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Moving house takes a lot of time and at the end of it all, you’re probably feeling drained and tired. You’ve been looking forward to settling into your new home, saying goodbye to your Manhattan movers and finally relaxing. However, the first few days after the move are most likely going to be a little bit hectic. There are a few things to sort out before you can fully relax. So, we’ll tell you how to spend the first days in a new home and get ready for the new chapter in your life.

Unpack your boxes

First things first, you need to make sure your home is liveable and that everything is set up. After moving into your new home, you’re surrounded by all the moving supplies NYC and your house is a little chaotic. So, the first thing to do after moving is to unpack your boxes. You can take your time, unpack the most important things first and leave the less important stuff for later. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to fully rest until everything is in its place.

Cardboard boxes are piled up the first days in a new home
Your home is probably flooded with cardboard boxes, so start unpacking during the first days in your new house.

Here’s what to unpack the first day after moving to NYC:

  • large furniture pieces
  • appliances
  • your essentials box
  • toiletries
  • towels
  • bedding
  • clothes
  • dishes

Clean your home

Like we’ve said, your home is probably a little bit messy and cluttered at the moment. So, what you should do the first few days in your new home is clean it up. A clear space leads to a clear mind, so you’ll be doing yourself a favor by cleaning your surroundings. Mop up the floors, clean your bathroom and kitchen, clean the windows and do anything else that will make your home a more pleasant environment.

Explore your neighborhood

Once your home is all clean and your boxes unpacked, it’s time to have some fun. You can put the relocation and the boring post-move paperwork behind you and focus on starting your new life. If you’ve moved to a new neighborhood, go for a walk and explore. Find your favorite places in your new area and see if there’s something interesting to visit.

A NYC street to explore the first days in a new home
Take the first days after moving to explore NYC and get familiar with your new neighborhood.

If you’re in a whole new city, you have even more to explore and learn – have fun and enjoy! You can look for a gym, your go-to coffee shop, a nice restaurant and a park where you can spend sunny days off.

Meet your new neighbors

The first days in a new home can feel a bit lonely if you don’t know anyone. That’s why you should use this time to go over to your neighbors’ houses and say hello. Introduce yourself and try and be proactive about making new friends. You can even post-move paperwork where you can mingle with the new neighbors and get to know them better.

Reach out to friends and family

It doesn’t matter if you moved across the country or down the street – you should get in contact with your friends and family. Whether you can go out and have some celebratory drinks or only talk over the phone, it’s nice to stay in touch. Use the first days in a new home to catch up with the people you were maybe busy to hang out with during relocation.

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