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Searching for good eco-friendly storage solutions is a truly commendable action. In this day and age, we are using more storage room than ever before. Storage facilities of all shapes and sizes are simply sprung up everywhere to satisfy the ever-increasing demand. This is because our homes are getting smaller and yet we still need places to hold our stuff we do not use on a regular basis. However, as in with everything that is being used en masse, there are ecological concerns. Storages hold a lot but also can pollute quite a bit, especially during the clearing up or downsizing of the said storage. Therefore, let us look into some of our favorite eco-friendly storage solutions and see if they are applicable to your particular situation.

Benefits to downsizing a home

First off, we mention that people use storages for a reason. Homes can get smaller, and yet items you own still need the room. Therefore, before we move on how you will solve many challenges that are posed by running storage in Divine Moving and Storage NYC or any other storage facility provider of your choice, let us first address the benefits of storing things in your storage.

Storage facilities are generally great things. They provide a safe space for your possessions that you no longer have space for. For example, do you really need to have those skies taking up room in your apartment? Why not place them in storage. Bicycle or auto parts? Storage. Archives? Storage! All kinds of things you can move there, making your home feel “liberated” from the weight of all of that possession that was taking place at your home.

And, of course, if you ever need your items back, having them in a storage unit is a rather convenient thing since there are right there for your pick-up.

As for the storages themselves, there are several types. Outside/inside is one way of separating them into comprehensible categories. However, and more importantly for our topic of today, eco-friendly storage solutions, you can also check if your storage is running on renewable, aka green, energy. They should be able to provide this information easily. After all, solar panels are quite visible if you get there anyway.

So, with all the benefits of moving things to storage, clearing up your home and having a safe place for your possessions, there is another problem that arises… now you can have too much stuff there. Therefore, let us review what are eco-friendly ways to downsize a storage unit!

Downsize eco-friendly storage solutions

When your storage units get a little bit too overcrowded, it is time to clear it up. Now, you can always call packing services NYC to help you out with packing of the items you want to keep, for example, but you can’t really hire someone to tell you what is it that you need… Therefore, we made this little list of what possible categories you should categorize your possession into.

eco-friendly storage solutions with bottles
What do you do with your plastic trash after cleaning up storage?
  • Donate. First of all, you can donate some of the stuff. If it is getting way to crowded with stuff that is still usable, but not really suited for your needs anymore, you can always donate it. There are a lot of charitable organizations that are able and ready to take almost anything. Old furniture, electronics, etc. As long as it is anywhere near operable, it could be useful for them
  • Sell. Of course, if you want, you can sell such items too. Organize a little garage sale, it would be a great way to earn a little bit of cash while you are downsizing.
  • Scrap. While both of the upper options presume that something useful can still be done with the items in question, sometimes some things are simply not operative anymore. If you ever had issues with roommates, you were probably upset at the number of things they hoard and not throw away…sometimes things just have to go. Maybe you held to peace of equipment that you just hoped to use but now you know you will never find time to fix it up. If that is so, scrap it… however!
  • Recycle. In keeping with the spirit of eco-friendly storage solutions, instead of scrap, why not have it recycled? Let us elaborate!


Almost anything these days can be recycled. Have a lot of plastic? Easy. Rubber? Yup. Aluminum or batteries double yup! There are a plethora of options for recycling. Some cost you a little bit, others pay you, some are a neutral middle.

Will you recycle?

They are very much worth the hassle. By recycling, you are preventing harmful materials from going int our oceans and land files where they endanger numerous ecosystems.

Choose your facility provider

You want to have a storage space Manhattan that is using clean energy. There are a lot of providers of storage facilities in NYC, therefore, there is a lot of eco-friendly storage solutions available to you. Whatever you do, you cannot change the power source of your storage. However, you can always choose the actual storage facility. By doing this, you are only committing to the storage facilities with clean energy.

You are part of the battle

Global warming is getting ever worse, however, people around the world, on an individual and national level and anywhere in between, are starting to slow it down. Every little bit helps! Be it that you are recycling instead of throwing away plastic or choosing a storage provider with clean energy, you are definitely helping.

plant in a light bulb
Every little bit helps

If everyone tailored their life to be a little bit more eco-friendly, a lot can be changed in the macro picture. Be proud and keep up the good work!

Summing it all up

What it all comes down to? Well, there are quite a lot of eco-friendly storage solutions. It is all about thinking of producing as little waste as possible. We encourage you to try and implement all of those you learned here!

About Author

John has been with Divine Moving and Storage in New York for nearly two decades. Starting as a young helper and climbing up the ranks to be a staple in our organization. John has the knowledge and experience to assist our clients with any move or storage related needs. You can reach John or any of our associates in NYC at 212-244-4011