess to make it organized, so don’t be scared to pull everything out where you can see it. When your belongings are in plain sight, you’ll be able to see what needs to be packed, how it might fit together, and what you should start with. There are even some printable inventory sheets if you want to get real Pinterest-y about it.


  1. Categorize


We know, this step seems like you’re adding more work for yourself, but trust us: it will save time in the long run. When your things are physically put into categories – hair products, winter clothes, shoes, linens – you’ll be able to decide what should go in boxes first. If you’re moving in the middle of summer, for instance, you can start by packing winter clothes. And then, once you’re in the new place, you can unpack based on convenience as well.


  1. Take the time to go through the things you don’t need anymore.


Since your things are already in convenient categories, you’ll be able to see whether you have duplicates or extras. You can start asking yourself the hard-hitting questions like Do I really need 8 pairs of jeans? and How many half-used lotion bottles is too many?


This step is undoubtedly the most difficult part of packing. It’s not easy to part with your things. One trick that can be helpful is to make a pile of possible donations. As you finish packing the essentials, you can go back and decide if you’re willing to make space for the things you’re on the fence about.


And, for the things that you’re not ready to give away but know wont fit in your new place, the pile will show you the size storage unit that you might need.


  1. Every space is valuable. Be creative!


Keeping in line with the categories you’ve set up as much as possible, push yourself to be really mindful about how you’re using the spaces available to you. Candles with lids can house jewelry. Cooking spices can be placed into cooking pots.


And even things that seem to take up a lot of space can actually be useful with a little creativity. Yoga mats that are unrolled can provide cushion for bedside lamps or picture frames. Clunky snow boots can be stuffed with your winter beanies or gloves.


So, look at what you’ve got, and try seeing your things a little differently.


  1. Be really clear about labeling


Again, you can be as creative here as you’d like. Some people use different colored duct tape for boxes that correspond to different rooms. Others write out the contents of a box on the side for easy unpacking.


Clear labels also help our movers know which boxes should be handled with extra care.


And finally, relax a little bit.


Moving is stressful. Packing and finding storage is stressful. But when you think of it more in terms of a puzzle or a personal goal to be a bit more organized, the entire process can go so much more smoothly.


And on the other end, when you peel the tape off your beautifully labeled boxes, you’ll probably surprise yourself by the creative packer you’ve become!


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Moving Pains? Learn How To Reduce Your Stress

Hire early for a stress free move

Moving in NYC is not stressful at all. Why, all you do is pick up a couple boxes and shift them around. You are good to go. Roll credits.

If you believed that, I have a bridge to sell you in New York City. Stress is the biggest, more taxing part of any NYC move. There are so many moving parts, a number of people involved, and so many things to remember to change that you feel as though the weight on your chest is drowning you. Reducing your stress will make moving in NYC survivable and here we will tell you how.


Just the thought of moving your apartment and you already feel anxious, there is no completely stress free move. Accepting that stress is part of the moving process will help steel your inner self to understanding you must go through it to get to the light on the other side. Throughout our lives, especially with kids or our work place, we accept stress as a part of our daily life. While moving includes a higher level of stress than normal, it is still something we can take on for this short burst of time.

Plan for Time

Time is one of the larger problems in a move. You are trying to wrap up your time at the old home, get into the new home. You are trying to time the utility hook ups and shut offs, you are trying to get the movers ready and give them enough time to get everything done.

This is not a high school book report. You cannot wait until the last minute to plan everything. In fact, the sooner you start planning and preparing, the easier moving day will be. Some steps, like planning movers or a moving truck need to be done well in advance to avoid them not being available on the date you need them.

Packing your apartment will take time. Most people keep putting it off until it is the last minute and they become overwhelmed and fall victim to paralysis by analysis. Start way in advance. Pack one box a day for a full month and you suddenly have thirty or so boxes packed up and ready to go. The slow, methodical process of a box a day will allow for careful packing and labeling. A rush job could mean mislabeling or worse, broken stuff.

We at Divine Moving understand that the best laid plans are only good until the first bullet is fired but having no time to plan will bring chaos and disaster so give yourself time to plan and prepare.

Organization is the Key to Victory

Make a list. Put it on your phone, or the back of an envelope. No one really cares. Just make one. Keep it on hand every day until the move. Add stuff as it comes to mind and tick stuff off as you complete them. By the time moving day has arrived and seeing all the checked off tasks, you will feel more in control from having accomplished so much. You will have minimized the number of tasks that might get missed and rarely are those tasks that are forgotten monumentally important.


No one in NYC has time for the hassle of moving. For a stress free move if you want everything taken care of for you New York City move call Divine for a quick, stress-free, and easy move. We pack you up and move you into your new home in a New York minute. That way you can get back to what’s important: Living your life! For a quick move, call Divine. Divine Moving & Storage is moving in a flash! 212-244-4011


Moving tips for Millennials moving in Manhattan

Divine Moving Trucks

We get it– You’re a millennial moving in Manhattan itching to dive into your move and set yourself up for success in your new place. No matter how many times you’ve moved before, relocating in NYC can be one hell of a headache. Contrary to what you might assume, moving in the city can be done smoothly, affordably and without losing your mind. Divine Moving and Storage has compiled a list of tips for Millennials to help take the stress out of moving in Manhattan.


Hire Moving Help

We totally understand the desire to do it yourself and save a couple dollars, but let’s be honest, furniture is heavy. Why risk hurting yourself or dropping your favorite lamp down a flight of stairs when Divine Moving and Storage makes NYC moving so easy and affordable?


Create a Packing List

If you’re moving for the first time, there’s a good chance you’ll forget something. There is nothing worse than coming to the end of moving day and finally parking your bum on the couch only to realize you left your television remote control on the counter in your old apartment. Checking things off a list as you go is a great way to avoid forgetting anything you’ll regret later.


Downsize Unwanted Items

Take into consideration the size of your new home. How much extra stuff have you accumulated since your last move? Should you downsize? Donating things or giving them away on craigslist is a great option if you have some time to work with. If you don’t, NYC Department of Sanitation is pretty cool about curb side pick-up and will take just about anything that isn’t metal or electronic. Remember that mattresses must be enclosed in a mattress bag and curb side electronic disposal is not permitted per NY laws. This means tables, chairs, sofas and other miscellaneous items are a yes; TVs, DVD players, and computers are a no.


Carefully Choose your Move-In Date

Remember, this is New York City! Weekend moves are definitely recommended but don’t always fall on the first of the month. Try reaching out to both your new and prior landlords to coordinate a weekend date that works for everyone. Typically, landlords are willing to give you the keys a couple days early to allow for a weekend move. This gives you time to get things in order before you strut back to work on Monday gloating about your new place.


Gather Moving Supplies in Advance

No one wants to be packing up their last box and realize they’ve run out of packing tape. Compile a list of necessary moving supplies in advance.

Some things you’ll need to purchase include:

-Boxes (Small, Medium and Large)

-Packing Tape

-Bubble Wrap

-Markers for Labeling Boxes

-Cleaning Supplies (Paper Towels, Glass cleaner, etc.)

-Cash for tipping your movers


No one in NYC has time for the hassle of moving. If you want everything taken care of for you New York City move call Divine for a quick, stress-free, and easy move. We pack you up and move you into your new home in a New York minute. That way you can get back to what’s important: Living your life! For a quick move, call Divine.

Divine Moving & Storage is moving in a flash! 212-244-4011


Bad Weather Moving Tips

moving in the winter

Moving Day can be stressful enough when you’re moving with great weather conditions… It’s definitely not an easy task to load up everything you own in one truck, move it across the city or even between states, and then set up everything in the right place at your new home. However, relocating under unpleasant weather conditions such as rain, snow, and ice can exacerbate the problem. Here are the strategies we’ve learned work best for completing a successful NYC move in bad weather:


Make sure your belongings are adequately protected.


Divine Moving’s professionals are always prepared to wrap your furniture in moving blankets and plastic wrap before exposing it to the elements on the way to our trucks. We also bring floor runners to your home to minimize the frequency that our movers have to walk on your carpeting with muddy shoes. However, there are steps you should take before our movers arrive to make sure your stuff is kept safe from water and wind.

First, you should make sure you’re only packing your smaller odds and ends into new, sturdy boxes as opposed to “free” used boxes available at grocery stores and other retailers. Used boxes have already been weakened from storing merchandise through transit, and depending on what items they contained, may be damaged from moisture and contain pests. When used boxes are exposed to stormy weather, it’s likely that they will fall apart while being lifted into the truck, or even collapse from the weight of other items during the drive over to your new location. Ask us about the professional boxes we sell for your move.

You should also consider wrapping your mattresses in mattress bags to protect them against precipitation, pests, and dirt before they’re moved. These bags are fairly inexpensive and are also available for sale from our store. Simply ask your scheduling agent to have the crew bring some out on your moving day, and your movers can place your mattresses in the bags before loading them into the truck.


moving perfect time

Check out your moving company’s trucks first.


Did you know most moving companies don’t own the trucks they use every day? Usually, moving companies rent trucks from U-Haul, Enterprise, or a similar company each morning before heading out to their customers’ homes and businesses because it’s cheaper than purchasing and maintaining their own fleet. Fortunately, Divine Moving owns all of its trucks, so we stay up to date on any issues that could potentially harm your belongings, such as holes in the roof caused by driving underneath tree branches, pests or spills from previous renters. Our trucks are marked with our logo and built for household moves with air ride suspensions and more.


Have your movers park strategically.


When moving in bad weather that could harm your belongings, it’s a good idea to minimize the amount of time your things are being carried outside between your home and the moving truck. If your house has a driveway that can support the weight of a moving truck, have your movers back into the driveway so they can quickly move things from your front door to the truck. If you’re living in an apartment complex or moving out of an office building that has a parking garage, check to see if the garage has the overhead clearance to allow the truck to park inside. This way, no precipitation should have to touch your belongings at all. If the complex doesn’t have a garage, try and schedule a moving date with your property manager so you can reserve space in front of the building where the truck can be parked for a few hours.

No matter where you’re moving from, be sure you do not ask your movers to park in a yard or field. When it’s raining, snowing, or hailing (or even if it has recently stormed in the past couple of days), a heavy truck will sink into the mud and have to be towed out of the ground.

park and building

Address safety concerns before the move begins.


If you know there are safety concerns in your home or office complex, make sure you take care of these problem spots and warn your movers before they begin the job. Are there any wooden steps that become weak and slippery when wet? Does water pool in any lower areas of the ground? Does any snow need to be shoveled, or do any walking surfaces need to be salted before ice can freeze? Make sure we take care of these issues before anyone gets hurt.


Unwrap belongings when the move is over.


While it’s important to wrap belongings bringing them into the rain or snow to prevent water from getting in, it’s also vital to unwrap furniture and pictures in a timely manner once they’ve been moved to their new location. These items may already have had moisture inside before being wrapped, and locking this moisture in can cause mildew to grow.


More bad weather moving tips and general moving tips can be found here:

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