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Need Help Donating Your Unwanted Items in NYC?

Donate furniture before you move

Donating your unwanted items to a worthy cause is a beautiful thing. Helping out local charities with more resources to help disadvantaged people by providing accessible options are a sure fire way in making the world a better place. And what’s not to love about donating our items? Not only you’ll feel good about helping your fellow New Yorkers, but your mind will be at ease knowing that your unwanted items will be put to good use.

Below, here are a list of resources (categorized by type) if you’re looking for reputable donation organizations to give away your items. Be sure to read over the requirements before mailing (or dropping off).

Donate furniture, Clothing, Jewelry and Shoes

We’ve all been there – whenever there’s a sale at our favorite online store (we’re looking at you Old Navy, Amazon and Zappos), we take advantage of the discounts. In most cases, we usually wear them once or twice and never bother seeing them again in our closets. When it comes time to clean out our closets, it’s often a surprising feeling on how much clothing, jewelry and shoes we accumulated. There are many donation organizations that accept clothing, jewelry and shoes. However, the top four donation places listed below are well known to those who are looking for an easier way to provide their unwanted items, without the hassle.

Give Back Box

Salvation Army

Dress For Success

Beauty and Makeup Products

For makeup and beauty lovers – when was the last time you did a quick check on your haul sprees? You may find some products on your shelf that were rarely used. Perhaps a friend or relative may have gifted you the wrong lipstick shade of color or made a mistake in buying the incorrect foundation color. Rather than throwing out your makeup and beauty products, consider donating them to Project Beauty Share. According to their website, the main purpose for Project Beauty share is to “collect personal hygiene, cosmetics and beauty products and distributes them through non profit organizations who serve women and families overcoming abuse, addiction, homelessness and poverty.” Currently, Project Beauty Share accepts barely used makeup, beauty products that are half full and other toiletries. Some makeup products may require you to sanitize your items by spritzing some rubbing alcohol before donating to the organization.

Donate furniture, Computers, Electronics & Books

It’s difficult to give away books, especially ones where we’ve treasured them from early childhood through our adult years. Unless if you have a large room dedicated to a large library of books (and who wouldn’t want that?), consider checking at your local libraries and school systems to see what are the requirements for accepting new and used books.  Before donating to your local libraries, make sure to clean away any dust and notes that may be left hidden in your books.

With computers and electronics, some local libraries and school systems may have different specifications on what type of tech items are acceptable and in working condition. Before donating your computers and electronics, make sure that your hard drives and other devices are formatted to factory settings in order to prevent anyone stealing your personal information. If you’re not sure how to do so, consider asking a friend or relative on assisting you with the formatting process before donating to the organization. It would not be a wise idea to rely on your local libraries and school systems to wipe away the information on your behalf.

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